The Bachelor 2014 Juan Pablo Spoilers and Preview For Episode 1

The Bachelor 2014 Juan Pablo Spoilers and Preview For Episode 1

We’re just weeks away from The Bachelor’s season opening, and the commercials and promos for the show are starting to dominate the news. You already know about the extra Sunday night Bachelor-related programming on ABC, but based on several reports about the season opener on January 6th, we’ve compiled a list of spoilers and reveals from the first episode of Juan Pablo‘s reign as the Bachelor. Needless to say, there WILL be spoilers so look away if you want to watch the premiere without any extra information.

We’ll begin the episode with a bit of getting-to-know Juan footage, including his relationship with his daughter, Camila. We’ll also see his move from Miami to Los Angeles, and how his family [including his daughter and parents] came out to LA for the duration of the show. It’s a smart move – make the audience fall in love by showing them that he’s very much connected to his family and loves his daughter. Who can resist an attractive guy who’s great to his family and who dotes on his daughter?

We then get introduction videos from some of the girls, including Chelsie, Renee, Clare, Lacy, Nikki, Andi, Lauren H., Valerie, and Amy – an interesting mix of eliminated girls and top four girls. The limo exits are reportedly quite boring this season, with many of the girls failing to introduce themselves in any creative fashion. Apparently, most of them just got out of the limo, gave Juan a hug, gave him their name, and got back into the limo. Way to make an impression, ladies.

There’s some quick picture-taking shenanigans before the cocktail party kicks into high gear. The first girl we see Juan with is Nikki, although we see various other girls get some alone time with him as well, including Chelsie, Elise, Sharleen, and Andi. But even with many of the girls trying to grab Juan’s attention, the camera seemed focused on Lauren. Lauren already has some bad history with relationships, as her fiance reportedly dumped her weeks before the wedding. The camera kept panning to her crying every so often, intermingled with shots of Juan and some of the other girls. Not a surprise she gets eliminated later on that night, then.

We also see a bit from this girl called Sharleen, who apparently gives zero cares about Juan Pablo or the Bachelor. It’s almost kinda awesome to see someone who doesn’t care at all about getting chosen, and again, it’s not surprising to see her get eliminated either – but in her case, she deserves way better than being match-made.

In the end, the nine girls eliminated are no surprise, especially with Sharleen, Lauren H., and Kylie.

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