Heroes Reborn 2015 Premiere Recap – Excellent Reboot – HRG, Molly, The Haitian: Season 1 Episode 1 & 2 “Brave New World – Odessa”

Heroes Reborn 2015 Premiere Recap - Excellent Reboot - HRG, Molly, The Haitian: Season 1 Episode 1 & 2 "Brave New World - Odessa"

Tonight on NBC their new show Heroes Reborn with an all new Thursday September 24, season 1 premiere episode called, “Brave New World; Odessa” and we have your weekly recap below. On tonight’s episode, in a new world order, people with extraordinary abilities are in hiding and are hunted by those with nefarious motives following a catastrophic terrorist attack in Odessa, Texas. The series premiere is the retooling of the TV show “Heroes.”

For those of you who don’t know, Ordinary people discover they have extraordinary powers in this retooling of the TV show “Heroes.”

On tonight’s episode as per the NBC’s synopsis, “after a terrorist attack in Odessa, Texas, left the city decimated and lives in shambles, those with extraordinary abilities are in hiding after being blamed for the catastrophic event. A new world order has them being hunted by those with nefarious motives, such as Luke (Zachary Levi) and Joanne Collins (Judi Shekoni), who are out to avenge a tragic loss of their son. Meanwhile, Noah Bennet (Jack Coleman) has taken measures to put his old life behind him and start over, until he comes face to face with Quentin Frady (Henry Zebrowski), a conspiracy theorist out to uncover the truth behind the Odessa tragedy. Elsewhere, some are discovering their newfound skills. Awkward teen Tommy (Robbie Kay) just wants to be normal and win the girl of his dreams, Emily (Gatlin Green), but normalcy is virtually impossible after learning of a new ability that terrifies him. Coming from a very sheltered upbringing, a bold and ethereal teenager, Malina (Danika Yarosh), has been told she is destined for greatness. In Tokyo, a quiet and unique young woman, Miko (Kiki Sukezane), is trying to track down her missing father while hiding an extraordinary secret that will make her a force to be reckoned with. In Los Angeles, a different type of hero is emerging through former soldier Carlos (Ryan Guzman). For better or for worse, some are fated to cross paths with assorted heroes of the past and together their ultimate destiny is nothing less than saving the world and mankind.”

Tonight’s episode of Heroes Reborn is going to be great and you won’t want to miss it. Definitely tune into this amazing series! Hit the comments and let us know if you are excited about this new show.

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Rachel Rowan: Volume One, Awakening #HeroesReborn begins with Noah Bennett sitting on a park bench eating an apple. He leaves Claire a voice mail saying it’s been a few years since they talked and he hopes she’s not still mad. He says he misses her and doesn’t care who’s right or wrong and says things have changed a lot and he thinks things will work out. He’s at the EVO registration center in Odessa. He says he’s excited to hopefully see her. He says the last thing she wants to feel is regret. He sees a girl walk by in a cheerleader uniform.

There’s some sort of open house event and then the sky darkens. Then there’s an explosion and we see Noah’s HRGs on crumpled concrete. He’s in the rubble and reaches for his cracked glasses. News reports talk about the EVOs and how they can’t let them get away with this. It’s June 13th, one year ago. Noah roams around calling for Claire. In Quebec, a young man runs from a truck and then another – this is 9 months ago. Hounds are released and he plunges into the water and then disappears.

A man struggles across across an icy expanse in China four months ago – a heavy metal disk is chained to his arm. He cuts off his arm as vehicles approach and free from the barrier, he soars into the sky. In line at the Canadian border, seven weeks ago, a woman drives her son across the border. He’s an EVO and she says he’ll be safe there. He says they’re swabbing and they see them tase someone. She floors it and smashes into the car ahead of her to create distance then zooms away.

There’s a stack of ninth wonder comics in the back of the car. In Chicago, it’s June 13th again, one year after the explosion. Luke Collins gets out of his car and looks at a piece of paper that says cockroach. Coach Lewis sees Tommy Clarke, the kid from the border. Many people are headed the same way and are asked for the password – cockroach. They see a screen that talks about Primatech and the explosion a year ago at the summit about human-EVO coexistence.

The news report says Mohinder Suresh is a terrorist that took credit for it. The group talks about how they can fight back. There’s a man in California who’s helping with fake IDs. They talk about humans being scared of them and vigilantes going after them. Tommy says his mom sleeps with a gun and they use fake names. He says they’re wanted in three states because he can’t control his power and he hoped someone could help him. They tell him he’s at the wrong place.

He gets a text from his mom that says she’s home and asking for him. He says he has to go. He drops a card out of his back accidentally and Luke notices it and grabs it up. Tommy rushes for the bus and accidentally knocks over a guy on a bicycle. We see a man running from Joanne Collins. She pursues him relentlessly. The group talks about how they are the future and they should start a revolution. Luke laughs at them and says on June 13th, they brought their nine year old to Odessa.

He says they believed in the cause and change could come. He says when his son died in his arms, he knew it wouldn’t happen. Luke says he knows they can’t change who they are but their powers aren’t natural or safe. He says there’s only one solution for that and they ask him what it is. The man bursts in that Joanne was chasing and she shoots him in the back. Luke also opens fire. The coach throws fire at them and Luke uses an extinguisher. They killed them all but Tommy. Luke says the kid dropped the card.

Luke says – for Dennis and drops a match to set the place on fire. They head out to find the one they missed. Chapter One, A Brave New World. Noah talks about memories and how they can give you clarity or deceive you. He says when you look back, you don’t want to feel regret. He says that’s why this car makes sense – he’s a car salesman and is chatting up a customer. He’s in Austin, Texas working in a show room. He’s going by the name Barnes.

In LA, Lisa is making out with Carlos. He talks about how he saved soldiers in Afghanistan and says anyone can be a hero. He says is doesn’t matter how ordinary you think you are, we all have the potential to be heroes. He poured some booze into his soda can on the sly and drinks it down. He’s at Linderman Middle School. At Pinehearst High School, Tommy checks out a pretty girl and her jock BF gives him the stink eye and then slams him to the floor.

He goes to use his powers on him but can’t summon them. The guy calls him a wuss. Tommy sees someone crying and hears the Coach Lewis died in a fire last night with six other people. He takes off running. At the police department in Chicago, the bicycle witness talks about the kid who ran into him running from the burned out building. He asks if there’s a reward and the guy takes a penny from a briefcase full of them and spins it towards him and says penny for your thoughts.

The man in the hat walks out and the witness has no memories left for the cop who comes to talk to him. Noah’s fiancée shows up and blathers about their wedding but he’s distracted by a car that’s been lurking outside the dealership. We see the person in the car has some old Primatech files. The car drives off. In Tokyo, Ren comes to a building and knocks on a door then calls out. He hears music and looks around. He takes off his shoes. He opens the door and finds a girl – it’s Miko Otomo.

She asks who he is and he tells her is name and that he’s supposed to be there. He says he’s an expert gamer for Evernow and says he unlocked a secret message in the game that was her address. She says it’s impossible. He sees a scroll and says – Evernow. She kicks him out of her apartment.

A girl approaches Tommy at school and asks if he’s an ice cream junkie or comes to Moe’s because of him. She says they need a new scooper and he should come in since she gets to interview prospects. She apologizes for her BF Brad and says he’s not a tough guy and Tommy says he’s a jerk. She asks if he heard the talk that Coach Lewis might be an Evo. He gets a text message from an unknown person saying not to trust anyone.

Carlos walks with a kid Jose and they talk about El Vengador and he asks if he’s comparing him to an Evo. He tells him about the website called Hero Truther and says someone is taking and maybe killing Evos. He says El Vengador is the only one protecting his neighborhood. Oscar says Jose doesn’t need a caped crusader to idolize when he has Carlos. Oscar and his brother Carlos argue about how Carlos broke their dad’s heart by running off to join the army, hero or not.

Oscar tells him to walk away and says it’s all he’s good at. Noah washes dishes and watches the car out the window. He sees a guy in a hood get out of the car and leaves his fiancée inside and goes to check it out. It’s Quentin Frady and he tells Noah he wants answers about June 13th and says he knows he worked for Primatech. Noah says he sold paper and Quentin says Renautus owned Primatech and says June 13th is just the beginning. He says Noah knows something no one else does.

Noah calls him a truther and asks if he works for Suresh. Quentin says Suresh was a scape goat and had nothing to do it. Quentin says he has a report that Evos are increasing and says they’re here to save us from Renautus. Noah asks where they are and says they’re all gone – hiding or dead. He says he would know if they were there to save them. The fiancée called the cops and Quentin tells Noah that June 13th didn’t happen like he said. Noah says his daughter died that day.

Quentin says there’s something that he need to remember about that day – something they don’t want him to. Ren comes back to see Miko and says she’s just like katana girl and shows her the story from the game. It’s like her life. She tells him to go but he says she’s katana girl. He leaves her the book and says to read it herself. It looks like a manga based on the game. It was written by Hichira Otomo – that’s her last name. She stares at the scroll that Ren said was Evernow.

Noah wakes on the night and goes through a box of stuff in his garage. He sees a card with glasses on it and it says it’s an ophthalmologist. He looks up the business and finds it relocated from Odessa to Dallas. Carlos sits on the roof drinking beer and hears yelling below. He goes to the store and hears news about El Vengador running down gang members. The report says many think El Vengador is an Evo but they’re not sure he’s broken any laws.

We see El Vengador in his mask. He confronts a man with a gun chasing a woman then throws him across the alley. Another thug comes at him and he takes him out too. He’s shot by the woman he thought they were chasing. She raises the gun to shoot her and he filets her with a knife. Police sirens sound and he sees lights and runs off into an alley. Carlos goes back to the garage looking for Oscar and sees a trail of blood. He heads down into the lower bays following the blood trail.

Looks like Oscar is El Vengador. Carlos is stunned. Oscar since June 13th the world went crazy and he’s trying to make a difference. Carlos asks if he has powers. Oscar stands and says they all have secrets. He collapses and Carlos catches him. Oscar says it was a trap and points to a board he’s been keeping. Oscar tells him he needs to watch out for Jose. He says Carlos can put on the mask and be the hero. Carlos says what they say isn’t true but his brother is dead in his arms. Carlos looks at the mask.

Luke and Joanne sit at the ice cream shop. Luke says the kid may not have even seen him and says they need to move on to another. Joanne says the kid has powers so they’re going to LA after the Mexican wrestler after this. Joanne is annoyed that Mohinder took credit for the attack they made and the burning. Tommy is in the office at the ice cream shop for the interview. Emma asks if he can scoop ice cream and he says yes and she says he’s hired.

He notices the card of his that she drew a smiley on and sees Luke. He goes to sit with him and says he can’t believe he made it out alive. He asks Luke what happened. Luke asks Tommy what he thinks happened. He says they shouldn’t talk about it in public. Joanne is there and says – good idea. He goes out with them and Emma notices. She tells Tommy he forgot to try on his uniform and Joanne says they’ll take them both now. Joanne points a gun at Emma.

Tommy ramps up his power and puts his hand out to Joanne who disappears in a portal-like poof and then Luke too. It looks like he teleported them. Tommy sees Joanne’s shocked look and he runs off. Emma follows in her car and asks where he’s going and he says home to pack and leave. He says he was an idiot thinking he could have a normal life. He tells her sorry. She asks where those people went and he says he doesn’t know and it’s the worst power ever. Emma says he saved her life.

She stops the car and runs to him. She says his secret is safe with her. Carlos finds Jose on the roof crying over his dad. Jose asks why didn’t El Vengador stop them and Carlos says maybe he tried. Jose says a hero is no good if he doesn’t help the people who need him most. Carlos tells him he’ll be there for him. Jose says he never got the chance to show his dad. Carlos asks show him what and Jose says he just wants to be alone. Carlos says he’s sorry. He hugs Jose then leaves him on the roof alone.

Jose touches a tile on the roof and then puts his hand through it – it’s like DL’s reach through walls power. In Dallas, Noah comes to the doctor’s office. He asks if he’s ever been there before. The receptionist says she doesn’t think so and he asks her to check her records for a Noah Bennett. She opens a file drawer and then he sees there are no patients on the sign in sheet. He shows her the card he has and says he thinks he has been there before. She puts a gun in his face.

Noah says he knew there was something off about this place. A guy comes out – it’s the Haitian! He tells Noah to meet him at a bench across the street. Miko opens the door and steps into her father’s study. She sees sketches of warriors and some photos of she and her dad. She looks at the manga then looks at the floorboard where the book says she’ll find a sword. There’s a note that says “save me… the sword is the key” and a sword. She pulls the sword out and she’s in a video game.

Attackers come at her and she fights them off with her sword and defeats them easily. The last one she kills says “you will never save him.” Noah sits waiting on the bench and the Haitian, Rene, joins him. He says he left them the last time he saw him and hands Noah an envelope. It’s his HRGs. Noah puts them on and says he didn’t know what he was missing. The Haitian slips a garrote around his neck and chokes Noah who tries to fight him off. He gets the better of him and says Rene’s name.

They grapple for Noah’s gun and Noah sees he’s shot Rene right in the heart. Rene says he told him to. He says he made the perfect plan and says he needed to forget. Noah asks what did he need to forget. Rene says – it’s coming. Then Rene is dead. Noah looks down at Rene and takes his gun then walks off. Mohinder talks about where fear and the quest comes from. He says the future can’t be avoided and says – it’s coming and when it does, everything will change.

A girl is in the Arctic holding her hands up to strange lights in the sky. She says it’s happening faster than they thought and she can’t control it much longer.

In the bathroom of a gas station, Noah washes blood off his hands. He stares into the mirror and stresses. He thinks about what Rene said and wonders what he needed to forget. He can’t remember anything no matter how hard he pushes himself. At Pinehearst high school, on a break, we see Tommy talking to Emma about his powers. He says it’s like being a witch in Salem and says he thinks whatever he touches disappears. He talks about being tested at age seven in a strange place. She asks him to make a flower disappear. She holds it out in her hand. He touches it and it’s gone.

Brad sneaks up and sees them through the window of the school shed. Emma thinks it’s cool. Noah goes to bail out Quentin and says he went to see a friend who tried to kill him. He says whatever he forgot was worth dying to protect and says the place is cleaned out now. He tells Quentin to tell him everything he knows. There’s one of the heroes symbol necklaces hanging on his rear view mirror. Brad tells Tommy he saw what he did and calls him a freak and says he’s turning him in.

Luke and Joanne are in the room that Luke described at Primatech. They can’t get out even when they shoot the walls. That’s where Tommy sent them – Luke says maybe we’re in hell. He says they wouldn’t be there if they let that kid go. Luke and Joanne argue over who’s to blame and Luke tells her to zip it so he can figure out how to get them out of there. In Tokyo, Ren comes looking for Miko and finds the door unlocked. He goes inside and calls out to her.

He asks where she is and steps into the study. He sees a computer and it says – enter the game – and he sees the screen for Evernow. He sees Miko in the game fighting in the street and wielding her sword like a master. She slices a guy in half then fells another. Her father is there and he’s being dragged away by men. He says she’s finally there. Ren sees and puts on headphones and says he’s coming to help. He starts playing from the computer helping her out.

Miko says she has to save her father and leaves him fighting the soldiers while she runs after her dad. Tommy tells Brad he can make him disappear but doesn’t want to. Brad asks how he knows he’s not a radical like Suresh. Tommy says he could have sent him away when he kicked his ass. Brad says if he does something for him, he’ll keep quiet. He tells Tommy to get into the car with him. He does. The man in the hat from the police station watches all this.

Jose eats with Carlos at the garage and he says it’s a good funeral, he guesses. Carlos says his dad was a good man. Jose is called back to the apartment by the priest. He says Oscar told him about the rift between them and asks if they reconciled. Carlos says he doesn’t know. Carlos says he wanted to be known for something else. The priest says they all wear masks and what matters is what’s underneath. The priest says Oscar died standing up for the underdog and to never forget that. The priest knows.

Brad takes Tommy to his house and tells him to make his awful stepfather disappear. He says he’s a monster and Tommy says he doesn’t even know who he is. Brad shows him bruises from where the man beats him and Tommy says he doesn’t know what could happen and it could hurt him. Brad says his mom works two jobs and the jerk sits there all day and beats her. The stepdad yells at Brad who goes to get batteries for the remote. Brad tells Tommy to make him go away.

Tommy stares at the guy and reaches out his hand. He asks him what the hell he’s doing. Tommy gets up and runs outside. The man in the hat sees him running out of the house. Quentin tells Noah he was hired by Renautus and says he was paid to scan papers then started reading them. Noah says he thought he forgot June 13th because of the trauma of the explosion. He says Claire died and he has to know what happened. Quentin asks Noah if Mohinder is capable of mass murder. Noah says no.
Noah says they need to get to his files in Odessa and find Molly Walker because she can find anyone. Ren watches as Miko lands in the area where they’ve taken her dad. She kills the two men and tells her father she’s come to take him home. He says they can’t leave and there’s more to be done there. Her dad floats up in the air and a soldier creeps up behind Miko and hits her hard. She disappears from the game and then reappears in a pixelated haze on the floor in front of Ren.

A woman heads into a bar that has a no Evos sign up. A craps game is going on. Another woman blows on the dice and they land on doubles. She asks the dice thrower if he’s always this lucky. He gives her the dice to blow on again and then throws a seven. The guy notices he’s getting stares and decides to cash out and tells the woman they can go back to his hotel. She agrees. The man in the hat goes to Brad’s door and speaks to the stepfather. He offers him a penny and says to invite him in for a drink.

Carlos drinks and looks at the board of info his brother assembled and then reads a story about Oscar killing three cops as El Vengador. He looks at the newspaper against the board and sees the names match info his brother had. Carlos gives the map a second look. Ren laid Miko on the bed – she’s unconscious but starts to wake. She says everything Ren said was true and says she found the sword under the floor. She says the sword lets her travel there. He’s worried she’ll be killed.

She says she has no choice and says her father left the sword for a reason and says she needs to do a rescue mission. She says her father is all she has. She points to a tower and says that’s where they were taking her dad. She morphs into the game and says to go to the computer and guide her. Zoe, the woman, is at the guy’s hotel room. She checks out the stack of money he won and flirts as he pours the drinks. He toasts and calls her his good luck charm.

He tries to kiss her and she says they both know it wasn’t luck. He denies. She grabs a knife and says he was cheating or has powers. She says she works for the Dragon Lounge and he says beating it doesn’t mean he’s an Evo. She throws the knife and he stops it in mid-air. He says he just needed some fast dough and it won’t happen again. He says the club goons will kill him. Zoe says to give her the money and go. He lights a cigar and she sprays him with hairspray and sets up a fire cloud around him. She runs for the door and out into the hall. He pins her to the wall and chokes her.

He lets her down then throws her down. Hotel guests save her and the other woman from the bar pulls Zoe away and says she doesn’t need to be there. Quentin and Noah pull up at the gates of the Primatech site and they see chain link fence around it and warnings about toxins. Noah says it’s a ruse and drives them through the fence. They get out at the old paper company and it’s rubble all around. Quentin says it’s weird to be back in Odessa and must be weirder for Noah.

Noah says it’s just like Primatech to not fix things up to keep people away. He kicks open a metal grate and drops down into a hallway. Quentin follows and asks what they’re looking for. Noah says he’ll let him know when he finds out. Noah pulls a series of books sideways on a shelf and a secret door opens. He tells Quentin to look for anything on Molly Walker. They get to work. Quentin says he doesn’t think Claire died and he sees a list of people absent from the summit and her name was on the list.
Noah says he doesn’t remember this. He says he remembers arriving that morning then nothing else. Quentin says if she didn’t die here, where did she die and how? He asks what they’re doing with the Evos. Noah slams him against the wall and asks why he’s so interested. Quentin says his sister – he says they took his sister and he couldn’t stop them. Noah lets him go. Quentin says her name is Phoebe Frady and he’s trying to find her.

He tells Noah she could manipulate darkness and Noah says she wasn’t one of his. Quentin says he has reason to believe she didn’t die there and says things don’t add up. Noah says he had a fight with Claire after she came out and he hadn’t spoken to her in four years. Quentin says there may be no answers for him at Primatech but he’ll help Noah who says no more missions and no more secrets. They shake on it. Far below them, Joanne and Luke are still trapped at Primatech.

Joanne asks Luke what they will do after they kill them all and says she knows she can be a harsh task master. Luke asks why there is no light switch in the room. Joanne says what they’re doing is right. Luke says he doesn’t know. He says lots of kids are scared of the dark but there’s not one here. He asks what if the room goes dark and says maybe they’ll see something. Joanne says she’s blood thirsty. Luke grabs her up next to him then shoots out all the lights.

He grabs a chair and bashes out a window they didn’t see before. The glass starts to break. Brad comes looking for Tommy and hugs him. He tells him he’s the man and thanks him. Brad says he and his mom are free and says his stepfather is gone. Brad says he’ll never mess with him and won’t let anyone else mess with him either. He hugs him and says he’s got his back.

The man in the hat watches with interest. Emma sees them hugging and thinks it’s odd.

In East LA, Carlos attacks Officer Pakowski and asks why he lied about what happened in the alley. He bears him and the guy finally says it was Captain Dearing. Taylor takes Zoe to a bar and introduces herself then gets her a beer and ice for her head. Zoe tells her she’s got people looking for her and the money in that room was what she needed to disappear. Taylor says she can write her a check and says she has more money than she needs and understands the need to disappear.

Zoe says it must be nice not to have to worry about money and Taylor says the money is no good with strings attached. She tells Zoe she wishes she could live like her without a safety net. Carlos goes to see the priest and holds up the mask. He tells the priest about Oscar’s lair. The priest says Oscar set up an underground railroad and thought someone in the LAPD was hunting them. He tells him the name Dearing. The priest says he has Evos that need to hide out at Oscar’s room before they get on a boat.

Then the priest shows off some Evo powers and comes through the confessional screen like a man made of smoke. Emma and Tommy talk and he says he didn’t make Brad’s stepdad disappear but he’s gone. Tommy says he’s been getting texts from someone who’s trying to protect him and saved him from the fire. Emma unpacks some ice cream and they see the flower he sent away. He says he was thinking about the first time he saw her and the ice cream he had.

Emma says maybe he send people to the place he’s thinking about. She asks what he was thinking about when he sent those people away and he says he thought he was being kidnapped again and thought of the place they took him. Joanne and Luke escape and find a room. A guy comes in eating a donut and they drag him out then shoot a bunch of people in a control room. Noah and Quentin hear the shots and he tells Quentin to wat in the car. He goes back in with gun drawn.

Joanne and Luke got off an elevator and go down a hall. Noah gets in the elevator and goes downstairs to where they were and sees all the carnage. Joanne and Luke noticed there were observation chairs. He sees a sign that says Molly Walker, data lost. Noah runs to Stephens who is near death. He says they figured out a way to save the world by monetizing the Evos. Stephens says Epic launches tomorrow and they need Molly Walker. Then Stephens dies before he can tell him any more.

Carlos welcomes Sylvia and Damon, two Evos, who are with the priest. The priest tells them the tunnel will take them to the harbor. The woman makes him a lump of gold from a lug nut and says it’s 24 karat and is a token of her gratitude. Carlos looks at his brother’s super her outfit. Joanne and Luke stole Noah’s car and they see it’s a list of all the Evos. Joanne says they can get all the freaks. Luke looks at the necklace on the mirror and asks whose car this is. She says – who cares.

Joanne touches his hand. Noah finds Quentin shot and he says a couple stole the car. Noah says a product is being launched tomorrow called Epic by Renautus and Molly Walker’s power works it. Noah says they have to get to Midian to save Molly. Zoe wakes and finds herself back in the room with Taylor and the Evo. She asks who he is. Taylor says she’s the trust fund baby that hustled her. The guy makes a call and says – we’ve got Molly Walker – Zoe is Molly!

Miko is in the game and in the tower. When she’s surrounded, she slides her sword back in the sheath and then she’s in the real tower surrounded by real life guards. She fights them off and takes them all down.

To be continued…