Who Will Be Voted Off The Voice “Top 10” Tonight? (POLL)

Who Will Be Voted Off The Voice “Top 10” Tonight? (POLL)

The Voice is fantastic this season! However, with the competition down to 10 contestants the competition is getting fiercer than ever. Did you watch the top 10 battle it out for your votes last night? If not, don’t worry, because we recapped all the hot vocal action for you right here. 

 While we’d definitely like to see certain singers do well in the competition and get ahead of the rest, this season really is filled with a bunch of great talent, so it’s hard to narrow it down to a top choice. Who are your favorites?  Tonight, your votes will determine who moves onto the top 8. Which two artists do you think will be headed home this week?

Before you vote in our handy poll – lets do a review of how each of the remaining contestants did last night.

Austin Jenckes – lake believed that was his break out performance; since day one they were trying to master this range in his voice and loved how he was so good. Christina was surprised with how hard he rocked that song and was impressed. Adam felt it was really great and loved how amazing his range was; the sound of his voice and his high tones was really good. CeeLo says that he is a fan of his and didn’t realize he had that much range; it looked so effortless and he is just amazed. [VIDEO HERE]

Jacquie Lee – Christina says that she is so lovely and loved seeing her in that setting; she believes the vulnerable feel was very touching. CeeLo says that she is one of the best they have but some moments in the early bits of the song was a little unnerving; but it was still awesome. Blake says that he agrees with CeeLo and wants to see Jacquie do some stronger songs. Adam says that she is very young, but what she did was very beautiful and commends her on it. [VIDEO HERE]

Will Champlin – Adam says that Will has been passed around between coaches a lot but he truly believes that he belongs here; the performance felt really good because Will was so comfortable with the song. Christina says she loves Will and felt that he has the full package; she felt the song really felt like it was his own. Blake says he is such an accurate vocalist; he rolls of the notes so well and is believes he is great. [VIDEO HERE]

Caroline Pennell – CeeLo says that it was so nice; she really puts a smile on his face with her performances and he supports her so much. He is pleased about letting her choose her own song and losing herself to it; he really believes that she is consistent with her quality but felt the song at one point kind of felt like it might overpower her. Adam says that this was really great for him because he got to see her make a statement; he liked seeing her stay true to herself and felt that she is good at song choices. [VIDEO HERE]

Cole Vosbury – Blake is so happy and can’t see how somebody would not like Cole; he really feels like the girls are on board for the Cole train. He loved how it was so acoustic and personal; he really nailed it. Adam says that Cole could have done the song in any way and hasn’t heard that song in so long; Adam has his heart broken knowing Cole isn’t on his team. CeeLo says he’s so proud of how far he’s come and supports him so much; he loves how open Cole is and how comfortable he is singing. [VIDEO HERE]

Tessanne Chin – Adam says that song is something nobody has done on the show before and really felt that it was solidifying her presence on the show as a contender and is so proud of her. Christina says that she heard her Jamaican accent a bit in the song and loves it so much; Christina enjoyed her so much and would love to hear more moments like this where she shows off her dimensions in her voice. [VIDEO HERE]

Ray Boudreaux – Blake says that he can’t hear a thing with the crowd going crazy; he believed it was an awesome performance. Last week Ray rattled the cage of who he was but feels like he now showed off who he truly is and the chorus was just perfect. Christina says she loved the performance but was thinking that out everyone here Ray has shown the most growth; at first she couldn’t tell who he was but now she feels that Ray has found an identity that suits him well. CeeLo says that he agrees with Christina; he loves Ray’s soulful singing and believes it was a great job. Adam says he always like Ray and feels he has been very solid; but wanted to see a bit more at time and bust out. [VIDEO HERE]

James Wolpert – Adam says that song is one of the hardest ones to sing and a favorite of his; he believes that James took the song and makes it his own. He has such an individualistic way with how he performs; he would buy the album. Christina loves the look and the song choice; the whole thing really impressed her and his voice is so clean. Blake says vote for James! [VIDEO HERE]

Kat Robichaud – CeeLo says that he is so proud of Kat, he loved seeing what all of her hard work had become; it was so amazing to see how she was true to herself on stage. He believes the performance was done so well; it will live forever that performance. Adam says it was incredible but in the past she seemed to struggle and felt it was the perfect song for Kat; it was literally what everyone has been wanting to see from Kat the whole time. [VIDEO HERE]

Matthew Schuler – Christina says that they all love him and that he should take in how every time he finishes a performance the crowd goes so wild; he makes everyone go crazy. She believes that he is amazing and proved it once again that he can do everything; she doesn’t even need to write notes about him because there’s nothing bad to say. Adam says that he’s a great singer and is so sad that Matthew is not on his team; he nothing but amazing. [VIDEO HERE]

Which two contestants will be packing their bags and walking out of the studio with their dreams at their feet?  Let us know your thoughts in the comments below and don’t forget to vote in our official Celeb Dirty Laundry poll below! Remember also to bookmark CDL and check back here for our live The Voice recaps, reviews, news, and spoilers!