The Originals RECAP 3/18/14: Season 1 Episode 17 “Moon Over Bourbon Street”

The Originals RECAP 3/18/14: Season 1 Episode 17 "Moon Over Bourbon Street"

Tonight on the CW their new fantasy drama, THE ORIGINALS continues with a new episode called “Moon Over Bourbon Street”. In it Elijah makes a bold move to regain control over the Quarter and receives an intriguing offer of support from a beautiful woman who belongs to a powerful New Orleans family. Meanwhile, the Mikaelsons throw a lavish party in an attempt to bring the warring factions of the city together, but a vicious fight threatens the evening.

On last week’s episode despite Klaus’ rage, Elijah was determined to protect Rebekah while the three of them were trapped in the City of the Dead cemetery by a witch’s boundary spell. Klaus and Rebekah traded bitter accusations until Elijah stepped in to reveal a long-held secret from the family’s past. Meanwhile, Marcel raced to free Rebekah, ultimately finding himself forced to make a deal with Genevieve (guest star Elyse Levesque). Finally, Rebekah and Hayley connected over their shared concern for Hayley’s unborn baby.  Did you watch last week’s episode?  If you missed it, we have you covered, right here.

We hope you stop by for this cool new show! Klaus, Rebekah, and Elijah have been some of our most favorite villains on TV, and we’re excited to see how this season further explores their complexities and character quirks. Make sure to come back here later tonight at 8 PM EST for your LIVE recap. In the meantime hit up our comments section and tell us your thoughts on the first season of THE ORIGINALS!

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Klaus paints and muses. He paints the cathedral off Jackson Square. Hayley rubs her swollen belly while her wolf cousin looks on. Kieran takes a potion to try and stave off the impact of the hex. Klaus and Genevive get hot and heavy but the other vamps and witches of the Crescent City are coming unhinged. One vamp feasts on civilians and cops. A witch torments other visitors. The wolves mix up the potion and wait for the full moon to seek their cure. They watch the moon ho behind the clouds and they stay human.

Klaus dresses and tells Genevive he’s at peace but Elijah comes in and tells her he had a monster in his bed and then kicks the redhead to the curb. Elijah reminds him that she tortured Rebekah and cost them their sister. It’s a month since Rebekah left and Elijah tells him he needs to do something. He says if he wants to be the king of New Orleans, he needs to act like it and quit neglecting it.

Elijah tells him they need to make the city whole again and a fitting home for his daughter. Klaus says it’s too broken and goes back to painting. Elijah tells him if he won’t act, he will and takes off. Elijha gathers at Kieran’s church with supernatural representatives. He tears up Marcel’s rules of the city and tells them he’s in charge.

Elijah tells them from now on and disputes between factions will come to him for mediation. He tells them to play nice or leave.

The young witches are chanting and restoring dead roses but Davina can’t do it. Monique picks at her and tells her to stop being so weak. She tells her she doesn’t belong.

Out in the swamp, the wolves brawl for pecking order. She asks why Jackson isn’t in the mix and he explains that he’s alpha so he doesn’t have to fight. At dinner he tells her to try the ribs and she says she’s not used to this much family. Ollie comes over and tells her that she’s spent half her life with humans and the other half with vampires. She calls him a runt and he tells her that her vampire boyfriend Elijah held a supe summit and didn’t invite a werewolf representative. She’s annoyed.

At the summit, it’s broken down into screaming when Hayley comes in and asks for their share. Diego bucks at her and she tells him they deserve a seat at the table. She says they’ll regret it if they don’t get an invite. She and Elijah have a little stare off over her demand.

He speaks with her alone and tells her it was a huge effort to get the supes there and told her since the wolves don’t live in the quarter, they’re not part of it. She asks what she should tell the wolves and he yells at her and tells her to stay out of it. He asks her to come back to the compound and she tells him the wolves deserve a voice and refuses the offer. She tells him it’s the right thing to do.

Klaus paints and Genevive tells him about Hayley’s appearance at the summit. She asks if he thinks the peace accord will work. Cammie comes in and tells Klaus she’s disappointed to see him with a half naked witch. G tells him that she was fully naked shortly. G leaves and Cammie asks how he can be with someone who wanted him tortured with the magic knife. She asks him to intervene to stop Kieran’s hex.

He tells her there’s nothing he can do because once it sets in it changes the fabric of the brain. He tells her to accept it and she tells him he knows nothing about family loyalty.

Davina meets up with Josh and he asks why she’s there. He asks what’s wrong and she says Monique has no idea what she went through when she was dead with the ancestors bullying her. She says she shouldn’t have trusted Marcel when he sent her back. Marcel eavesdrops from a nearby roof. Thierry joins him and Marcel asks him to join up with him and bring the others along to challenge Klaus. He tells him there is a battle brewing and he’s going to take back the city. Thierry tells him he’s good with words but it will take more than a pretty speech to get back their city.

Kieran chains himself up and tells Cammie the sickness is taking over and that all he wants to do is kill all the supes. He says he couldn’t help Shawn and she can’t help him. He tells her they will ask her to take his place at the summit. He tells her to leave town and not work with them. Cammie refuses to go and he yells at her and calls her stubborn. Then he starts to get angrier and more violent. He tells her there is only blackness and death. He lunges for her and drags her back to him. She hits him with a lamp and makes her escape.

Elijah has a drink at the bar. Francesca joins him and he tells her he knows who she is and knows she’s a major drug trafficker. She tells him that she wants to take Kieran’s place at the table and he asks if she’s giving a mandate and she tells him it’s an alliance. She says she wants the peace. Francesca tells him the mayor, police chief and other parties and they have given their blessing for her to join the council. She tells him working with her will keep other criminal elements from lashing out at them in painful ways. She bids him good night and leaves.

Elijah tells Klaus he’s sick of his indifference. Klaus tells him if he wants peace he has to start with the werewolves and tells him if the table they sit at is the obstacle, to remove it. Klaus reminds him when they worked with the governor back in the day and how he plied them with wine and women until they finally said yes. Elijah asks if he thinks he should throw a party and Klaus nods.

There’s a warehouse full of all sorts of supernaturals drinking and dancing. Klaus looks on and tells Elijah he’s impressed and Elijah says he just hopes they don’t all kill each other. Hayley comes in with Jackson. Ollie faces off with Diego and Jackson gets him to back down. Francesca is there as well and she flirts shamelessly and then tells him she’s been schmoozing with all the supes and deserves some champagne.

He tells her she can represent the human faction until Kieran recuperates and she tells him they should make the most of their time together. But then Elijah sees Hayley and is lost…

Marcel surprises Josh by sitting at his table and Josh tells him he won’t beg for his life. Marcel says he’s there about Davina, not revenge. He tells him that Davina needs to be able to defend herself, even against the witches and has to start working magic again. Josh asks if he’s trying to get her back on his said and Marcel insists he just wants her safe.

Diego glares at the wolves and Elijah sidles up and tells him to be polite. Deigo tells him the wolves killed his whole family and he would be dead if Marcel hadn’t turned him. Elijah tells him he gets it but they have to have a peace. Elijah goes to shake Jackson’s hand and he tells him that Hayley dragged him along or wouldn’t be there at all. Elijah says the other supes find the pack barbaric. Elijah threatens him and tells him to enjoy his evening and then leaves.

Genevive approaches Klaus and asks if he’s looking for Cammie. He asks if she’s jealous and she tells him Cammie is ordinary. He tells her not to give Cammie another thought and kisses her. He sees Jackson head upstairs and leaves G to follow the wolf who is now in his studio. He asks Klaus if he’s there to kill him and Klaus insists he wants to offer a gift. He reminds him that he was once a wolf. He offers to make Jackson a hybrid and he says he won’t be turning into a bloodthirsty parasite. Klaus applauds his courage and tells him he can give him back New Orleans.

Jackson asks why he would trust him and Klaus says vampires destroy life, witches have limited power but wolves have unity of family and thet’s what he wants for his unborn daughter. He says vampires are not about unity. Jackson asks if he’s looking to embrace the other half of his family tree and tells him they don’t want him. Klaus says they will once he brings them back to the quarter. He explains that his mother was a powerful witch and she crafted a powerful ring and he believes she made it for his wolf father. He says it could be to wolves what daylight rings are to vampires. Now Jackson wants in.

Ollie approaches Davina and compliments her. She smiles and he asks her to dance. Monique steps in and blocks Davina and Davina walks away. Elijah takes Hayley to the dance floor. She tells him the party is great and he tells her that Klaus is sticking to painting. She tells him Klaus says that he told her painting was his means of plotting. He twirls her and tells her he hopes her daughter takes after her. He asks her again to come back to the compound. She tells him she won’t sit in a rocking chair and knit booties. Jackson cuts in and Elijah says no but Hayley says yes and steps into the wolf’s arms.

Jackson asks if all is okay and she says they were talking about the future of the city. He tells her Elijah should have been telling her how beautiful she looks tonight. Elijah overhears and is annoyed.

Cammie pours a drink and is startled when Marcel is suddenly in her kitchen. She offers him her drink and he sees scrapes on her arms and is concerned. He tells her that he arranged a boundary spell to keep Kieran in the attack so she’ll be safe. She tells him he’s the first person to help her in a month and that Kieran is her only family. She tells him without him she’d be alone and he tells her he’s a little short on family now too. He tells her to let him know of anything he can help with. She tells him she’s out of bourbon.

Ollie grabs a drink and Diego offers to put it into a bowl. Francesca interrupts and tells them to fight over something worthwhile, like her. Ollie sasses him and Diego attacks. The two go at each other and Elijah pulls them apart and slams Ollie into the table. Jackson has a stake at Diego’s chest and they have a standoff. Hayley tells Elijah to go ahead and kill Ollie and asks what’s stopping him.

Hayley tells Elijah that Ollie deserves to die. She reminds him that Ollie handed Rebekah to the witches and Diego attacked then the witches. She tells him that they all deserve to die. She says if the families can’t create community, they may as well all kill each other and get it over with. Elijah releases Ollie and Jackson releases Diego.

Josh hangs out with Davina and they talk boyfriends. He says he got roses from his first BF but his parents took them away from him. He tells her he has no home or family anymore and that he’s okay with that now. He tells her if your family doesn’t like you the way they are, screw them. He tells Davina she has him, Cammie and Marcel if she wants. She reminds him Marcel used her and he tells her that he also saved her from the people who tried to kill her. He says that even if she doesn’t trust Marcel, he loves her. He tells her loves her too. She tells him all her power was from the other girls and she doesn’t even know what she has left. He hands her the dead rose and tells her she’s a witch and can’t change her DNA. He tells her to embrace it.

She whispers the spell and looks at the flower. It blooms back to life beautifully. She smiles and hands it to him. He takes it with a smile.

Marcel and Cammie come giggling into her apartment drunk and he helps her up when she runs into a wall. She is pouty when he tells her they’re out of booze. She tells him he’s a good friend and he tells her she should lie down. She tells him she’s tired of being alone and he says he is too. They kiss hotly and then strip each other with fervor. Genevive sees all this staring at a dream catcher.

Cammie tells him the sex was worth it but can’t happen again. She tells him Klaus would see it as a betrayal. He sees a dreamcatcher across the room with some bones in it. He picks it up and leaves. He looks at the object and then stomps it on the ground. Thierry shows up and Marcel tells him he has nothing to lose and that makes a difference. He asks him again to join him against Klaus. Thierry asks if it’s them against the world and Marcel says there will be more of them one by one until they have an army.

Klaus stares at his painting of the city skyline at night and then paints in a moon.

Elijah offers the council up a new set of rules. Hayley is now at the table. They each cut their palms and agree to the treaty.

Kieran sits in the attic praying the rosary and struggling while Cammie watches.

The wolves toast Hayley for getting them on the council. Jackson kisses her cheek.

Davina stares at the rose. Monique comes in and sees that the workshop is full of hundreds of the blossoms.

The council all sign the treaty in blood.

Ollie tells Jackson he would rather turn every moon than make a deal with Klaus but Jackson says there’s more to it than that. He says it would make them stronger when they are in human form. He says their bite would be lethal to vampires and they can dominate the humans, witches and vamps. Ollie smiles.

Elijah tells Klaus to sign the treaty and he insists on it. He says he can’t expect others to follow if there is no peace among the Michaelsons. Klaus signs it and says the supes won’t stick to the agreement anyway. Elijah tells him to go ahead and wager against him, but he’ll lose. He walks away and Klaus says – we’ll see. He stares at the bright full moon he’s added to his painting.