Forever Recap 12/2/14: Season 1 Episode 10 “The Man In The Killer Suit”

Forever Recap 12/2/14: Season 1 Episode 10 "The Man In The Killer Suit"

Tonight on ABC their new show Forever continues with an all new Tuesday, December 2, season 1 episode 10 and we have your weekly recap below. On tonight’s episode called, “The Man In The Killer Suit”, a British aristocrat is found dead in Central Park.

On the last episode, Harlem’s jazz community served as the backdrop for a musical murder probe dealing with the rights to a legendary jazz hit, “6 A.M.” Whoever legitimately penned the chart buster would be set for life, providing a classic motive. Therefore, jazz history was on the line when Henry and Jo investigated the murder of jazz saxophonist Pepper Evans’ son. Simultaneously, bittersweet memories came flooding back to Henry, Jo and Pepper as they reflected on their father-child relationships. Meanwhile Henry, always a big fan of classical music, and Abe, a jazz enthusiast since he was a youngster, had a keyboard face-off as Abe tried to teach Henry to appreciate a new, more emotional kind of music. Did you watch the last episode? If you missed it, we have a full and detailed recap right here for you.

On tonight’s episode as per the ABC synopsis, “when all the ingredients for a sensational, scandalous murder investigation are combined — a fairytale romance gone wrong, a jealous mentor and lover, an anxious, wealthy father of the beautiful fiancée – does love really conquer all? An engaged British aristocrat turns up dead in Central Park, and his identity is called into question, as well as who killed him. The trail leads Henry and Jo through one of New York’s top luxury department stores and from working class to upper crust New York society. Henry remembers back to 1957 when, once again, he and his family had to pack up and move to protect his secret. Coincidentally, Abe crosses paths with the woman who he memorably shared his first kiss with as a youngster.”

Tonight’s episode is going to be another great episode, which you won’t want to miss. So be sure to tune in for our live coverage of ABC’s Forever Season 1 episode 10 — tonight at 10PM EST!

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On tonight’s episode of “Forever”, Dr. Henry Morgan suddenly found himself explaining to the esteemed members of the NYPD the difference between royalty and English nobility. Seems kind of an odd thing to come up seeing as his current profession as a medical examiner doesn’t generally cross over into the royal fandom territory. But what we must always remember is that Henry is not like other men. And in this case neither was their victim.

The victim was found murdered in Central Park. And while his identification, that just happened to still be on him despite the location of where he was found, listed him as a Viscount – Henry (thanks to his extensive knowledge about certain people that have ticked off Queen Victoria in their time) was able to determine the ID was a complete sham. According to him, there was no viscount. Which leads the police to beg the questions of why their victim was claiming to be someone he was not?

Thankfully, and as we’ve seen before, Henry doesn’t need much to get to the bottom of the truth.

Back at the lab, Henry and Lucas determined their victim was in fact an American. His palate proved to them that whatever accent their victim was trying to rock prior to his dead was actually a fake. And not only had their victim don a fake accent, dyed his hair, and used fake IDs but he also bought himself a very expensive suit.

And Henry knew exactly were to go to track down the order. Henry uses the same tailor as their victim and he even made introductions when Jo wanted to get some answers about their victim. Which she did because she found out their victim was getting married. Yet now Jo can’t help wondering how a civil servant (like Henry is supposed to be) is able to afford such luxuries.

As their case slowly begins to reveal their victim was a con artist, Jo is starting to wonder if she really knows Henry at all. For one, the man is intensely private.  And he’s also a genius. With a mind like he is why hasn’t he moved on to bigger and better things?

Besides her worries about Henry, the case where they originally had nothing to work with just got interesting. The victim’s real name was Dwight and he was from Oklahoma. A far cry from a man that was calling himself Collin Cavendish and seducing a young heiress to marry him. But the real Dwight had come to the city to make it big. And somehow he went from bike messenger to Viscount in less than six months.

The police knew that someone like Dwight would have needed help in building up his entire fake persona and the first thing they did was try to hunt out an accomplice. However Dwight’s ex had did a runner long before the cops came calling on her door.

Patricia Bedard was a shop girl. That’s how she was able to get her boyfriend all the discounts he needed to carry out the con. And it’s safe to say it was also her idea to fleece people out of their money. Apparently, Patricia has bit of a chip on her shoulder. She served the rich for so long that she felt she deserved her own happy ending. But along the way Dwight allegedly fell in love with their victim and he tried to end things with Patricia.

Dwight had received a check from his would be father-in-law, Norman Sontag, for a million dollars. Yet Dwight later ripped up the check and confessed to Norman about his real identity. Norman said the young man had told him that he wanted to come clean in order to have a real chance at being with his daughter, Emily.

 And though Norman didn’t like the idea and had even attacked Dwight – he has a solid alibi for the time of death.

So it was inevitable the cops would pin Patricia as their number one suspect. She was a woman scorned and all that. Plus she fled without giving anyone answers. That is until she was finally caught and was ultimately able to clear her own name.

Just because Patricia lost her man didn’t mean she was a killer. But she might not have been the only one with jealousy as a motivation. Henry was attending a funeral with Abe when they caught sight of Dwight’s funeral. And it was there they saw a young men paying extra close attention to Emily.

That had especially caught their eye seeing as Abe had attending an old school friend’s funeral hoping to do the same thing with the widow. So definitely know what they saw and that was a man attempting to make a move. And when Patricia was ruled out as a suspect – Don Lothario was investigated.

Emily’s other suitor was he father’s lawyer. When they had asked her about him, she said that the two of them almost had a window of opportunity but then once she met “Collin” she had found her fairytale. So she ended up pushing away a guy that loved her. Although she didn’t know how much.

Peter was called by her father on the night Dwight had come clean. Norman had wanted to know what to do after his scuffle with the other man. And Peter had told him to go into work early. Norman did so in the belief that everything would be handled. That Dwight would be told to stay away from Emily.

Yet Peter was never going to settle on merely talking to Dwight. He was fearful. He didn’t want the other man to run off with the girl so he killed him. And now he’ll never get his chance with Emily.

So there wasn’t a happy ending with this case. No one was able to walk away with some hope of being loved. They were all just left alone. And Henry was pondering the case when he chose to take a cab rather than the free ride home Jo was offering him.

Unfortunately the cab ride wasn’t a real cab. The man calling himself Adam had kidnapped Henry and we won’t find out until next week what he’s planning on doing with him!