Gotham Recap – Fish Under Fire: Season 1 Episode 13 “Welcome Back, Jim Gordon”

Gotham Recap - Fish Under Fire: Season 1 Episode 13 "Welcome Back, Jim Gordon"

Tonight on FOX Gotham continues with an all new Monday January 26, season 1 episode 13 called, “Welcome Back, Jim Gordon,” and we have your weekly recap below for you. On tonight’s episode, Gordon suspects an inside job when the key witness in a homicide ends up dead while being held for questioning by the police, so he turns to an old friend for information. Meanwhile, Oswald Cobblepot [Robin Lord Taylor] takes control of a prized possession belonging to Fish Mooney [Jada Pinkett Smith].

On the last episode, in an attempt to got his job back, Gordon sought to capture Jack Gruber (guest star Christopher Heyerdahl), a deranged electrical genius who escaped Arkham Asylum. Meanwhile, Falcone struggled to hold onto his empire after Fish Mooney made her next move. Did you watch the last episode? If you missed it, we have a full and detailed recap right here for you.

On tonight’s episode as per the FOX synopsis, “when the key witness in a homicide ends up dead while being held for questioning by the police, Gordon suspects that it’s an inside job and looks to an old friend for information. Meanwhile, Oswald Cobblepot takes control of one of Fish Mooney’s prized possessions, as she gets a gets a small taste of her own medicine.”

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Fish is strapped to a gurney and taken to a warehouse. She’s strapped to a table. She asks if they’re the B team. They tell her they’re just transport and that Bob, one of the top guys will handle her. Harvey says Fish’ club is all shot up and she’s gone. He says her lifestyle caught up with her. They found a body. Flass is there – he works homicide. Pinky Littlefield from the Uptown Assassins is dead. He’s been strung up, no drugs on him. Flass leaves while Jim checks out the body.

He turns on the switch and the guy’s body moves up. Jim opens the fake heel in his shoe and he finds some packets concealed there. Harvey says a night janitor may have seen something – a guy named Leon. He says his wife always says to step forward or step back. They ask if he’ll work with a sketch artist. He agrees. Later, he calls his wife and says he’s still there. A guy comes in and asks if he’s seen the sketch artist yet. He says no and the guy kills him.

Harvey says someone turned off the security cameras in and outside the room. Edward says it was an ice pick with a hexagonal handle and are the same as on Pinky the drug dealer. Jim curses that it happened under their noses. Bob asks Fish’s name and she says he knows it. He says it’s just a formality. He says he’ll put her down as Maria Mercedes Mooney aka Fish. She asks if he has family and he says he has two lovely daughters. She says she’s sure they’re ugly.

He tells her that he’ll be extracting a sincere apology from her. He hurts her and says there’s no call for that. She says only her friends call her Fish and they are not friends yet. She smiles at him and laughs. Butch is tied up in the back of a van – he’s being taken to an incinerator. Trouble is, he’s gone and he kills one captor then demands the other tell him where Fish is. Essen demands to know who killed their witness and Jim says it was probably a cop.

Essen says he can’t point a finger without evidence. He says he can’t let this ride since he asked the guy to come in. She tells him to proceed with caution and he agrees. Alfred is driving Bruce around downtown looking for Selina. Bruce reminds him the assassins weren’t after him anyway. Bruce hops out of the car and asks if they can walk the block once. He agrees and Bruce thanks him. He says he can’t risk his life over a girl.

A girl bumps into him and he recognizes her as Ivy. She asks if Alfred is his bodyguard. He asks about Selina and she says she’ll give her a message for $20. He tells Alfred to hand it over. They go home. Bob holds a plastic bag over Fish’s face. He pulls it off and she gasps for air then says he’s boring her. He says different strokes. He has a power tool and says maybe they can start by taking off a hand. He has a hammer and says maybe a knee. Then Butch is there and beats the guy down (maybe to death).

He asks if she’s okay. Jim asks why there’s a page missing from the logbook and asks each cop who was on guard duty outside interrogation. No one is talking. Harvey says Leon’s killer is a cop and asks him for leverage. He asks Harvey if he really wants to work with a murderer. Jim talks to Grover and says someone is going to get fired and says Alvarez told him that he pulled the page from the log book. He says Alvarez lied because he slept with his wife a few years ago. They pressure him.

They go looking for Delaware and are told he went to the garage. The guy goes running. He hopes in a car and tries to run over Jim. He gets out and Jim punches and cuffs him. He searches his car, opens the trunk and finds some of the drug packets like Pinks had on him. He hauls him in side the PD. Harvey asks why he couldn’t bring him in quietly and asks if he’s trying to make some sort of statement. He shoves Delaware into a cell and says – damn right I am.

Jim goes to see Essen and finds Flass there who says it’s part of an undercover narco investigation. Essen says this is not the way and says she’s turning it over to IA. Jim says that’s two drunks in the basement. Flass walks out with some sass. Edward comes to see Ms Kringle and talks to her about greeting cards originating in Germany back in the 1400s. She asks if it says anything weird before she’ll take it. He giggles.

Fish wakes in bed to find Butch smiling at her. He tells her to take it slow but she says she’s fine. He gives her an ice pack for her busted cheek. She says she’s starving and he says she’s one tough cookie. She thanks him. He says they need to hit the road but she says she’s not hitting the road til she gets Penguin. He says they have no men and Falcone will have the whole city looking for them. She says first she wants to cut Penguin’s throat.

Oswald brings his mom to Fish’s place and she says it’s so classy – like an opera house. She’s entranced. She finds a scarf (it was Liza’s). She puts it on and twirls. She’s so proud that he’ll have this club as his own. Harvey tells Jim that a few years ago cops starting running stash houses when they busted drug dealers. Jim is mad he kept this from him. Harvey says Flass is protected from really high up and says he can’t mess with him.

Jim asks if he can get him the location of the stash houses. Harvey asks if he even heard him. Harvey calls Mickey and says he needs help. They go to a possible stash house and poke around. Delaware is there and Jim tells him to hand over the boxes. They try and bust it up but Delaware says he has a warrant from the commission to clear the place out. He tells them homicide shouldn’t even be there.

Jim asks Harvey what their next step is and Essen says IA just ruled Leon’s death a suicide. Yep, he stabbed himself in the back because he was depressed. Essen says that means the commissioner was involved. She says she and other people here want to help but they learned the hard way you need results, not words. She says to just move on to the next victim. Leon’s widow is there and is sobbing. Jim is disgusted with the suicide ruling. He walks out and says he’ll be back in an hour.

Flass reads Edward’s card out loud and Ms Kringle tells him to stop it. The other cops laugh. Edward overhears and is flustered. Flass calls him a perv and a creep. Edward walks away. Oswald watches his mom dance with once of the henchmen. Jim comes in and Oswald welcomes him. His mom comes over and calls him handsome. He introduces him as his detective friends. She says she’s Gertrud. Oswald asks her to go dance so they can talk.

Jim says it seems early yet to be celebrating. He says it’s been too long and is glad that Jim called. He asks if Oswald knows Flass and who can give him the goods on him. Oswald says he’s happy to help and will make some calls. Jim asks what he’ll owe and Oswald says friends just do things for friends because they ask. Jim says – no one gets hurt and he says of course and offers him a glass of champagne. Oswald says he’ll make a call.

Victor shoots Zsaz. Oswald sends his mom home with one of his guys and has a little private party at Fish’s place including spitting on her giant Fish picture on the wall. He takes the stage and announces the grand opening of his new club. He hears applause and it’s Fish. She says he needs to project more and demonstrates. She has a baseball bat and looks dangerous. Selina shows up at Wayne Manor while Bruce is playing solo chess.

She asks who kind of weirdo plays chess alone. He says Alfred is making lunch. He says he’s glad she’s safe. He says Alfred made him go to Switzerland. She says she saw him driving around looking for her. He says he got her a present. He hands it to her. It’s a snow globe. She shakes it and thanks him. He asks if she wants to stay at his house so they can help each other. He says she can help him find his parents’ killer and she can have a better place to live.

She asks what’s better about it and tells him to stop hassling her. She says he’s bugging her and she says she lied and didn’t see who killed his parents. She says she can’t help him investigate so there’s no point. She leaves out the window. Oswald’s guy holds a gun on Delaware and his wife under the water. He says Flass killed Pinky for being late on payments. Oswald kisses Fish’s shoe and says they could combine their forces and fool everyone.

She says she found and made him. She says he was a sad little wannabe when she found him. She says he’s a servant and a nobody. He glares and says he outfoxed her at every turn and says he was working for Falcone the whole time and she never had the sense to see it. Victor is there and he and Bitch get into a shoot out. Butch shoots one of Victor’s assassin girls which really puts him out. Victor goes after them as they run out into the alley.

Oswald laughs over his good fortune. Victor and the two assassin girls he have left split up to pursue them. Butch pulls a screen off a window and he tells Fish to go while he slows them down. Victor shoots Butch and then asks where she is. Butch laughs. Victor asks if they should kill him or take him home and play with him. Edward is in his lab looking at noodles and picking things out of it when Ms Kringle comes in. He says he’s taking onions out of his takeout. She tells him she’s sorry.

She says Flass found the card in her desk and says she didn’t give it to him. She says she thought the card was thoughtful and she’s sorry. He starts to ask her something but she tells him not to say anything else and runs out. He says there’s hope. Oswald’s guy delivers a video tape of Delaware confessing that Flass killed Littlefield along with the murder weapon.

Bruce sits crying and staring at the broken snow globe when Alfred comes in. He tells Alfred she was his only lead. Alfred asks if he’d rather continue crying over his shattered dreams or if he should get a broom. He wipes his tears and says – a broom. Bruce says he’ll find other leads. Jim walks over to Flass and says he’s under arrest. Flass says he has nothing and Jim dumps out the video tape and the murder weapon. Flass says they won’t let him arrest him.

Flass says this is his house. Jim says he’s a drug dealer and a murderer and doesn’t deserve the badge. Flass says to come preach to him in five years. Jim tells the other cops that Flass murdered Leon Winkler who trusted them enough to come forward and be a witness. Flass says he’s protected and Essen tells him to shut up. Essen then walks up and arrests him. She personally slaps the cuffs on him and asks if he’s crazy. Alvarez read him his rights. Jim thanks Essen.

Harvey meets Fish at the harbor. He gives her his jacket and asks her plan. She says she’s going to leave town and lie low for a while then she’s coming back to kill Penguin. He says she should stay gone but she says no. She asks him to find Butch and if he’s alive, to help him. He agrees. He leaves her at the waterfront and drives away.

Delaware approaches Jim and asks if they’re even and if his family and wife are safe now. He says he won’t say anything to anyone. He begs Jim to keep his wife and kids out of it. He gets on his knees crying and says – please. Jim is horrified but has no clue why the man is terrified of him.