The Vampire Diaries RECAP 5/9/13: Season 4 Episode 22 “The Walking Dead”

The Vampire Diaries RECAP 5/9/13: Season 4 Episode 22 “The Walking Dead”

Waiting sure does suck!!! Our favorite show THE VAMPIRE DIARIES returns tonight with another new episode called, “The Walking Dead.”   On tonight’s show still trying to force Katherine (Elena Dobrev) to help her, Bonnie (Kat Graham) refuses to give up on her plan to defeat Silas. As a violent wind storm causes a power outage in Mystic Falls, ghosts suddenly appear – some with good intentions and some bent on revenge.   Did you watch last week’s episode? We did, and you can get up to date before tonight’s show, here!

On last week’s show Damon and Stefan tried a brutal new approach to provoke Elena into turning her humanity back on, and Caroline was frustrated when her attempt to intervene backfired. When Elena figured out a way to call the Salvatore brothers’ bluff, they call for backup from a surprising source. Matt gave Rebekah some unsolicited advice on her life choices, and she tried to help him in return.

On tonight’s show SOMETHING WICKED — As Graduation Day approaches, Caroline tries to distract Elena by focusing on simple tasks like sending out announcements, but Elena won’t be swayed from her new obsession. Sheriff Forbes calls Damon and Stefan to the hospital, where someone has been attacking patients. Still trying to force Katherine to help her, Bonnie refuses to give up on her plan to defeat Silas. As a violent wind storm causes a power outage in Mystic Falls, ghosts suddenly appear – some with good intentions and some bent on revenge. Zach Roerig and Claire Holt also star. Rob Hardy directed the episode written by Brian Young & Caroline Dries.

The Vampire Diaries Season 4 episode 22 “The Walking Dead” airs at 8PM tonight on the CW and we will be live blogging it will all the up-to-the-minutes. So come back to this spot and spend the evening with us enjoying the show! Make sure to refresh often to get the most current update!

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Stefan is letting Elena punch concrete blocks to let out her frustration over Katherine. She tells him it’s his fault for telling him to focus on one thing. He’s making her do pull-ups and she reminds him that he wanted to kill Klaus. He tells her she doesn’t really want to kill Katherine and she says she really, really does.

Rebekah is amused at the concept of sending graduation invites to score presents. She and Matt lament that neither has much family and probably won’t be getting any gifts. Caroline and Elena are also prepping invites, but Elena also finds she has no family to send to either. Caroline though has scads. Elena demands that Caroline tell her where Katherine is if she knows. Caroline tells her to chill.

In the woods, Bonnie is meditating when K shows up. K is totally creeped out and Bonnie tells her she’s lowering the veil to the other world to talk to Qetsiyah. She tells K she needs the tombstone to channel the dead witches to ask Q how to kill Silas. K isn’t happy because she knows Bonnie’s going to have to unleash ghosts to make it happen. K tries to stalk off but Bonnie’s got her on a supernatural leash so she’s stuck there.

Stefan finds Damon and demands to know why he’s not helping him deal with Elena. The Sheriff shows up and tells them that there’s a problem at the hospital. Turns out someone’s been feeding from the source – a bunch of patients were exsanguinated! They tell Liz that Silas may be stocking up on the red stuff before the big battle. The tell her about Silas’ plan to bring down the veil and loose all hell so he can avoid hell.

Bonnie drags K through the woods on her witchy tether and K isn’t happy. She threatens Bonnie and tells her she could kill her. Bonnie tells her anything that happens to one, happens to the other and K chills out. Bonnie starts to channel the spirits of the dead hybrids and it starts to get windy all over Mystic Falls.

Rebekah brings liquor to Elena and tells her to booze up because she’s stressing everyone. Elena explains that she just wants to kill Katherine – she also tells Rebekah that they are no longer friends. Caroline asks what about her and Elena blows her off too. Caroline reminds Elena that she called a repulsive control freak blood sucker. Elena refuses to apologize saying she’ll lose control if she lets too much emotion in. And then the lights go out…

Actually it’s the power everywhere. It’s all windy and scary outside and even the vampires are freaked out. Bonnie has activated all three massacre sites and she’s ready to drop the veil!

Liz, Stefan and Damon figure out where the power outages are from and Stefan tells them it’s the expression triangle and that Bonnie may be doing the spell early and without Silas. Liz says someone saw Elena with Bonnie and the boys realize it must be Katherine that’s with her. They figure out where the center of the spell is and go there looking for her.

Elena finds the boys and demands to know where Katherine is. Damon tells her that there’s end of the world stuff going on and now isn’t the time to try and kill K. Damon tells her that K is with Bonnie and Elena says she doesn’t care about Bonnie. Uh-oh. If she kills Katherine, Bonnie’s gone too!!

Caroline and Stefan are exploring and think they found where the witch and her doppelganger are hiding out. The basement maybe? K and Bonnie are in some caverns down low and Bonnie demands the tombstone. K hands it over.

Damon tells Elena that she can’t go along. He tells her that they have to stop Bonnie and she won’t be able to control her rage. Damon tells her that if she kills K she’ll go crazy because it will release all her emotions. She begs him to help her and tells him that once she takes out K everything will go back to normal. He tells her that K is strong and crafty and will kill her. Elena takes a chunk out of Damon and he goes down. She tells him she’ll die trying and takes off.

In the caverns below the school, Bonnie has the piece of the tombstone and is doing her thing. Blood starts running out of it in droves. K asks what’s happening and Bonnie explains she’s channeling all of the expression triangle’s magic. She tells her she’s dropped the veil!

Damon is on his back trying to heal up and get up when the first ghost crosses through the veil and says “Hi Damon!” OMG it’s Alaric!!! And he looks good as a ghost. Not pale and wispy. All hot and sexy like he always was! Alaric nicely pulls out the stake but Damon isn’t sure it’s really Alaric. He thinks it might be Silas.

Alaric pulls liquor out of locker 42 and asks if Silas would know that. They hug and Damon is glad to see his friend. Alaric tells him that only ghosts inside the expression triangle can come out. One step outside and he’s poof – gone.

Matt tells Rebekah the wind died down and she says something wicked must have come. She tells him it’s nice and cozy in the candlelight with him. Then Kohl walks in! He tells his sister “Greetings from the dead!” and asks if they want a drink. He tells her that he watched her grieve a whole day for him. Kohl wants vengeance and plans to take out Elena since he can’t take revenge on Jeremy since he’s dead too.

Rebekah tells him to leave that Elena’s long gone. Kohl mocks her and says it looks like she finally got the quarterback’s attention. He asks Matt how his throwing arm is and then impales his shoulder and stalks out!

Bonnie’s trying to contact Q, but Katherine won’t shut up and is distracting her. K hears someone coming and insists that someone is coming. She tells her to let her go so she can take care of it. Bonnie gives her some slack on their supernatural leash and K heads down the cavern. She calls out thinking it’s Silas, but it’s Elena. She grabs up Katherine and Bonnie cries out and is bleeding. Elena starts kicking K’s ass but it’s Bonnie that’s taking the damage. Elena goes for the kill shot and Stefan stops her. She thanks him and he tells her to get the hell out before he kills her.

Rebekah pulls out the wood and offers to help heal him. He declines and says he wants to graduate high school as a human and that Mystic Falls residents have a bad habit of going vamp. He sends her to the back for the first aid kit. She finds Caroline in the kitchen cutting her wrists. She says she has to keep cutting. Uh-oh, but Caroline is with Bonnie!

Nope – Silas is there! Turns out he can get inside Bonnie’s head. And she has no idea what he really looks like. Caroline, Stefan and some third creepy guy surround her, taunting her and saying he’s always been one step ahead of her. Bonnie quakes in fear.

Elena rages at Stefan for stopping her and he explains about the linking spell and says she almost killed her best friend. Elena demands to know if he still has feelings for Katherine. He tells her that there are no shortcuts and loss is part of life. He reminds her how many loved ones he’s lost over the years. She asks him if that means there’s no hope and he says that she has to let herself grieve. He tells her she can transfer her rage onto him. She tells him she can hate two people at once and hits him in the face.

Rebekah tries to get Caroline to stop cutting herself while Matt warns Damon that Silas is wearing her face. Damon says Alaric needs to call Stefan and warn him. Alaric wants to know why Elena is with Stefan. Rebekah can’t get Caroline to stop cutting herself and she finally knocks some sense into her literally.

Silas orders her to finish dropping the veil so he can take the cure and die properly. She refuses to drop the veil. Suddenly Alaric is there and he’s taking all of the air out of the room so she’s suffocating. Man he’s pulling all the tricks.

Elena stands at Jeremy’s grave and wonders what genius came up with his “brother and friend” epitaph. She breaks down crying and tells him she gives up and she can’t kill Katherine for him. She says that Stefan’s right and it’s just a distraction. She cries and says she can’t do it. She says she can’t move on and doesn’t want to and says that it’s okay if that makes her weak. She says she can’t handle him being gone and feeling like this anymore. She sobs.

And then Kohl is there! He tells her it’s a pity about Jeremy and then rushes her!

Bonnie struggles for breath and then her grandmother is there, telling her it’s not real. She tells her to feel the air. She tells her it’s a mind game from Silas. She’s convinced her Grams is Silas but she tells her that Silas wouldn’t try to save her life. They hug. Grams tells her she’s been watching over her and Bonnie says she messed up. Grams says she can still stop him. Grams tells her that expression is the manifestation of her will and she’s strong enough to do anything to him that she wants to do.

Alaric runs into Damon and Damon punches him out! Alaric insists it’s really him but Damon’s not buying it. Bonnie comes up and starts getting witchy while Damon holds him down. Bonnie says she will make the blood in his veins clot and eery bone break. She’s going nuts as Alaric/Silas contorts and screams. He’s shapeshifting and Bonnie says he can’t hide his true self anymore.

Kohl is kicking Elena’s ass all over the place. He tells her that when he was on the other side, he would whisper in her ear how much he wanted her to suffer. She tells him to go ahead and kill her. He tells her he’ll do as she wishes, but then he gets shot with a crossbow. Jeremy’s back. Kohl says, “kill me once, shame on you…” and then Stefan sneaks up and kills him! Go team Salvatore!

Elena comes around and sees Jeremy and rushes to him and they embrace. She crying and happy!

The gang discuss how best to dispose of Silas’ desiccated body. If he gets even one drop of blood, he can come back. They think maybe deep in the ocean would work. Elena apologizes to Bonnie for being horrible. Jeremy hugs Bonnie and she tells him that she’ll give him and Elena as much time as she can before she has to put the veil back up. Elena tries to apologize to Stefan and Damon. Stefan goes to hide Kohl’s body and Damon tells her she needs to focus on saying goodbye to Jeremy before the veil goes back up.

Stefan goes to the Mystic Grill and finds Caroline who says they need to celebrate. She doesn’t know why he’s glum because Silas is gone. He tells her there was someone he was hoping to see today and that he didn’t. Then he hears her voice! It’s Lexie! She thanks Caroline for keeping an eye on him.

Damon and the real Alaric are dealing with Silas’ carcass. They are bonding over booze. Alaric hands Damon something he found in Silas’ pocket. It’s the cure! Damon asks what he should do with it and Alaric says it’s up to him.

Lexie and Stefan are walking the streets of Mystic Falls laughing. He tells her he’s missed her so much and she says she knows because she’s been watching him.

Grams tells Bonnie she has to put the veil back up. Bonnie is trying to resurrect Jeremy to help Elena. She starts chanting while her Grams orders her to stop. Flames flare up and Bonnie skin and veins start to go purple and crazy. She chants the reanimation spell. Then she gasps and collapses!

Matt and Rebekah are walking and he thanks her for helping Caroline. Then Rebekah sees a shape in the distance – it’s her ex-boyfriend Alexander who’s a vampire hunter. Then they’re surrounded by vampire hunters. Dead, annoyed vampire hunter ghosts!

Bonnie comes to and looks around. There’s a hand on her shoulder and it’s Grams saying she’s sorry. She tells Bonnie the spell was too much for her. Uh-oh. Bonnie’s dead on the cave floor and it’s her spirit hanging with Grams’ spirit. “Oh my God,” she says, “I’m dead!”

Whoa! With Bonnie good and dead, does that mean the veil is down for good? That’s a problem…