Nashville RECAP 1/22/14: Season 2 Episode 12 “Just For What I Am”

Nashville RECAP 1/22/14: Season 2 Episode 12 “Just For What I Am”

NASHVILLE continues on ABC tonight with a whole new episode.  Tonight’s episode is called, “Just For What I Am,” and on  tonight’s season 2 episode 12 Juliette’s tour is in a tailspin, and thought Scarlett and Gunnar’s careers are hot, their personal lives are not.  Zac Brown duets with Scarlett and Jay Demarcus of Rascal Flatts collaborates with Gunnar.  Did you watch the last episode before the break?  We did and we recapped it here for you!

On last episode in the aftermath of the death of someone in their circle, lives were changed forever in the world of “Nashville,” and a new mystery arises. Kelly Clarkson guest starred as herself and made Gunnar and Scarlett a once-in-a-lifetime offer. Juliette’s reputation took another body blow as creative video editing seemed to show her proclaiming there is no God, further fueling her detractors. Rayna’s bought herself out of Edgehill, but the the pressure to succeed was greater than ever, and Deacon struggled to write during his sobriety and relative stability and found help from Maddie and Daphne.

On tonight’s episode Scarlett’s career is on fire as she sings “Free” in concert with Zac Brown (guest-starring as himself), but the demands of fame are burning her out. Rayna asks Deacon to help write a much-needed hit for her new album, and it’s like old times–perhaps too much. Concert venues are dropping from Juliette’s tour and Jeff, her label head, is furious, and Zoey is bruised by Gunnar’s inattention when he gets an invitation to co-write from Jay DeMarcus of Rascal Flatts.

Tonight’s episode looks like it is going to be great and you won’t want to miss it, so be sure to tune in for our live coverage of ABC’s Nashville at 10:00 PM EST! While you wait for our recap hit the comments and let us know what you think of Nashville, so far?  Check out the sneak peek of tonight’s episode below!

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Juliette is frustrated and can’t wait to get out of town. Her assistant tells her she had to shut down her Twitter because of all the haters.

Deacon gets an offer from Bellcourt records including an advance. He sees the amount is smaller than the last time he was a solo artist and the guy tells him the real money is from merchandise. Deacon asks for time to think about it.

Scarlett goes onstage at a music festival and does a duet with Zac Brown that amazes the crowd. Bucky is there and calls Rayna to tell her how well it’s going. He asks her about her new single and she says she’s still struggling to write it but is meeting up with someone about a co-write. It’s Deacon!

Bucky tells Scarlett she did well and she wants to go home and crash but he tells her she’s got a bunch of stuff on her calendar. He asks her about turning down Kelly Clarkson and she makes excuses then hops on the bus.

Avery calls Juliette but her mailbox is full. He tells Zoey that he and Scarlett broke up and he changes the subject and asks about her recent good mood.

Rayna and Deacon talk about her new album and she says she needs a single to launch it and she says they’ve written a lot of hits together and asks him to write a song with her.

Gunnar shows up to meet his ASCAP rep about the party to celebrate his number one and meets one of the guys from Rascal Flatts – Jay – who knows him and asks if he’ll write with him sometime. Gunnar agrees and they decide to get together that afternoon to write a hit song.

Juliette and Glenn show up for the show and are told it’s been shut down because of a bomb threat. Turns out a major player with the tour has an issue with blasphemers. Juliette says he’ll have angry fans for shutting down the tour and he tells her they have already had 6,000 refund requests and that her fans are already pissed off at her.

Luke calls Rayna while she’s working and he tells her he’s on the way home. He tells her he can’t wait to be with her in person. He asks if she’s going to their number one song party and invites her to come as his date. She says she doesn’t want to be seen by the press together and he gives in an says he’ll see her later.

Deacon made breakfast for Megan but she grabs coffee and says she has to run out for her big case. He tells her about his crappy contract offer and says he’s not enough of a big deal to get a better deal unless he brings some heat. He tells her about the offer to write with Rayna which says could help him. She doesn’t see how going back to Rayna helps his solo career but then accepts his decision.

Glenn and the assistant go over other venues that have canceled Juliette’s show while the princess wails about them breaking her contract. They’ve lost West Virginia, South and North Carolina. The places are ready to take the financial hit to cancel. He says Edgehill has Will and Layla out trying to make peace and the only thing she can do is go home.

Glenn is hustling Scarlett from function to function and tells her she has to go to the party. She says she’s too tired and he tells her to suck it up.

Gunnar and Jay are working on a song. He gets a text from Zoey and tells him he can stick around after he calls her. He tells Zoey he can’t be with her since he’s busy with Jay writing songs. She gets pissy and tells Avery that’s the third time he’s canceled. Avery tells her that women always say one thing and mean another and she should just tell Gunnar that she wants him to show up to meet his friends. She says she doesn’t want to seem needy and he says she’s headed for an explosion.

Juliette watches the news about herself and the canceled concert dates and protests. Her assistant comes in and tells her not to watch it. Jeff comes in and tells her if they’re lucky, maybe a disaster will hit to knock her off the front pages. He tells her she has done more damage to Edgehill than if she burned down the building. He says that radio stations are refusing to play her and advertisers are canceling.

She tells him to get out and he tells her that she’s trailer trash hiding behind sequins and that her fame means nothing. He tells her she’s going to beg for forgiveness and she says she won’t lie. He tells her that her whole person is a lie and that she has just a little talent and that unless she wants to lose it all, she will beg for forgiveness. He asks if she’s clear and she grudgingly agrees.

[10:51:15 PM] Rachel Rowan: Deacon and Rayna eat and work on their song. He reminds her of the other songs they wrote sitting on the floor of his house. They argue over where one song was written and with a look she conveys that they wrote it in bed…

Teddy meets with an assistant who tell them that the guy who shot Peggy is innocent and they hired a lawyer to investigate his death because they didn’t think it was suicide.

Avery stops by to see Juliette who’s locked herself in her bedroom. She’s passed out next to an empty bottle and comes to and asks why he’s there and if he has a girlfriend. He says he doesn’t anymore and she gets up to go barf.

Scarlett is in a daze prepping for an interview and tells Bucky that she doesn’t want to go to the party because she just broke up with her ex-ex-boyfriend and that her ex-boyfriend is dating her ex-best friend and that’s why she can’t do the Kelly Clarkson song. He tells her he can buy her a break before the next interview.

Avery tries to get Juliette to eat and insists he wants to stay and take care of her. She asks about Scarlett and he says they broke up but it was over a long time ago. She asks if people get what they deserve and he tells her she deserves her success but not all this hassle. He says he believes in her and she says all of this is going to go away and he tells her that it doesn’t matter. Her mood improves somewhat.

Deacon plays while Rayna sings and he joins in and the song sounds cool. It’s about taking things slow when rekindling a relationship. Hmm… Must be ringing some bells for them. Megan comes in and apologizes for interrupting but Rayna says she has to go and get ready for the party. Deacon says he’ll see her there as she takes off. He tells Megan they finished the song.

Zoey tells Gunnar that she needs to tell him something – she says when he canceled it was the third time and it hurt her feelings that he didn’t make time for what was important to her. She said she didn’t want him to do anything differently and he basically tells her he’s nagging and that Scarlett would have gotten how big of a chance it was for him to work with Jay. She tells him she’s not going to the party and tells him to take Scarlett instead.

At the party, Scarlett sees Deacon and hugs him and he says he’s surprised to see her there. Rayna joins them and they all swap hugs. She is surprised to hear they’re writing together again. Rayna says she needed some Deacon magic. Gunnar comes in to a spate of applause and Scarlett walks away.

Avery has Juliette done up in a disguise and she doesn’t think being out in public is a good idea.

Luke finds Rayna at the party and then Jeff  joins them and has photos taken of them. Rayna is surprised he even wants her in the photo and Luke asks them to bury the hatchet for the night.

Teddy bursts into Megan’s office outraged that she is defending the shooter and says he saw Stoffel kill his wife with his own eyes. She says she knows that he killed Peggy but wants to find out who took his life. She tells him that she doesn’t think he was to blame for his losing his job from Hollander Enterprises. Teddy recognizes the business name.

Luke drags Rayna off for a moment alone and tells her that he knows he didn’t support her leaving the label and he wants to apologize. She tells him he doesn’t need to say he’s sorry and he’s surprised. She says he’s entitled to his opinion and respects it. He says he wants to kiss her and she says if he does, they’ll be a celebrity couple and will never have any privacy again. He says he’s ready for it but she’s not so sure. He says he’s ready to tell their kids their dating and she asks for a little time.

Avery pulls out his guitar and he starts busking on the Nashville street. She finally joins in and a crowd gathers. She’s unrecognizable in a dark wig, hat and glasses. She smiles at Avery and the crow applauds as they end the song.

Rayna and Luke take the stage to honor Gunnar’s song. Luke tells the story of how he was trying to sleep when he heard Luke playing the song for a pretty young lady. Rayna says that was Scarlett and how he knew it would be a hit and had to have it. They all toast Gunnar.

Gunnar finds Scarlett and asks to be friends with her again. She says there’s always a thing she feels when they sing together and he denies it and says all he felt was the music – she hustles off and he looks pained.

Rayna finds Scarlett crying in the bathroom and she tells her that she has no control over her life. She says that she didn’t want to come to the party and can’t have weird co-dependent relationships with her exes like Rayna. She tells Rayna that as long as she says jump, Deacon will say how high.

[11:04:17 PM] Rachel Rowan: Gunnar runs into Jay and his wife and he asks where Gunnar’s girlfriend is. His wife tells him that he needs to have more priorities than just music and they leave. Luke finds Deacon looking at a guitar and he congratulates him on his single with Rayna. Luke congratulates Deacon on his offer from Bellcourt and says it’s nice to see him putting himself out there and standing on his own (slam).

Avery wants to take Juliette for a burger with their busking money but she says she’s not up to it. She tells him her whole life is falling apart and that maybe Jeff is right and she should apologize before she’s left with nothing. He tells her she’ll never have nothing and tells her that everyone loved her singing and had no idea who she is. She says she needs to go home and think and tells him she’ll see him later. She calls her security guy to come pick her up.

Gunnar comes into the Blue Bird and Zoey goes to talk to him. She asks why he’s not at the party. He apologizes for comparing her to Scarlett. He says their relationship was brief and intense and that it’s nothing like what he has with her. She’s mollified somewhat but reminds him he’s too caught up to be part of her world. He tells her this is more than just a job, it’s his dream and he doesn’t want it stop. She agrees but says if it ever did, she would still be there. They kiss and he promises not to cancel on her again. She drags him over to meet her church friends.

Rayna finds Deacon getting ready to leave the party and he says the song is good, but not as good as the one they just wrote. He says it was good writing with her and she says it was fun but they probably shouldn’t do it again and he agrees. She thinks it’s too easy to fall back into old patterns and he nods. The touch hands and she leaves.

Teddy finds Ellert – a crony of Lamar’s – at the bar. He asks if he misses Lamar and then asks if he knew Donald Stoffel. He says he just found out the guy used to work at Hollander. Teddy says he knows that was a subsidiary of Lamar’s company. He tells him he thinks Lamar has a link to the man who shot his wife. He says he’s being paranoid and Teddy asks if he did it because he canceled their contracts. He tells Teddy that he just attracts bad luck and reminds him about Rayna’s crash and then Peggy’s death.

[11:09:08 PM] Rachel Rowan: Juliette goes to an empty church and sits in a pew. She closes her eyes and prays.

Megan finds Deacon doing dishes and she apologizes for missing the party. He tells her he decided to sign with Bellcourt and won’t be writing with Rayna anymore. She asks if it’s because of her and he says no and she says yeah. They kiss.

Scarlett shows up to Rayna’s to apologize and says she was exhausted and shouldn’t have made comments on her personal life. Rayna tells Scarlett she has a tons of talent but she also has to be willing to be exhausted and show up at parties and pretend to have a good time. She says she really has to want it. Scarlett says she does. Rayna offers her an out. Scarlett says she never wanted to be a singer and didn’t know how hard it was going to be but also didn’t know how amazing it would be to be on stage. She says it’s magic and she really wants it and loves it more than she hates all the other things.

Teddy comes to Megan’s office and tells her he thinks Lamar is behind Peggy’s killer’s death.

Juliette shows up to Avery’s and wants to write a song with him. She tells him to get out his guitar.

Luke shows up with flowers ready for Rayna’s decision on them as a couple. She says she’s never been in this situation before and they wonder what their couple nickname would be – Layna or Ruke. She says her girls will be home soon and asks him to stay and meet them. They kiss.