Paul Walker’s Daughter Meadow Posts Beach Bikini Pic – Back On Instagram (PHOTO)

Paul Walker's Daughter Meadow Posts Beach Bikini Pic - Back On Instagram (PHOTO)

Paul Walker‘s daughter, Meadow Walker, has returned to Instagram after a several month hiatus following the untimely death of her father. She posted a bikini picture from the beach on the social media website, captioning the photo, “Glad to be back.”

Meadow first opened the account months ago, but had only posted two pictures before she went silent. Of course, that could be explained by the death of her father, which took everyone by surprise. From all the reports, it sounds like Paul and his daughter were extremely close, and he would often talk about her to his friends and co-stars. He had also received full custody of his daughter recently, thanks to his baby mama’s tendencies towards alcohol addiction.

There was even an issue of the mother, Rebecca Soteros, filing for full custody of Meadow after Paul’s death. Thankfully, the courts didn’t grant it to her because she couldn’t prove her sobriety on a consistent level. Paul’s mother instead received custody of Meadow, but you have to wonder how all this drama – not to mention the media coverage of it – affected Meadow’s state of mind. The girl is only fifteen years old and have to be thrust into that sort of limelight – and following a tragedy, no less – isn’t something anyone should have to go through.

Clearly, Meadow’s been able to make some level of recovery following her father’s death, although I doubt the pain will ever fully go away. Plus, her return to social media [whether the ban was self-inflicted or not] shows that she’s now wallowing in some corner, but coming out and living life to the fullest.

Image Credit: Instagram Meadow Walker