Days Of Our Lives Spoilers: Nick Fallon Shot – Daniel Makes a Shocking Discovery – Jordan Leaves Salem

Days Of Our Lives Spoilers: Nick Fallon Shot – Daniel Makes a Shocking Discovery - Jordan Leaves Salem

Days of Our Lives spoilers for the week of May 5-9 are here, and Days fans are in for a shock! DOOL spoilers teased us there would be a murder in Salem during the month of May, and we all assumed that Liam’s death was the murder they were referring to. It turns out, Liam actually fell on a tree branch and took his own life. The shooting victim that the Days of Our Lives spoilers were teasing for the month of May actually were referring to the character we all love to hate, Nick Fallon.

In the Days of Our Lives spoiler video for the week of May 5th, Nick Fallon stumbles into Horton Square covered in blood, someone screams out “He’s been shot!” The obvious question on everyone’s mind – who shot him? The list of suspects with a motive is endless, is there anyone in Salem that doesn’t want to see Nick Fallon dead?

Will, Sonny, and Sami were all furious with Nick because he was trying to convince Gabi to take Arianna away from them. We can’t count Rafe out either, he has already had one altercation with Nick over his little sister Gabi. EJ and Abigail have just as much motive, if not more, to want Nick Fallon dead – he has proof of their affair and he would love nothing more than to expose them. Perhaps the shooter will be someone we least expect, like Gabi. Maybe she came to her senses and realized how dangerous and manipulative Nick Fallon really is?

Days of Our Lives spoilers for the week of May 5th-9th also tease that Sami will begin to question her relationship with EJ. And we know why here at CDL – it’s a storyline that is required because… Elvis “EJ” Aron DiMera played by James Scott has left the show! After 8 years today (May 2) was his last day filming but his scenes will run to fall 2104. Apparently the split with DOOL was amicable – and James is pursuing other projects and taking a break – everyone wishes him luck over at Days.

Jordan grows tired of Kate’s meddling and announces she is leaving Salem for good. Meanwhile, Daniel makes a shocking discovery that could have some seriously negative effects on his relationship with Jennifer.

So, Days fans who do you think shot Nick Fallon? Do you think he had it coming, or was his character starting to grow on you? The real question – do you think Nick will survive the shooting or will there be another Salem casualty? Share your thoughts and theories in the comment section below, and don’t forget to check CDL tomorrow for more Days of Our Lives spoilers.

People are curious about what Daniel discovers that is so important on Soap Opera Spy:

wonder what daniel finds out that is supposed to be so devastating……………hmm

One thing we can be certain of is that it isn’t anything nice!

  • Racquel Garnette

    Who shot Nick Fallon i think it is Sonny or Rafe. I don’t think Will, EJ, Kate or Sami would shoot him. Good it is about time Nick Fallon got of what he deserves. Nick Fallon wanted to manipulate people of trying to be nice to everybody but he doesn’t want that. He wanted to see everybody being miserable. This show has a lot of holes. The writers needs to stop breaking up Jennifer and Daniel. Let Daniel have his job back at the hospital. Get rid of Theresa and Anne. They are useless on the show. They are making the storylines very bad. I am glad someone shot Nick Fallon. I just hope Nick vanishes off the show and don’t come back. The writers doesn’t need to bring back Liam and Nick Fallon. Good for them. Let them be long gone and don’t come back. This show needs new storylines and new people.

  • Racquel Garnette

    As for Jordan leaving Salem is a good thing. Jordan had so many identities. She needs to go. Rafe needs to find another woman. I don’t think Sami should be recasted because the other actress will make the character very bad.

  • tara

    Maybe this is how they write off sami. She really gets the death sentence this time for killing nick

    • Jacki

      I doubt that the writers will kill Sami off the show. Alison is a vet of the show. She will exit in a more tasteful manner. I hope.

  • Alicia Alexander

    I knew that was coming I kept saying somebody need to bump him off . Because he was always in sami , kate , will, sonny, e.j& abgail face. He had dirt on everybody including gabi. She is getting on my nerves with her dumb self. He also pissed rafe off alot times. I hope nick fallon is dead !!! Gabi act like he wasn’t controlling her but he was she act like sami & kate was controlling her but there not . They only was trying too help her. But it will be shocking to find out if it’s not none of the people I named that he had stuff on them.

  • Candace Williams

    I think its Gabi cuz she is leaving an that’s the way to go out

  • Candace Williams

    I don’t know how days will survive e.j. an sami if eve Donavon comes in like a roar an find a handsome man like e.j. days will suffer u took bo away this is the perfect time for bo to come back I hope days can bounce back with eve donavan I wish they would of gave Abby that devious role like sami why did u change Jordan brother I like him he looks good with Abby come on days get it right u all gotta leave Jennifer an Daniel alone they have had enuf an its getting a bit redundant I just hope days make it once e.j. an sami both are leaving so sad I was there when sami came in an e.j. but if days get boring I am done there is no one who is up most worth watching but sami an e.j. an Abigail an her brother an Jennifer an Daniel Nicole only becuz once she is busted pretty much makes her boring nick is not a guy I think should have that role u need a sexy bad guy maybe I hope its the chad that left come back what is Stephano going to do without e.j.
    Days our of lives I hope u all can do some justice since u guys r loosing the very best two people that kept days alive I hope eve Donavon can do it for u guys good luck

    • MobsterChic


  • Carol

    I can’t believe the number of posts that are so poorly stated due to very bad English and horrible spelling. Geez, people, didn’t anyone go to school???

    • Meely


    • Darrius

      People are not concerned with grammar and/or punctuation in posts. Not like it is a formal letter or job application for crying out loud. Get a grip people.

  • Susan

    I hope that it’s Gabi and it’s proven self defense. We all know that he’s constantly putting her in dangerous situations in which she is forced to defend herself. With Allison and James both having left the show I fear my beloved dool will be the next show on the chopping block. On a side note I watched a old Perry Mason show from 1963 in which Francis Reid “our beloved Alice Horton” played opposite the great Betty Davis. Needless to say I totally enjoyed the old black and white episode.

  • Susan

    I really hope that since both EJ and Sami (btw that is how her name is spelled on the show. Stop using the male spelling ppl) that they get married and move away from salem. That way if they decide to return to the show the opening is there.

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  • Meely

    I think Jordan works for the FBI or something like that.

    • darrius

      That makes no sense simply for the fact that her brother has stated that they have to stop running….if she was FBI what would they be running from

    • MobsterChic

      Witness protection possibly from being in the wrong place at the wrong time?….
      Or maybe they’re running from an abusive family member………

  • SharronF

    I hope they all lined up and shot him, one at a time.

  • ingrid

    i hope nick really will die. not just fake his death and come back a year later, but actually die!! this storyline has grown stale and very repetitive. i’ve lost all interest in nick’s story, not that it’s been at all interesting these past few weeks. move on writers…please

  • karyn

    Hate that EJ and Sami are leaving. So many of the other story lines are getting tedious. Looks like Hope and Aden may develop into something.

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  • R. H.

    I really hope Nick lives! Blake plays the part so well. Everyone hates Nick but look at all the evil things others have done. I say give Nick all the chances EJ and Sami have had!!

    • MobsterChic

      Amen RH
      So Nick was evil, at least he added a little mojo unlike the same boring characters….Rafe, Jordan, Jennifer, Will, and Sonny…….
      They’re what I call “the fillers”.
      Always the laid back boring goody two shoes scenes wedged between the edge of your seat scenes!!
      DOOL definitely should have a new “villain”, since Liam, Nick and EJ won’t be there to scheme. Wow such a shame three hot guys that are all villains!! Gone! >=[

  • bitchinmoan

    I think it is “Mr Greetings” or possibly Ben. I think they want you to think it is a major character because they had a reason to kill Nick.
    If not those 2 then it might be Gabi. She finds the gun Sonny “hid” in the backpack and it will look like Sonny did it.

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