Game Of Thrones Season 4 Finale Spoilers Shockers Synopsis ‘The Children’ WHO IS KILLED Preview Video Sneak Peak

Game Of Thrones Season 4 Finale Spoilers Shockers Synopsis 'The Children' WHO IS KILLED Preview Video Sneak Peak

Game of Thrones continues to dole out major character deaths as though they’re frequent flyer miles, and we’ve already said goodbye to two fan favorites – and it’s not even the season finale yet. Obviously, non-book readers are worried about what’s in store for them during the finale, whereas book readers are salivating about what’s to come.


First things first – Tyrion Lannister. Everyone’s favorite character, Peter Dinklage has made Tyrion Lannister one of the most memorable people in Westeros, but as of now, he’s pretty much resigned to his death, no? False! Tyrion and his father, Tywin Lannister, will have an epic confrontation which ends in Tyrion murdering his father and fleeing Westeros. While the showrunners have been changing some things from the books, they’ve already teased at this confrontation in previous interviews and plus, it’s just too big of a plot point to change. Tyrion will head abroad, towards Dany, and end up joining up with some interesting new character across the Narrow Sea.

Now, it’s not very clear if the writers will be sticking to Shae’s fate in the books, but if they are, then Tyrion will also kill his beloved in a moment of anger, after finding her in Tywin’s bed. Yes, I know – it’s quite a moment in the novels, and I can see it having the same impact on the TV show, especially with the way they’ve set up Shae’s betrayal during Tyrion’s trial.

Apart from Tyrion’s storyline, it’s not clear which plot threads from the novels the writers have decided to keep for this season, and which they’re planning on moving until the next season. There’s one BIG spoiler that people have been teasing for the season finale, and fans of the book will know that as Lady Stoneheart. While nothing has been confirmed, several people are claiming that the finale will end with the return of Catelyn Stark in her zombified version, albeit without the ability to talk and a desperate thirst for revenge. I can see the show ending on that chilling image, and I honestly would be very surprised if we don’t even get a glimpse of her before this season wraps up. It would be one hell of a way to end the episode.

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