Days Of Our Lives Spoilers: Will Bo Brady Return to DOOL? – Peter Reckell Wants To Complete The Job

Days Of Our Lives Spoilers: Will Bo Brady Return to DOOL? - Peter Reckell Wants To Complete The Job

Longtime fans of Days Of Our Lives will be thrilled at this casting spoiler – Peter Reckell would love the opportunity to come back to the small screen and portray Bo Brady again, at least for a little while. It has been nearly 18 months since the actor left the role that he had played for nearly 30 years and he, like a legion of fans feel that the character has ultimately been done a disservice. Reckell clearly understands the business side of soaps and just like his presence helped to back burner older actors back in the 80’s he too has understood that the same thing ultimately had to happen to him.

In a recent Twitter chat Reckell said that he would certainly be willing to return to Days at least for a little while to wrap up the character of Bo in a much better way. “Going back to close out Bo’s story in a respectful way??? I would do that for you. You deserve better then what they have done to Bo. You have been very faithful and dedicated for years, decades!”

Obviously Reckell really does grasp the importance of the fans and what a huge part they played in making Bo Brady extremely popular. For awhile there were rumors that Days was considering bringing Bo back onto the canvas. Do you think that it will eventually happen and if so, should the character be given a better exit then the one he had in 2012? What about the concept of older actors stepping aside for the younger ones – it makes sense in order to keep reeling in that younger audience, but do you hate to see major characters back burnered?

Fans at Soap Opera Spy have mixed feeling about a Peter Reckell return as Bo Brady:

NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO please I have loved it with him gone. If you must..then recast..just not him.

Please, come back, if only to wrap *Bo* up. Kristian (and Hope) need closure.

What do you think about Peter stepping back into the role? It seems like a great idea and we support it 100% Tell us your thoughts in the comments below!

  • elizabeth


  • mamachaggs

    I really hate that the old actors are being put in the back burner. Bring Bo back ! Hope and hope never get to have a happy ever after. Its wrong how they ended it. . Bo needs to come back…

  • kristi ortiz

    I think yes i would love to see him. I miss him very much

  • kristi ortiz

    Hope n bo forever n always no matter what

  • kristi ortiz

    I love them together im a big fan

  • kristi ortiz

    Come back bo

    • Linda Hudson Morris

      Come home Bo and stay. We love you and you should always have a story with a little meat to it.

  • margaret

    they need to bring bo back, Bo and hope forever, ihate that the old actors are put on the back burner they are the ones who made days as great as it is for years.

    • Leona Zimmerman

      This is perfect timing to bring No back especially with Aiden on set.

  • alpenagirl

    DOOL needs a couple for the youngsters to look up to. John and Marlena…Bo and Hope…even Maggie and Victor. Why not have a stable couple like Tom and Alice? Doug and Julie dont fit the bill…I do love them…but lets have our couples back!

  • carin

    LOVE Bo….bring him back…he and Hope belong together again!!!!

  • Maggie

    Not happy with the NEW story lines….need Bo back so bad and get Marlena and John back together. All the great true loves in this soap have been screwed. Steve and Kayla Bo Hope. How do fans expect us to stay loyal…and uck to EJ and Sami. Go back to the family values this show was founded on!

    • Myra Schafer

      I for one can’t stomach john and Marlena, like her better with Roman.

    • Bobby Kincaid

      Why? Bo was boring and so is john. Bo and John should be killed in a explosion and vid farewell to their characters. Peter reckell is greedy and that’s why he left. The ecomny was terrible when he was negotiating and he could have caused days to be cancelled as we saw with OLTL and AMC. Good riddance to Peter

  • Daisy

    There are still PLENTY of us “baby boomers” around and we are still DOOL’s largest and most loyal fan base. AND, by the way, we are the ones with control of most of the money in the country, so listen up those in charge of buying commercial air time, we love the long- time characters. They are the backbone of DOOLs. We also enjoy the new younger characters. Just as in “real” life, families are made up of, and made richer by, the interactions between the generations.

    • Theresa Higgs


  • Theresa Higgs


  • Jackie Spahn Cannella

    I love Bo and he should return and take his place in the Brady family and with Hope where he belongs ! I love Bo! And miss him

  • Myra Schafer

    No! He was an annoying character. The whole hope-Bo thing was dull and not interesting. Bo be gone!

  • Chris

    They need to keep the vets on screen as well as the younger actors . Give them all air time. I am sick of the younger actors get all the time. I have been watch day since i was 12 years old am now 55 years old. I want to see the vets on more they are the ones that keep the show a float. There are a lot of story you can do with the vets. like have John find out who he really is with Marlena and Bo, Hope help for one.

  • Cheryl Stephens

    Bringing Bo Back would do wonders for Days. With so many main characters leaving, Days needs Bo back to help bring stability. The young actors they have added do a really good job, but they don’t compare to the super couples like Bo & Hope. They are the best couple ever…Luke &Laura who?

  • Marnie

    Bo and John black are two of the grossest characters the show has ever had. I can’t imagine anything interesting on the show when Sami and ej are gone. The writers are either different than a year ago or they ‘ve lost all their talent. I like hope and Aiden don’t bring back Bo, yuk. Historically the show has had some of the sappiest female characters, but ej was interesting, rafe cool, sonny interesting. The rest are just bores. And what’s with this story line of Maxine and Abe? I thought Abe and Kayla were going to end up together. The only interesting women left will be Nicole, whose story line is getting way too long, and Kate , thank goodness for Kate and hope. Sami don’t go. Bring back the original Ben too, the new one plucks his eyebrows way too much

  • debbie

    there shouldn’t even be a discussion about this. Bo must come back. And never leave again.

  • Bo Brady

    Here is how I see and we all need to really read this whoever on here making comments. I understand that the younger generation have to shine but Days of our Lives is an old school classic soap opera. I think the putting the legends on the back burner is hurting the show. Days id our Lives is not the same like it use to be. I miss the storylines with Bo and Hope, John/Marlena/ Roman and even the Carrie/Austin/ Sami triangle. And where is Stefano. Those were the good days what happened to that. I think the show haven’t really been the same since Tom Horton death but the major change started in the 2000s when the younger generation took over. I just hope that the show can regain its glory days before it goes off the air. I applaud them for keeping the show going but I miss the old days.i know times have changed but Days of our Lives is a classic and we use to live for it but it has to do better.

  • Bo Brady

    That’s right go back to the roots cause its just not the same. All these young characters, I miss the vets the ones that made Days of our Lives. I know these youngsters need they shine but I hope they don’t be the cause of Days of our Lives ending. Days is a classic old school soaps and its nothing like the old days. My personal opinion the show went down after the 2000s when the young storylines came about. I miss Bo/Hope/Billie, John/Marlena/Roman, and where is Stefano. Patch and Kayla, Shane and Kim. Austin/Carrie/ Mike, what happened Days…..

  • Bonnie

    Bo was boring. Yeah, he was on the show for 30 years but the last few years he was on didn’t do him any justice as the storylines have been so terrible. The old days when he and Hope were the super couple was great.. Along with Shane and Kimberly; Steve and Kayla (now that was an awesome storyline).

  • Betty Lou

    Im starting to loose interest, after watching for 46 years, with so many of the characters leaving, Gabi, Sami, EJ, Doug. Having them leave for a short time is one thing but forever? Starting to make me loose loyalty. Please Rethink.

  • Imari

    Please bring Bo back. I stopped watching DOOL the day I found out he wasn’t coming back anytime soon. I love his character and I have from the day he came into the show. Please bring him back.

  • biggest#1fan!

    Yes, Bo should be brought back, if only to do his long-running character justice. Alison Sweeney is being given the storyline of a lifetime as her exit from the show, to do ‘other things’. She hosts a prime time game show, is the face for a toothpaste commercial, and is now a director for another soap. So, why does Peter Reckel not deserve as much as she got storywise? The writers have gone into overkill with Sami (did I say ‘kill’?), and underkill with Bo. YES, bring back Bo. I am liking EJ more, and am sad to see him go. Same with Brady. He has an Emmy under his belt now, so he deserves to get a good role. I like most of the cast; could do without Anne, Eve, & Teresa, but we do need villains. Teresa is an awesome actor! I hope DOOL makes it to 50!!

  • Pam

    Sorry, but you have to be crazy not to miss Peter Reckell as Bo Brady!!!

  • kathybrooks73

    We need our older couples after all that’s what made the show just like we need our young love that keeps the show going so yes Bo we need u back TO STAY just like we need Sammy and EJ TO S
    TAY . I beg you three please stay come back you are the high light of my day I have watched DOOL for 48 years and have loved every bit of it but you are taken some of my best people away so please bring back Bo to stay and Sammy n EJ please Dont leave STAY STAY WE LOVE YOU TWO TOGETHER .

  • lisa

    I stopped watching when Bo left. So did everyone I know.

  • lisa

    The combination of new sleezy writing and Bo leaving ended my 30 yr love affair with dool.

  • karrn

    Bring Bo back. Fancy face needs her husband. We need him.

  • Angela White

    I’ve watched Days of Our Lives for years. The best thing is to bring Bo Brady back asap. I feel that Aidan has a hidden agender. That’s may theory, Its more to the story with this over chalming handsome man. Bo and Hope belongs together because of the love and the history they shared with one another.

  • Krista Calixtopiza

    With out ( Bo and Hope, EJ and Sami , John and Marlena ,Victor, Maggie ) Days will NEVER be the SAME ! BRING BACK BO EJ AND SAMI ! All these young actors SUCK !