Kim Kardashian’s Wedding From Hell: Her Family’s Out To Destroy Her Special Day And Kanye West’s A Whiny Baby! (PHOTO)


In the newest edition of InTouch Weekly, Kim Kardashian‘s special day is destroyed with countless claims that everyone around her — mainly her family — will be responsible for making her marriage to Kanye West the biggest disaster in celebrity wedding history. The mag claims that Kris Jenner is drunk all day, Khloe Kardashian’s man-love is out to crash the wedding, Kanye’s attitude will be the death of her, and Bruce Jenner (who’s set to walk her down the aisle) is embarrassing the reality TV star.

There’s also another panic that’s allegedly brewing in Kim’s life at the moment: Her dress didn’t fit! Yikes. The issue’s cover is actually so crazy and melodramatic that we can’t help but laugh — so be sure to check out the above images and let us know what you think.

All jokes aside, E! News has inside information on the wedding, which has yet to happen, despite some reports claiming that the couple is already legally married: “There are only 100 guests invited. It is only their closest friends and family. The couple had to be very selective and cut it off at no work friends no matter how close or cherished.”

Also in this issue of the magazine: Selena Gomez reportedly kicks her parents out of her house; Tori Spelling is trying to look thinner; George Clooney will make his future bride sign a pre-nup worth $220 million; and an in depth look into the stars who plump up their bodies with fillers!