The Young and the Restless Spoilers: Adam Newman Back in Genoa City – Sharon’s Secret Finally Exposed

The Young and the Restless Spoilers: Adam Newman Back in Genoa City - Sharon’s Secret Finally Exposed

May Sweeps are upon us! And, that means all of our favorite TV shows will be dealing out a healthy dose of drama this month to boost ratings. The CBS soap opera The Young and the Restless is currently nursing several potentially huge storylines, and according to Y&R spoilers the fans can expect them all to come to a head during the month of May.

On the May 1st episode of The Young and the Restless Victor will warn Sharon that she will only hurt his son Nick in the end, because when her secret comes out it will “destroy” him. Sharon is completely unaware that she tampered with Summer’s paternity test results, and Nick won’t let her break up with him. So, Sharon will spend the majority of the month of May trying to trigger her memory (which she lost during electroshock therapy), and recollect what her big secret is.

There will also be a very messy love triangle developing during May Sweeps, and Soap Opera Digest teases that the fall out will be “explosive.” When Leslie betrayed Neil and married a stranger off the internet, he thought he would never love again, until he slept with Hilary. One romp with Hilary and now Neil doesn’t even remember Leslie’s name, and he is convinced that it’s true love. There’s only one problem, Devon is in love Hilary also, and his own daughter Lily can’t stand the sight of her. Now Hilary will have to choose between Devon and Neil, and in the meantime avoid getting attacked by Lily.

According to The Young and the Restless spoilers for the month of May, Chloe will continue to spiral downward and act more erratically and out of character. We know Elizabeth Hendrickson is leaving the soap opera and opted not to renew her contract, so general consensus among Y&R fans is it is only a matter of time until they ship her character off to mental hospital.

The Young and the Restless spoilers also tease that Ian Ward’s presence will grow increasingly obvious during the month of May, and it will become clear he has an agenda. Y&R fans can look forward to some intense scenes between Victor Newman and Ian, and we can also expect to learn more about his relationship with Tyler’s ex Mariah. Speaking of Mariah, Abby Newman will make it her mission to get the evil Cassie doppelganger out of her and her family’s life for good.

Chelsea is also in the process of planning Adam Newman’s Memorial Service, which will most likely air during the month of May. A lot of rumors are currently circulating the internet that the new Adam Newman may finally show his face, at his own memorial service, and it will finally be revealed what actor will be replacing fan favorite Michael Muhney.

So, Young and the Restless fans how excited are you for all of these May storylines? Do you think Sharon’s secret will finally be exposed? And, what kind of shenanigans do you think Ian Ward will pull? What actor do you hope to see fill Michael Muhney’s shoes as Adam Newman? Share your thoughts and theories in the comment section below and don’t forget to check CDL for more The Young and the Restless spoilers.

Comments from Y&R fans on Soap Opera Spy are coming in and here is a sampling:

Are you positive it’s not MM?

Pretty sure!

Darn! I really wish Victor would be the enforcer he could be.. I feel that if he was, Ian would play ostrich, and Victor’s spies would be on his case, not the other way around.. ….if he really,truly loved Niki, he would.. Cat and mouse is always a good soap theme.

Can’t wait to see the new Adam

Not interested at all in the new Adam they made a big mistake It has to be the producer [Jill Farren Phelps] of the show that as a big prob – doesn’t like to listen to her viewers

Again we see that Jill Farren Phelps and Michael Muhney are front and center in a discussion of Y&R.  No doubt any soap that hires MM will be much the better for it.

  • Racquel Garnette

    Make sure it is Michael Muhney back as Adam Newman or someone who is 6’0 with blue eyes and brown hair. Lots of actors can play Adam Newman. How about you writers asked movie stars to play Adam Newman. Imagine if Nicholas Cage was playing Adam Newman then that will be great. Trevor St John can play the mysterious Adam Newman. This show was good this week. Sharon knows who is Summer father. I hope her memory comes back by next month. Summer needs to know who her father is. Jack is not her father. He is going to hit the bottle. Nicholas doesn’t need Sharon. Nicholas can find his happiness somewhere else. Sharon deserves someone new. The writers needs to fix up her storyline and make her go out more often. New people needs to come on the show. New storylines needs to arrive very soon. The show is sinking. This Abby needs to be recasted. She is very too strict. The old Abby is down to earth. Find a younger girl to play her part. Fire this David Tom as Billy Abbott. David Tom doesn’t know how to get angry.

    • Brittany Sherman

      Yes i agree, Jack will definitely hit the bottle once the truth comes out…. I also do not care for the new/old David Tom. Never did! I also agree that Nick does not need Sharon. I think Sharon doesn’t need to date. She needs to work on her mental health.

    • motherof3

      Michael Muhney, was so handsome as Adam Newman he made the show, this new Adam better be good.

  • Brittany Sherman

    I hope and PRAY that Sharon’s secret comes out. She is a liar and Nick does not deserve to be treated so wrong. I wish that the secret comes out soon!!!! I am looking forward to seeing who the new Adam will be. I am glad that his character will be returning! Also, I hope that Victoria is pregnant however, not for Billy. I feel that Billy’s time has come and gone. He has caused Victoria too much agony. She needs to move on and start fresh! I do think that Stitch needs to be more open and honest with Victoria! Furthermore, I am waiting on the return of my favorite actress, Phyllis. God, I miss her and wish the original Phyllis returns and picks right back up with Jack! She could also confirm Sharon’s secret. Finally, I really want Nikki and Victor to remain married and live happily ever after!

  • Racquel Garnette

    lol you are funny. I said imagine if Nicholas Cage was playing Adam Newman that would’ve been cool. You are right there is other guys that can play Adam Newman.

  • Racquel Garnette

    Exactly. This Abby needs to go. She is way too strict and she doesn’t know how to act Abby. She plays the older Abby. Lots of actors from movies can play Abby Newman. This one doesn’t fit it.

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  • Snuggles

    Well again y&r are trying to hyphe people up. Well who cares about Chloe leaving and this story line on Ian ward is getting old. Sharons story line is sickening also. For who will the replace MM I only would hope that’s its MM. Again as I have written before no one can replace him. What is wrong with this producer you have a gret show and you are screwing it completely up. Are you trying to get the show off the air? Sure seems that way. The dumb story lines about Ian, lily, Leslie and so on who cares. I taped the show everyday and half the time I am fast forwarding it because it has become so dull.

  • Mary1054

    I could not agree more! I stopped watching once Billy and Michael left the show. If Y&R wants to get back into the loop in regards to being on top, they need to bring back Michael Muhney and with bring Billy Miller back as Billy and get rid of David Tom. I caught one glimpse of him in a scene when changing channels and was totally taken back when I saw the NON-CHEMISTRY between him an Amelia. With him in the role, no-one will want Vicki and Billy to get back together! Y&R needs to get their act together, and get rid of JFP!

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  • bobcat

    I agree with Angela, the worst…can’t stand to hear him talk….no one can play Adam Newman but MIcheal, please bring him back.