Talking Bad Live Recap September 1, 2013 With Betsy Brandt and RJ Mitte

Talking Bad Live Recap September 1, 2013 With Betsy Brandt and RJ Mitte

TALKING BAD returns this evening with special guests Betsy Brandt and RJ Mitte. Talking Bad features host Chris Hardwick who will spend time with fans, actors and producers to recap the current episode of Breaking Bad. During the half hour show, Chris will take questions and engage in commentary with weekly guests.

Did you watch last week’s episode where actors Bob Odenkirk and Samuel L. Jackson discussed the evening’s proceedings and took questions live.  If you missed the episode you can read our full and detailed recap here.

On tonight’s show Breaking Bad‘s Marie Schrader and Walter White, Jr. themselves — actors Betsy Brandt and RJ Mitte will be sitting down with Chris to talk.

Talking Bad airs tonight, August 25th at 11 PM ET on AMC and you don’t want to miss it. What do you think of Talking Bad not coming on directly after Breaking Bad?  I think the ratings might be higher if it directly followed.  Let us know what you think.  While you wait for the recap o Talking Bad, Celeb Dirty Laundry offers a live recap of tonight’s Breaking Bad Episode 12  RIGHT HERE!

RECAP: Chris introduces R.J. Mitty and Betsy Brandt; Chris asks Betsy why Marie hates Walter so much. Betsy says it’s because of how he had something to do with Hank getting shot and she hates anyone hurting Hank; Chris asks her if her or Skyler would win in a fight. Betsy says that Marie would so beat up Skyler and make a salad with her heart. Chris congratulates RJ for his time on the show and he really appreciates it all and loves the experience; Chris then asks about how Junior is realizing his dads lies. Chris asks about all the craziness happening in his family; RJ says Junior is trying to cope with it and hated not having his father with him. He has his father now but is scared that he’s losing his family but loves having his dad with him now; Betsy mentions how Junior and Walters’ hug was so touching. RJ says it’s sad how everyone is changing around him but he’s so late to noticing what’s going on in his family and he loves his family but doesn’t know what his dad has done. Chris says how Walter is being selfish and questions if his luck is running out; Betsy says that Walter is an amazing criminal but he isn’t perfect and believes that he’s slowly going to make a mistake. Junior says that Walter’s pride is getting in his way all the time.

Chris asks Betsy about Jesse being in her house and she said it was so weird; Betsy says she made pitches about the two meeting early on in the series. Chris asks about what it means about Jesse and Hank joining forces; Betsy says they aren’t all buddies but they have the same goal to catch Walter even though they can’t stand each other. Betsy says as a viewer she’s been cheering for Walter for so long; Chris then says that Walter is kind of like a dad to Jesse and asks how Junior would feel about it. RJ says it would crush him, you see how protective Walter is of Jesse. Chris then asks if it’s possible for Walter to still be Junior’s dad even though he’s lying to his face. RJ says it’s weird seeing it in the outside view; you want to believe what your dad says but feels that it would be weird. A caller named Winston calls and asks Betsy if she stole anything in real life and says she may have. Betsy then says that Marie is still stealing though we don’t see it anymore.

Chris then says how RJ aged a couple of years on the show; he started the show at 14 but is now 21. He asks how he liked growing up on the set; RJ says he loved it and appreciates it a lot and that it’s the highlight of his life. He feels so blessed with working with everyone and how most of his own family is dead so they’re like an extended family for him. Chris then says how the subject matter is so dark and how they keep from going crazy; RJ mentions how Betsy js singing so much and how they joke a lot on set. Betsy explains how in the last episode of season one because of the writers’ strike; they had her dress up and she walked into all the producers and said she’d only wear heels and long gowns. Chris feels disappointed not seeing the gowns; he shows off these awesome Heisenburg shirts and everyone in the audience gets one.

Vince Gilligan gives us our next fix, next weeks episode is about how Lydia will learn about farm raised salmon. Fans ask about Marie’s past; Betsy says that their parents were probably crazy. Another fan asks how Hank and Marie look really awkward as a couple; she believed that Hank was very gentlemanly and won her heart. Chris asks for a hint of the finale, RJ says it’s horrible and it goes all down hill. Betsy mentions a special guest star they have, RJ talks about how Malcom in the Middle kicks on in the end as a joke.