Who Won Big Brother 16 Last Night – Derrick Beat Cody to Win – Donny Voted America’s Favorite Houseguest

Who Won Big Brother 16 Last Night - Derrick Beat Cody to Win - Donny Voted America's Favorite Houseguest

Tonight on CBS Big Brother 16 returns with an all new Wednesday September 24, Week 13 episode 40 called, “Finale.” On tonight’s episode the final head of household competition of the season airs and the winner of Big Brother 16 is revealed.

On the last episode, we spent a few minutes seeing the beginning of the first of three part HOH competitions. The competition was an endurance one. Along with the start of the HoH we were treated to a look back at what went on during the season, it was more reminiscing than any game play happening. But there were some never before seen clips that were shown.  Did you watch the last episode? If you missed it we have a full and detailed recap, right here for you.

On tonight’s episode the three remaining houseguests: Victoria, Cody and Derrick compete for the final Head of Household. Later, the jury members vote for the winner.

Big Brother 2014 airs tonight at 9:30pm with another great episode, we will be live blogging the 90-minute show with all the up-to-the-minute details so make sure to come back to Celeb Dirty Laundry and watch the show with us. Can’t wait to see how all the drama plays out, how about you? Are you excited about Big Brother 16? Who are you rooting for to win? Hit the comments and let us know your thoughts.

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It’s time for the #BB16 finale. It’s down to Victoria, Cody and Derrick. Julie calls it the most twisted summer ever and welcomes us to the #BBFinale. We’re reminded of the Bomb Squad eight person alliance and Derrick and Cody’s secret alliance. We see Devin get voted off then them rebrand as the Detonators and blowing up people’s games. Then we see them turn on Zack and take him out.

Derrick has been secretly controlling the game and then go after Donny then Nicole when she said he was playing as well as Dan Giesling. They guys kept Victoria because she was no threat and turned on Christine instead. Then they turned on Frankie since he’s been dominating the game. Then they went after Beast Mode with a blindside judy chop.

Then there was a final three part HOH competition to decide who would be the final HOH and who they would take with them. We see some clips from the season about Frankie and Zack’s bromance, the big proposal, Caleb stalking Amber, Cody and Christine flirting, Devin flaking out and Frankie winning the POV competition on his own.

They run through flashbacks of some of the prior competitions before showing us the three part HOH competition and who America voted as the favorite house guest. Part one of the HOH challenge is a faux hang gliding competition. They are propped on a bar when the rain pounds down on them. Derrick says if Victoria wins this, it will be a disaster for his game.

The wall moves and Victoria is still slipping. Derrick says it’s excruciating. Victoria is in pain and can’t feel her fingers. It’s been more than half an hour and she finally slips and is out of it. She’s upset that she’s lost a chance to control her own fate. She sits and cries. After nearly an hour, both of the guys are still hanging tight. The guys talk about what they should do.

Cody says the plan was for him to win the first part and Derrick to win part two. Cody says he wants this one and Derrick says he doesn’t feel confident about beating Victoria in part two. Cody doesn’t like this answer and wonders why he has these doubts. At an hour and 15 minutes, she asks how Derrick and Cody are doing. Derrick wants Cody to throw it to him but he doesn’t think it’s going to happen.

He finally gives up and drops and knows he’ll face Victoria in part two. Cody is pumped to win and knows he’s in part two. Cody hugs Victoria and checks on her fingers. She thinks this is her worst case scenario since she has to compete against her bestie Derrick because she can’t put her destiny in either of their hands.

Derrick comes into the backyard and it looks like an Indiana Jones set. There is a golden wall of gold disks. He reads a description that says you have to place nominee faces in order of the night they were nominated. They have to climb u the wall to do it. They get started. Derrick is flipping faces fast. He says he has to win this.

He slides up and down the wall adjusting the faces to put them in order. It’s also tiring. He says he wasn’t nominated once so it’s easy for him to eliminate himself. He finishes but doesn’t know if his time is good enough to beat her. He worries that Victoria will do better since she was on the block herself nine times. Her strategy is to go with the faces she barely remembers since she knows they went first.

Victoria is struggling to get up and down the walls and it’s eating up her time. She has one face left and finds Nicole but has to cross the whole wall. She now has to get down and step on the stone to submit them. She has them correct, but who had the fastest time. Cody comes out to announce their times. Derrick did it in 15:29. Victoria did it in 30:03. Derrick moves on to round three. He killed her.

Cody and Derrick hug it out. Victoria is upset and says it sucks and she has to hope that Derrick honors their final two deal. Cody is excited and says the only way they don’t make it to final two is if the biggest backstab in Big Brother history goes down. He says he doesn’t think it will happen, then adds “I hope.”

Dr Will meets with the jury to talk about who they think will be coming to the jury house next. They all say Caleb because there is no reason to see Victoria. Nicole hopes it’s Cody but there’s the reveal as Caleb walks in. Hayden hugs him and Frankie smiles and gives him a big hug too. He tells them he couldn’t play the HOH, Derrick won it, Cody won the POV and then tells them all about the Hitmen alliance between Cody and Derrick.

Jocasta asks Caleb about betraying Frankie and then he says Frankie betrayed him. Frankie goes on the offensive and says it did not go down that all. Dr. Will asks them all about Derrick’s game. Caleb says he’s very manipulative. Hayden says Derrick is a likable family guy. Nicole says he made her feel guilty. Caleb says he doesn’t know anyone who has made it this far and never been on the block.

Dr. Will asks if he’s a master manipulator or just had an alliance with everyone. Frankie says master manipulator. Donny says he backstabbed friends and lied to them on the way out the door to try and secure jury votes. Jocasta says he was fake praying with her. She says she’s bitter about that. Dr. Will asks if there’s anything wrong with manipulating.

Zack says he respects it. Donny says he thinks Cody and Derrick are equally worthy. Caleb says Cody didn’t show his full potential til later in the game and stayed under the radar. Donny says Cody started winning when he had to. Caleb says Cody’s best move was keeping his mouth shut. Frankie asks Caleb who flipped him against him and he says it was both Derrick and Cody.

Will asks Donny what their best moves were and he can’t think of one. Frankie says Victoria was strong to be on the block nine times. Hayden says she’s not very smart but is dumbing it down in the house and has some extra smartness. Zack says he’s never seen that. Zack says she’s not acting dumb, she is dumb. He says she has no idea she’s playing Big Brother. Jocasta says she would vote for her.

Caleb says he would vote for her too if she makes it to the final two. He says no one thought she would get there. Will asks the most important factor in choosing a winner. Christine thinks Derrick should win. Nicole isn’t sure what to do. Will says they need to get together as a jury and decide on questions to ask.

It’s time for part three of the final HOH. The guys are either side of a giant set of scales. Julie says it’s time to see how well they now the jury members. It’s called “Scales of Just Us.” She’ll read a partial quote and they have to decide from choice A or B how the juror completed the statement. There will be eight questions to determine the winner.

Question1 – Caleb said his favorite moment was – his date with Amber or when dadgummed Brett Eldridge sang in the backyard. Cody picks B and Derrick A. Derrick takes that point.

Question 2 – Frankie said the fatal error I made was – putting my faith in beast mode coward or convincing them to push that stupid button. They both pick Beast Mode. They both got it right.

Question 3 – Christine said the housemate that needs a reality check is Frankie or Donny. They both pick Frankie. The answer is Frankie. They both got it right again.

Question 4 – Donny said the most annoying thing in the house is no one believing he’s a groundskeeper or keeping people quiet at bedtime. Donny said bedtime. Cody got it right and now it’s tied up.

Question 5 – Zack said the house guest that made the worst nomination was Frankie or himself. Zack said himself and Derrick gets it right. He moves ahead. It’s 4 to 3.

Question 6 – Nicole said the moment she’s afraid to have her family see is doing her unitard strip tease or kissing Hayden. Answer is the kiss. Cody gets it right and it’s tied again.

Question 7 – Hayden said the most shocking moment was Jocasta’s blindside or Caleb taking the $5k over the veto. They both pick Jocasta. They both got it wrong. Still tied.

Last question – Jocasta said she ranked her game play 1 to 100 as 100 or 90. They both pick 100. Jocasta said 90. They both get it wrong and they are still tied.

Tiebreaker question – In seconds, how long was part of the final HOH from starting horn to when Cody won? Derrick writes 3,013, Cody writes 3,120. The answer is 3,671. Cody wins final HOH.

It’s time for Cody to choose to evict either Derrick or Victoria. Julie congratulates him and says he’ll win at least second place. Derrick and Victoria sit in the nominee chairs. She asks if he’s ready and he says he’s sticking with his day two alliance and has to take Derrick to the finals. They tell Victoria they love her and tell her to go out there and get big cheers.

She heads out to applause and takes her seat beside Julie. The guys are excited to be in the final two. They watch Victoria’s photos go to black and white. Julie asks her if she floated to the end. Victoria says she fought hard, stayed loyal and is extremely proud of her game play. Julie sends her to meet with the jury for a few minutes before the lives interrogation that’s up next.

The jury comes in – Jocasta, Hayden, Zack, Donny, Nicole, Christine, Frankie and Caleb. Last, she introduces Victoria who hugs the jury members. Julie tells them Cody is the final HOH and he evicted Victoria, not Derrick. She tells them in a moment they will get to ask a question then lock in their final votes. They get three questions for each finalist. They tell her they’re ready.

Christine tells Derrick they all feel like he sent them home even though he denied it. He stands and tells her he played behind the scenes to orchestrate and avoid blow back. Frankie says they feel that Derrick has been the puppetmaster and he the puppet. Cody stands and says he played a huge social game. He tells Frankie that he was the one that convinced Caleb to flip and send him home.

Caleb stands and tells Derrick that they feel he used their family to manipulate them and asks if it crossed the line. Derrick says his family means the world to them and he never used them as a strategy. Hayden asks Cody what his biggest strategic move he made personally. Cody says one of the biggest was the week Zack was on the block and when he called Christine out and sent people out that were targeting Derrick.

Nicole asks Derrick why he deserves to win. He tells her he went 55 nominations without being nominated and says it was the plan all along and for that reason alone, deserves to win. Donny asks Cody why should he win over Derrick. Cody says his social game got them both to the end and he got fed a lot of information that helped him and Derrick to the end.

Julie tells Victoria she can ask any question. She stands and asks Derrick if he would remain loyal to her to the end. He tells her that he remained loyal to her as long as he could without impacting his game play. He says if he took her to the end, he would have lost jury votes but says they will always be friends. Julie thanks the finalists and tells them she’ll be back in a moment for their final statements.

he doesn’t like hearing they think he’s a puppet. He says he gained the trust of most of the jury and gained their trust. He says the puppet that sent out three beasts like Frankie, Caleb and Donny is no puppet. Derrick says he played the best social game he could and reminds them he was never nominated and won four HOHs on his own. He says that’s why he deserves to win.

Jocasta votes first. She says she loves them both and says fake praying first. She slides in her key. Hayden goes next and says he hates them both but is voting for the person that he thinks will give the best tip in his pedicab. Caleb is next and says he wishes he could vote for both fruit loops but says his heart is in Rhode Island. Julie cautions them not to reveal their votes like Caleb did.

Donny is next and says he hates that he left his Skittles at home. Nicole is next and says she has nothing cool to say and says she’s voting for who played BB the best. Christine says the last thing she is  is a bitter juror and is impressed and is going with her gut. Frankie comes up and says Cody looks hot but he’s still had better. He wishes them luck.

Caleb comes up and says there’s a lot he could say to both of them but will only say they are both welcome to be exactly where they are and that he’s voting for who he thinks played the better game. Victoria tells them she’s proud to be the hitmen’s little sister and is voting for the person who has been loyal to her since day one. The voting is complete.

Julie says Joey, Paola, Devin, Brittany and Amber will be back as they reveal the secrets of the summer.  They all come out and we see Joey’s hair isn’t blue, but now is hot pink. Julie says the jury is still in the dark while they got to go home and watch the rest of the season in full from home. Julie tells them about the Team America twist. The jury is flummoxed. Julie says it was Donny, Frankie and Derrick.

She asks Nicole who she thinks it was. She looks around and says Donny, Frankie and Zack. Julie rolls video of the three and their #TeamAmerica mission. The jury watches open mouthed as the challenges are revealed. Derrick tells them on video how America assigned them tasks. They all laugh about the rumor that one contestant is related to another contestant and we see them tie this to Zack about Amanda. Zack laughs out loud.

Then they see the thefts they carried out and the Neighborhood Watch. Zack laughs again as he sees himself goes nuts. Then they see the rodent challenge. Christine and Caleb are now in hysterics. Derrick thanks them all for playing along and thanks America. Julie asks Zack about saying he was related to Amanda and he says he was bored.

Julie asks Cody how he was surprised and he points to Derrick. He says he’s over it. Julie says there is one secret that only one person knows. Derrick says everything he told them about himself was true except for one thing. He tells them he’s a cop and was an undercover detective. He says Frankie guessed it and thanks Nicole for saying he’s too cool to be a cop.

Julie tells them that he had a sneaky plan to keep his identity secret and it was his strategy to win. She runs his audition tape. He talks blatantly about how he would play and win the game. Victoria says she’s shocked and says she thought she knew Derrick. Julie says up next is the moment of truth and the crowning of the winner of #BB16.

Julie says the winner gets $500k and $50k for the runner up. They need 5 votes to win.

Jocasta voted for Cody.
Hayden voted for Derrick.
Zack voted for Derrick.
Donny voted for Cody.
Nicole voted for Derrick.
Christine voted for Derrick.
Frankie voted for Derrick.

Derrick wins it! The door opens and the two guys come out. Everyone rushes to hug the guys. Derrick whispers to Caleb. He goes around and hugs everyone. Frankie gives him a giant hug.

Julie reveals that Caleb and Victoria also voted for Derrick so he won 7 to 2. Julie says there were more than 10 million votes for fan favorite, more than any other year. The top three were Zack, Nicole and Donny. But it was a landslide for Donny. The crowd goes wild and the others hug him as it’s announced that he wins the $25,000. Julie pulls Donny out and asks Derrick what he’s going to do with the winnings. He says his wife is the boss and that she’ll decide.