Days Of Our Lives Spoilers: Who Killed Nick – Salem Police Search For Culprit – Daniel Tells Eric Nicole’s Secret

Days Of Our Lives Spoilers: Who Killed Nick - Salem Police Search For Culprit - Daniel Tells Eric Nicole’s Secret

The fictional town of Salem was turned upside down last week on Days Of Our Lives after Nick Fallon’s shooting. According to DOOL spoilers, the week of May 12-16 will be filled with mystery as the Salem police department set out to find the culprit. And, it appears there are plenty of suspects.

Days Of Our Lives spoilers tease that Hope will begin the week of May 12t by questioning Sonny and EJ in terms of Nick Fallon’s murder. EJ and Sonny are on the top of the suspect list and both have plenty of motive. Nick’s death hits Kate hard when she realizes that her personal gun has been stolen. And, by the end of the week Hope’s investigation leads to Abigail and Kate. Meanwhile Sami’s guilt begins to kick in, and she begins to question whether or not she can live with the memory of encouraging EJ to hire a hitman to take out Nick.

Nicole may not be at the top of the suspect list when it comes to Nick Fallon’s death, however she will still be in the hot seat for an unrelated crime during May 12th-16th. Now that Daniel knows Nicole covered up evidence that would have proven Eric innocent and allowed him to remain a priest, he has given her an ultimatum- either she tell Eric the truth or he will. According to Days of Our Lives spoilers, Jennifer isn’t exactly a fan of Nicole and Daniel’s recent mysterious closeness.

Also on Days of Our Lives during the week of May 12th DOOL fans can expect to see Brady share some upsetting news with Theresa, and Abigail and her new beau Ben share their first kiss.

So Days’ fans, who do you think dealt Nick Fallon the bullet that caused him his life? Do you think it was EJ and Sami’s hired hitman, or did another Salem resident get to him first? Do you think that Nicole will come clean to Eric about her role in Dr. Chyka’s cover-up? Will their engagement be over, before it really started? Let us know what you think in the comment section below, and don’t forget to check CDL tomorrow for more Days of Our Lives spoilers.

So far Soap Opera Spy fans are pointing the finger at Gabi!

Gabi shot Nick?

I think so to.and all three ,Will,Sonny,and Gabby have their fingerprints on the gun….

It’s always going to be the less obvious person. I don’t think it was EJ’s hit man. Maybe Gabi!?

Of course we don’t know the answers yet to the big question – ‘who shot Nick’ – but the speculation is going to be fun.