Kristen Stewart Dating New Boyfriend To Make Robert Pattinson Jealous?

Kristen Stewart Dating New Boyfriend To Make Robert Pattinson Jealous?

Robert Pattinson isn’t even hiding his relationship status anymore, and he’s blatantly letting the whole world know that he’s single and ready to mingle. Yes, he may still ‘keep in touch’ with Kristen Stewart, but he sure as hell isn’t waiting around for her. In fact, it was actually the other way around, with Kristen reportedly begging Rob for another chance all these months. She’s stayed single since their most recent breakup as an effort to win Rob back, even though Rob has only gone from fling to fling.

What’s probably more jarring and hurtful to Kristen is that most of Rob’s flings have been with her friends – or ex-friends, as it may be. But Kristen’s not one to sit around and mope, and sources tell us that she has a plan: get even.

She wants to make Rob jealous and angry, and the only way to do that is to get a new boyfriend. All this time, she waited and waited and didn’t act on any attraction to other dudes, but it’s clear at this point that Rob’s not taking her back. Thus, Kristen’s new plan is to get a boyfriend, and shove it in Rob’s face. After all, isn’t that what he’s been doing with his recent hookups, albeit unconsciously? I doubt Rob wants to outright hurt Kristen, especially if they’re still talking and spending time together. But I doubt he really cares about her feelings as much as he used to, and rightly so. Nobody should have to think about their ex-girlfriend, especially when she’s the one who cheated on him.

Either way, we’ll have to see how long it takes Kristen to succeed in her boyfriend-finding mission. Will it be Kristen who ends up in a publicized rebound relationship first, or will Rob beat her to it?

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  • Dawn

    These articles are supposed to be about Rob not ks. All I see is her ugly face and baloney about wanting to get Rob back. She never cared for him , if she had she would never had done to him what
    she did. Don’t give me garbage about Rob having flings with all
    these women, you know very well that you write this stuff to make
    Rob look bad. He was faithful to her, but that’s not as interesting
    as saying he cheated on her [ which always comes out that he
    never did]. Please stop spreading lies about Rob, and please stop
    putting ks’ face on his web site

    • Chintami Karrina Poetri

      Yes this article its very ridicilious,kristen never said like that, she is realy love robert, no anyone can change robert pattinson.

      • nina

        hahaha, KS is the won who had an affair with a married man. Are you nuts?KS fans/PR is on this site trying to prove that baby girl is snowwhite


      @ Dawn, you live in denial, Rputz is like any other young man and will take it where ever he can get it and he dose chase other women,he has admitted that he is looking for a girlfriend,and how do you explain him and Kate Perry they suck face at every oppunity,regardless if they are seeing someone else at the time.That is why he is single,no women wants a boyfriend who is going to cheat on her every time Kate Perry comes to town. They sneak out and dont take their current partner with them. As for Kristen,she has a much right as any one else to be on this page. What she did was pay back,and he deserived it.

      • jenna

        So true, men take women who are easy, just like Rupert took kristen

    • Rhonda

      He is no ANGEL.

  • Aussie Lady

    CDL what a load of S..T where the hell did you get t his false story from. If she is not and is not going to date anyone not while Rob is still in the picture. She is coning on her career which should. But please get your facts right before you print your lies. You don’t know their situation together and you never will. go get yourselves decent jobs. Because you suck at this one. These 2 are still together and have found a way to outwit the paps and so they should.

  • Anonymous

    You guys are treating K Stew like trash all this junk about trampire nonsense is unfair to her she deserves a second chance and whether or not she and Rob get back together is not your problem or business they are grown up and they deserves to live there own lives even though I hope they get back together if they do not I will survive I can watch The twilight movies if I want to see a romance so stop knocking on Kristen Stewart with all the ‘ trampire ‘ nonsense for those who hold a grudge and hate her you should be ashamed of your selves she made a mistake ans so have all of you !!!!!!!!!!!!! so grow up and forgive and forget or keep your nasty opinions to yourself cause I most certainly do not want to hear your petty prejudices

    • gina

      She is trash,a GIRL who cant even leave married men with kids alone

      • thebutcher

        She’s just a moody, talentless, slampig.

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  • Jill Murphy

    This site wants to make its mind up! One day your saying there back together and living together again… now this.wonder what the story will be tomorrow lol what a joke

  • Hilary

    Last week you posted that Kristen and rp were back together – this week Kristen is trying to get a boyfriend to make rp jealous! Make up your minds – which is it?

  • Tami Creech

    How do you idiots come up with this??? Ugh

  • Panda

    I’d like to know where you and all those of your ilk get your information about all the affairs you allege by Rob and/or Kristen. As far as I’m concerned, the only one that happened was Kristen’s because she herself owned up to it. It is their own business and privilege when they have no contrary understanding with someone, such as one another. Grow up and if you must judge others, at the very least make sure you have the facts right.

  • nicola

    Robert Pattinson dumped the trampire finally, hw doesnt care who she dates

  • nicola

    I am dying to watch Rob with a sexy new girl!! Rob is gorgeous and deserves a person who doesnt cheat on him. Kristen Stewart is a cliche hollywood actress.Rob deserves a person who loves him to bits

  • gina

    Rob is a great guy and i am so happy he dumped her finally