Mob Wives: New Blood’s Natalie Guercio Punched In The Face By Strip Club Bouncer

Mob Wives: New Blood's Natalie Guercio Punched In The Face By Strip Club Bouncer

Reality stars acting violent and out of control? What, you don’t say?! Isn’t that their default behavior? It seems as though every time we read the news, the headlines are dominated by yet another reality star who’s gotten into a hair-pulling, skin-scratching fight with someone else, usually another reality star. However, in this case, it’s actually NOT a Real Housewife, but a Mob Wives star.

Really, the show’s called ‘Mob Wives: New Blood‘ – do we expect any different? According to TMZ, Mob Wives ‘star’ Natalie Guercio was at Delilah’s Gentlemen’s Club in Philadelphia last Thursday. She was actually present for business, as she was a judge for the Entertainer of the Year event. However, things soon got out of hand and Guercio reportedly got into a fight with one of the bouncers.

Guercio’s team claims that she was not the one at fault, that the bouncer was the one who punched her first. However, other sources claim that even if the bouncer landed the first blow, Guercio was heard calling the bouncer ‘every name in the book‘. Uh, was this before or after she got punched? Because if it was after she got punched, I really don’t blame her for verbally abusing the guy.

Anyway, the police were called to take down the incident report, but Guercio reportedly didn’t press charges. She ended up going to the hospital later for a bruised face.

It’s interesting that she didn’t press charges – maybe she didn’t want to create a bigger mess out of the whole ordeal? However, it’s certainly unusual behavior, especially for a reality star who claimed that she was the victim in this ordeal. If the bouncer initiated the fight and punched her first, Guercio would have every right to press charges. In fact, she would be encouraged to press charges. But she didn’t, which definitely leaves some food for thought. Of course the mob doesn’t cry copper when they get into a fight – they settle things their own way….

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