Mob Wives: New Blood Alicia DiMichele Quits VH1 Show – Will Natalie Guerrcio Be Fired?

Mob Wives: New Blood Alicia DiMichele Quits VH1 Show - Will Natalie Guerrcio Be Fired?

Mob Wives New Blood star Alicia DiMichele has officially resigned from the popular reality series and will not be appearing in the next season alongside co-stars Renee Graziano, Drita D’Avanzo, Big Ang, and Natalie Guercio.

During Mob Wives Season 4 we watched Alicia deal with the tumultuous embezzlement case she and her husband Eddie “Tall Guy” Garafalo were facing. While Eddie was already in prison, Alicia was waiting for her sentencing, which kept getting postponed and rescheduled. Mob Wives fans watched Alicia break down multiple times insisting she was innocent and sobbing that she “didn’t deserve” to go to prison.

According to a source of NY Daily News, DiMichele actually submitted a resignation letter to VH1 and the Mob Wives production team nearly three weeks ago and claimed she is leaving the reality show so that she can focus on her court case. When the prosecutors learned last year that DiMichele was being paid $8,000 per episode of Mob Wives, they began going after her VH1 paychecks. So, essentially DiMichele made nothing for her appearance on the series (because the court took it), and in the end only damaged her chances of getting out of a jail sentence by living a highly-publicized party-girl lifestyle.

Mob Wives fans are taking to social media to express how they feel about DiMichele’s resignation, and a good point is being brought up, what is to happen to Natalie Guerrcio now? Alicia and Natalie were two “new girls” on the show, and actually both lived in Philly and traveled back and forth to see the other girls in NY. Alicia was the peace-maker between Natalie and the Mob Wives alums. With Alicia gone, will the Mob Wives producers even waste their time filming the other Philly girl Natalie, who will be the odd man out next season?

Image Credit: Alicia DiMichele Instagram