The Voice RECAP 11/4/13: Season 5 “The Live Shows Premiere”

The Voice RECAP 11/4/13: Season 5 "The Live Shows Premiere"

THE VOICE is one of our favorite singing reality competitions because the judges – definitely have a good time and are even quite funny. Tonight, The Voice season 5 will be returning for a 3 night event  “The Live Shows Premiere”  on tonight’s show Adam and Blake’s artists sing live for your votes and a trip to the Top 12; Xtina performs with Flo Rida.  Anything can happen when the show goes live.  In case you missed last week’s show, check out our LIVE RECAP — CLICK HERE.

On week’s show the judges choices last week might have meant the difference between going home with a coach’s championship trophy in a few weeks – or another off-season watching Blake Shelton gloat on Twitter. Yep, in what might have been the most stressful night of the season, the coaches had to cut their teams to a mere five artists as the knockouts came to a close. With only two steals left (Adam and Xtina), the artists knew that every note could make or break them.

On tonight’s show The top 20 artists perform live in front of coaches Adam Levine, Blake Shelton, CeeLo Green and Christina Aguilera, for America’s vote.  Team Adam’s: Will Champlin, James Wolpert, Tessanne Chin, Preston Pohl and Greay and Team Blake’s: Cole Vosbury, Nic Hawk, Shelbie Z, Austin Jenckes and Ray Boudreaux will perform.

Tonight’s  The Voice “The Live Shows Premiere”  is going to be an exciting one, which you won’t want to miss. So be sure to tune in for our live coverage of NBC’s The Voice – tonight at 8 PM EST!   While you wait for our recap, hit the comments and let us know how excited you are about the new season of The Voice.

RECAP: First up is Flo Rida with his new single featuring Christina Aguleira; giving a performance to kick off the first live show.

The first act is Shelbie Z from team Blake; she auditioned for The Voice because she likes how it’s blind. She’s been judged a lot in her life and thought it was the best way for her, to be able to make it this far is a blessing by itself and had a wedding where their song was one of Blake’s. Shelbie says she wants to do rock country and Blake helps her with a song; she tells her to perform the song as if she is the biggest badass in the world.

Christina congratulates Shelbie on her marriage and believes that it was great; she loved the song and they way she delivered the song. CeeLo says that she is consistently charismatic and thought she did a great job and thinks she makes Blake’s team strong. Adam says that she is very good but believes that he can’t say anything negative; she has great stage presence and did great for an opening act. Blake says that she commanded the stage perfectly; he believes she is star material for the country genre and is impressed.

Second up is James Wolpert from Team Adam, he ditched his job at an Apple store and even college to audition for The Voice; he picked a song that is very out of the box and Adam is impressed. James use to be in an acappella group that really inspired him tonight for his performance; Adam tells him he’s got one of the greatest voices in the competition.

Blake says that he can’t be a geek and be that awesome; he said that for him to come up to play acoustically was really amazing and loved the performance. Christina says that she was really impressed, she knew he had incredible vocal range and that with the guitar he sounded great; he really ground himself with the song and the simplification really made it great. CeeLo says that James has an irony that is very attractive and undeniable talent; he did a good job. Adam says that he is so proud of him, the fact that he bounced back from his last performance; he came back and did something so bold and was so controlled.

Third up is Nick Hawk from team Blake; Nick stopped doing musical theatre and travelling to help his family do better financially. Nick is so amazed that Blake stole him from Adam, he mentions now having fans and it’s just unbelievable that he’s getting so much support. Nick will be performing “Blurred Lines” by Robin Thicke.

Christina says it was a ton of fun and was amazed at how he kept up with everything he was doing; she felt that he hardly had time to breath but did well. Christina says it was a great job and loved the entertainment. CeeLo says that Nick is one of his favorites, he has so much natural rhythm and really believed it was amazing for him to do all that. Adam says that he feels like an idiot for letting Nick go, it’s crazy because he is so entertained by watching him before; he did everything from the record and that he is proud of him. Blake says that he was awesome, but mentions how Nick felt he could have sang it better. Blake says the song was really good and believes he’s the complete entertainer.

Fourth up is Ray Boudreau and he use to mow lawns to make some extra money, he’s so proud to be on Blake’s team and feels he’s ready to perform. Blake is making him sing a song from an artist from where he’s from, Ray is glad to have this song and loves getting to perform it. Blake predicts it might be the performance of the night.

Christina loved it, she felt that he was so connected to the song; he was so real and loved the cool blues vibe. CeeLo says that Ray did a great job, it really hit home to him; he loved the way the song. Adam says he did an amazing job, he loved the song choice and that he did an incredible job. Blake says that Ray was so good, he feels that he can bring so much awareness to that genre of music he’s singing.

Fifth up tonight is Austin Jenks and he was so happy when Blake first turned around; Blake believes he has a distinct passion in his voice that really grabs your heart. Austin is just amazed with all the support he’s getting from his home town. Blake gave him “She Talks To Angels” by the Black Crows to sing.

Christina says that he sings with so much heart, she got so lost in her notes and really had to watch him on stage; it was absolutely great. CeeLo says that he’s a favorite of his with his effortless strength; he believes that they have the best talent on television loving all the performances tonight. Adam loves Austin’s vocals and is proud of Blake’s song choice, the only thing that confused about him is how he rides scooters instead of Harleys.

Blake says he loves how he gives so much heart into all of his singing; it really makes him proud as his coach and a fan.

Sixth up is Grey, she use to gig at night and work at a retailer and now her life has been changed.She doesn’t want this to stop at all; her dad is so proud of her to be making something of herself with music. Adam loves her vocals but she has to try and perform this song with a rocker vibe to really hit it out of the park.

Blake says that Grey really did a great job and really wish he got her on his team. CeeLo loved the feeling about the song and enjoyed her singing it.Adam says that he is really happy about her taking ownership of the song and brought people into her world.

Next up is Will Champlin from team Adam; he really wants to make it big to support his family with his music. He’s glad Adam stole him back and has a lot of pressure having been stolen twice; he needs to really prove that he belongs here. Adam believes Will is a good guy who’s not cocky whatsoever; he loves his humble attitude. Adam believes people will be amazed with how good he truly is.

Christina says that she loves Will and has a special fondness for him; wishing he was still on it. She felt his singing was so touching and emotional; she loved how he hit that last note. CeeLo says that he can’t say anything but great things; he loved the idea of going to the piano and leaving but then coming back to it again. Adam says that everyone is blowing his mind tonight and believes Will has been bouncing around and find it incredible with how much he deserves to be here but also how he can play the piano so well; but his voice is just a really special gift.

Next up is Preston Pohl, he was a gutarist in a Christian rock band and is glad to have Adam as his coach on The Voice; he’s always wanted to be a solo artist. Preston ‘s dad has cancer and he really felt horrible but now his dad is cancer free and is here to hear him sing tonight. Adam says Preston is a unique singer and is really interested to see him move on.

Blake says that he is blown away; the pitch and his passion when performing is just insane. The talent this year is just unbelievable this year; he is just amazed. Christina says that his voice has so much soul, it has such an old school rasp in his voice and is interested to see him go further. CeeLo says that he’s a fan and that it’s crazy because the talent is just so impressive tonight; he has no idea how fans willl choose. Adam says he loves his voice and that he is so incredibly talented; he is glad he covered the feature and believes nobody sounds like Preston and that unique sound is what gives him an edge.

Next up is Cole Vosbury that Blake stole; he comes from a very musical family and was so surprised to have made it this far. Blake is a fan of him and is having him sing “Maggie May” by Rod Stewart; he wants to bring his own flavor to the song and to make it his own. Blake is amazed with Cole and feels that he is a real talented singer.

Christina says that Cole is so consistent and knows when he takes the stage he’s going to follow through; he can’t believe that he was a single chair turner because of how good he is. CeeLo says that he still loves him, he was so great and that he support him so much; he would be proud to lose to him. Adam says that Cole that he regretted not turning around for him, he was so sad to not get him when trying to steal for him; he believes he’s amazing and wished he could have him on his team.

Blake says that Cole is so good for this show, he’s just entirely speechless; he feels like Cole could win the whole thing.

Last to sing tonight from team Adam is Tessanne Chin; she us to be a back up singer but really wanted to be a solo artist and she loves working with Adam. She has been on the covers of several Jamacin news papers and even got a call from Bob Marley’s son. Adam believes she is a flawless singer and easily took control of her son; he is worried about it being to easy for her and not coming off with the emotions it needs.

Christina says that the she knows what it feels to cry tears of joy and believes she is amazing and incredible; but she wasn’t surprised knowing from day one she’d be this good. CeeLo says that they saved the best for last; she is one of his favorites. Adam says he loves CeeLo and his comments; he doesn’t even know how to start talking about her. He believes she is an amazing person and her talent just blows his mind; he is completely dazzled with how great she is and she is flawless.