The Young and the Restless Spoilers: Avery’s Internet Stalker is Austin – Adam Newman (Hands) Accomplice Revealed!

The Young and the Restless Spoilers: Avery’s Internet Stalker is Austin - Adam Newman (Hands) Accomplice Revealed!

The Young and the Restless fans have been watching an anonymous stalker harass Avery online for weeks now, though Avery is convinced the man behind the hateful comments is Ian Ward. She is totally off. According to CDL’s exclusive spoiler source, on Tuesday, June 3 Avery pays Ian a visit and confronts him about the harassment she has been experiencing on the Internet. Ian denies the allegations and advises Avery to think back to everything she has done in her life.

While a baffled Avery discusses her Internet stalker with Ian Ward, the anonymous harasser strikes again and his identity is revealed. Y&R fans predicted that Avery’s camera guy Austin was her online stalker, and they were 100% correct. On the June 3rd episode of The Young and the Restless, Austin is shown sending another message to Avery: “You claim to work for justice, don’t look now but justice is about to be served.” A popular rumor is floating around the internet that Austin is holding a grudge against Avery because she defended his mother’s killer. Only time will tell if that is his motive.

Y&R fans will be happy to hear that Adam Newman’s hands make another appearance on the June 3rd episode, according to our spoiler source. At the end of the episode, Adam will be shown speaking to another man. The man has been following Chelsea and Connor around Genoa City for him and keeping tabs on them. He hands over some photos he took of them and tells Adam, “I got as much pictures as I could. I’ll be back next week with more pictures. It won’t be long before you and your family are back together.”

So, it sounds like Adam Newman will be returning to Y&R sooner than any of us expected. Multiple sources are reporting that Michael Muhney has been seen on the set of Y&R, and supporters of the actor are hoping that he was given his job back as the iconic Adam Newman. Meanwhile, other sources are reporting that AMC alum Cameron Mathison has landed the role of Adam Newman. So, it is anyone’s guess who will be portraying the actor when they finally show more than just his hands.

Y&R fans, are you shocked that Ian actually wasn’t responsible for Avery’s internet stalking? Or, did you know it was Austin all along? And who do you think Adam Newman’s accomplice is? Could it be a random PI that he hired or someone in Genoa City helping him? Let us know what you think in the comments below — and don’t forget to check CDL tomorrow for more The Young and the Restless spoilers.

7 responses to “The Young and the Restless Spoilers: Avery’s Internet Stalker is Austin – Adam Newman (Hands) Accomplice Revealed!”

  1. Herekittiez says:

    According to CDL’s exclusive spoiler source???? Anyone can go to SOD and get exclusive spoilers Lol Also, you just repeated the same paragraph from your previous article about MM hanging around the studios. Nothing new again? It seems absolutely nobody online can varify correct info on Team Muhney..;) I wish the false rumours would stop, until facts are proven otherwise.

    Also, austin is part of Ian’s clan, imo. i’ll be nice with that part. Adam newman’s help is most likely Jack Abbott. They were bff’s. I don’t see why his own father would help fake his death. Since he was out for Connor, his grandson. But I wouldn’t put it past Victor to pull off a fake death either. Those two are the only people with access to his own penthouse and his wife chelsea and his son connnor. He also made Jack legal guardian. So i would be safe to assume that Adam would turn to Jack.

  2. PassionQueen77 says:

    Anyone new that comes into town is very mysterious. Austin works for Ian Ward and he just want to make Avery pay for his mother killer. Well Avery did the best way she could. Summer needs to watch out because her life is going to be in danger with Austin. Colin needs to go very soon.

  3. pamlopez says:

    I dont want a new adam,bring back the real adam,if summer cant deal with him bein on the set,switch her out,.adam was one of the main ppl on Y&R,not summer

    • Joyce Petrovich says:

      Also: Please not Cameron Mathison–this is not his type of role. Anyway, another boring day in Genoa City except for when they showed Adam’s hands. Chelsea and Billy roles together are boring and not a good couple if it going there-even when they bring in the new Billy. Also–storyline of Jill and her husband is double boring. Jill is just a naïve woman.

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  5. Lane says:

    Micheal Muhney was the best Adam Newman cast on the Y&R. I hope they bring him back. If they do not bring him back, I do not think I will continue to watch Y&R. Some of the characters that was replaced are boring as hell, including Billy (David Tom), he is totally boring. Jill and her husband is boring too. Its time for Jill to give it up or give her another story line. They need to hurry up and have Phyllis come back (whomever it might be) because that story is getting boring too. Nick needs to find out the Sharon is the one who caused Phyllis fall and that he is really Summers father. Victor is the best ever. He is truly a man who protects his family and I cant wait for Nick to see that his father is right. Please get on with this show. I am losing interest.

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