Jenelle Evans Boyfriend Nathan Griffith Allegedly Abusing Her Son Jace, Witness Comes Forward – CDL Exclusive

Jenelle Evans Boyfriend Nathan Griffith Allegedly Abusing Her Son Jace, Witness Comes Forward - CDL Exclusive

Teen Mom 2’s Jenelle Evans’ parenting skills have always been questioned, there is a reason she still doesn’t have custody of her five year old son Jace. But, now her new baby-daddy Nathan Griffith (not to be confused with her husband, inmate Courtland Rogers) has some explaining to do. When Jenelle’s pregnancy was announced, it was revealed that the baby she is pregnant with is not Nathan’s first child. He actually has a child a little bit younger than Jace that he lost custody of, and hardly ever sees. Considering what we know now, it’s no wonder Nathan doesn’t have custody of his first child!

A witness has come forward, with a horrific account of Nathan Griffith beating Jenelle Evan’s young son Jace. Our source was playing a friendly game of Call Of Duty on Xbox Live with Nathan. She could hear Jace in the background. When the game was over, Nathan walked away from the Xbox, but he forgot to turn his microphone off. Our source could hear everything that was going on in Evan’s living-room! Griffith screamed “If you spill any of that cereal on the floor I am going to spank your fucking ass!” Less than a minute later Nathan screamed, “Jenelle! Get in here and take care of your son!” Then the worst case scenario happened, the witness sat there helpless and unable to stop Nathan, as she listened to him spank Jace multiple times. In a heart-breaking account of the beating she heard, the witness stated she “heard every single cry from that precious child’s mouth as Nathan beat him.

Along with the sad account of what happened to poor Jace that day, our source has also provided some screenshots of the COD game she was playing against Nathan Griffith prior to the child’s beating. As you can see in the photos, the username “Techbot001” belongs to Nathan Griffith’s Xbox Live account.

Jenelle Evans has claimed in the past that Nathan Griffith is an amazing step-father to her son Jace. Either she is completely unaware of the abuse that is going on right under her nose, or she has simply turned a blind eye. Hopefully Nathan can get his anger under control before Jenelle gives birth to her second child that she is currently pregnant with, or else Barbara (her Mom) is going to have her hands full raising both of her kids.