Days Of Our Lives Spoilers Week of May 19: Nicole Hides the Truth From Eric – Kate Accuses Lucas of Killing Nick

Days Of Our Lives Spoilers Week of May 19: Nicole Hides the Truth From Eric - Kate Accuses Lucas of Killing Nick

There is currently an intense murder investigation developing on NBC’s daytime soap opera Days of Our Lives. Right now it is anyone’s guess who pulled the trigger and shot Nick Fallon to death. Days of Our Lives spoilers for the week of May 19-23 tease some shocking revelations in the ongoing murder investigation, and the town of Salem isn’t going to know what hit them.

Days of Our Lives spoilers for the week of May 19 tease that Lucas will be the number one suspect in Nick’s murder investigation. Not only will he have Hope and Salem PD breathing down his neck, his Mom Kate discovers that her gun is missing and she calls Lucas out and accuses him of doing the deed herself. DOOL fans have been speculating for a week now which Salem resident pulled the trigger, and according to Days of Our Lives spoilers, it will be revealed that EJ and Sami’s hit-man didn’t kill Nick, so we can cross him off of our list of suspects.

Just because Sami and EJ’s hit-man didn’t get to Nick Fallon first, doesn’t mean that their troubles are behind them. According to DOOL spoilers, Sami is furious when she learns that her brother Eric is planning to wed Nicole, it’s safe to say she doesn’t approve of their relationship. Little does Sami know there is much more than meets the eye to Nicole and Eric’s relationship, and Nicole is currently coming up with a drastic plan to ensure he never learns that she destroyed the evidence in Dr. Chyka’s office that could have cleared his name.

Meanwhile EJ will have his hands full when he learns that Kate and Stefano are spending a lot of time together again. Days of Our Lives spoilers for the week of May 19th-23rd also tease that John will attempt to separate his troubled son Brady from “Bad Girl” Theresa, (whose sister Eve Donovan will be joining DOOL soon enough) and winds up just pushing them closer together.

So, Days fans, with Lucas in the hot seat and EJ’s hit-man apparently innocent, who do you think killed Nick Fallon? Do you think Nicole will come clean to Eric, could this be the end of their recently rekindled relationship? Let us know what you think in the comments below and don’t forget to check CDL tomorrow for more DOOL spoilers.

  • Racquel Garnette

    Well this is all the writers fault. They were the ones who made Nicole destroyed Eric evidence. Daniel was looking for the evidence from the last time but couldn’t find it because Nicole had it all along. Nicole could of gave Daniel the evidence but no she was thinking about herself alone. She burned Eric evidence so she could be with Eric. Wait til everybody else know about what she has done. Nicole won’t tell Eric anything because she wants to keep it to herself. The writers doesn’t care for the characters on the show that is why they put this storyline on hold. I hope that Nicole gets caught of what she has done. But who knows.

    • Rose

      This whole who done it is really getting old, Its like lets do this scenario again. I don’t even watch the show any more. I am so disappointed in these writers they have now. I just read the reviews on Monday’s ad Fridays. The days of Our Lives soap has really gone down hill. I started to watch this soap when my daughter was born 47 years ago. Now all the show is about is mostly trashy stuff.

      • Racquel Garnette

        I agree with you. This is the second time they did a storyline like that. The last time they did it is when Stefano got shot. Will was the one who shot Stefano. The writers they have now doesn’t care for the characters. They are just looking for a storyline to drag and drag.

  • shannyfanny

    I’m with u on that Christie Lee. Nicole has done a lot of bad stuff but who hasn’t on Day’s right… I hope the writer’s have mercy on her storyline. I just don’t know how Salem is gonna be without Sami, Ej, and the rest of the one’s they are looking to boot off the show. I guess we shall see.

  • lisa

    Can’t find my post and there are a heck of a lot of things said here that shouldn’t, but my posts are never posted. To hell with days

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  • Planmyescape

    I have to agree about Nicole. Been watching DOOL since 1975 and she has always been my fav female on the show, besides Sammy of course, and I don’t understand why they can’t let her be happily married with a child…… least for a little while.
    Yes, we love all the drama, but you’ve got to let people live happy, normal lives for a while too.
    Let her have that baby she’s always wanted! Yes, I know it would have to be a miracle baby. But this is DOOL after all, and I know you guys could pull it off! Hey, if you can bring someone back from the dead………then you can let her have a baby, right? Lol!