Supernatural Recap 12/9/15 Season 11 Fall Finale “O Brother Where Art Thou?”

Supernatural Recap 12/9/15 Season 11 Fall Finale "O Brother Where Art Thou?"

Supernatural continues tonight on the CW with an all new Wednesday December 9, season 11 fall finale called “O Brother Where Art Thou?,” and we have your weekly recap below. On tonight’s episode, Amara (Emily Swallow) unleashes her power on local townspeople and issues a shocking challenge. Dean (Jensen Ackles) tries to better understand the hold Amara has on him, while Sam (Jared Padalecki) and Crowley (Mark A. Sheppard) come up with a plan that could have disastrous consequences.

On the last episode, Sam was shocked when his imaginary childhood friend, Sully, made an unexpected appearance. Sam tried to understand why he was seeing Sully now. Even more surprising, Dean could see him too. Flashbacks revealed young Sam’s friendship with Sully and why he needed him. Did you watch the last episode? If you missed it, we have a full and detailed recap right here for you.

On tonight’s episode as per the CW synopsis, “Amara (guest star Emily Swallow) unleashes her power on the local townspeople as she issues a shocking challenge. Dean (Jensen Ackles) tries to better understand the hold Amara has on him, while Sam (Jared Padalecki) and Crowley (Mark Sheppard) come up with a plan that could have disastrous consequences.”

Tonight’s season 11 episode 9 looks like it is going to be great and you won’t want to miss it, so be sure to tune in for our live coverage of CW’s Supernatural at 9:00 PM EST! In the meantime, enjoy a sneak peek of tonight’s episode below for your enjoyment!

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#Supernatural begins with a preacher at a fountain talking on a megaphone about repenting. Amara lurks nearby – she’s all grown. Amara asks if he thinks God is really watching. He says yes and only the chosen will go to heaven. She says God is not around.

The man says face God’s wrath if you don’t want to face destruction. He says only God can bring justice. She turns the water of the fountain to blood then brings down clouds. The man asks if she’s God and is testing them. She says God is not the only game in town.

She raises her hands and people are struck by lightning that sets them on fire. The preacher dies last. The fountain goes back to water. Amara looks around at their smoldering skeletons. One holds a sign that says “the end is near.” She says, you wish…

Then she looks up at the sky and says, well? Sam looks around and he’s scared – Lucifer is there. He touches Sam’s face gently. Then Sam is back from his vision and asks God if this is what he really wants. A bush lights on fire nearby.

Sam later argues with Dean and says he asked God for more information and he gave more details. He says Lucifer is no longer the biggest monster – Lucifer is. Sam says Lucifer touched him in the vision and he felt calm. Dean says this is a dumb idea.

He asks why God would ask this and what proof do they have that it’s real. Sam tells him about the burning bush. Dean says sometimes bushes burn. Dean says maybe this is real, maybe it’s not. Sam says Lucifer would know how God ended the Darkness since he was there.

Sam and Dean go talk to Crowley and ask if this is possible. Crowley says the cage is not up for discussion. Dean says the Darkness will come for Crowley too. Dean reminds him it didn’t go well for him with Amara and Crowley calls Dean her boyfriend.

Crowley asks why she spared him and what they are to each other. Dean says she’s God’s sister. Crowley is shocked God might have relatives and can’t believe he let her loose. Dean asks if Lucifer can meet with Sam. Sam says it has to be in the cage.

Crowley says there may be a way. We see Lucifer’s cage and he’s inside it. Lightning strikes all around. Crowley tells them putting Sam into the cage is a nice idea. He says they need a secure site where they can neutralize Lucifer’s powers.

Crowley says it has to be in hell. Crowley tells Dean to calm down and says it’s theoretically possible. He says he can get Sam into hell but can’t get into the cage which was sealed by God – he has no key. He says the mechanism is made by divine powers.

He says he thinks the answers are in the book of the damned. At a church, a pastor greets parishioners. Amara sits in a pew and she asks if he’s in charge then says she’s looking for God. He says they all are. She says she needs an actual meeting. He says prayer is how to reach him.

He tells Amara to try it. She puts her hands together and closes her eyes. She says it’s not working. The pastor says of course he heard him. She asks if she’s seen God and he says no one alive has. She says only dead people get to see him. The pastor nods.

She asks how this makes sense to humans and he says it’s faith then offers her a Bible. She says he has no idea what God is like. The pastor says God is the light and it vanquishes the Darkness. She looks at the Bible in her hand.

Crowley has Rowena brought in – she’s in chains. She asks Fergus if he thinks he’s won. She says her followers will come for him. He says she’s a lying bitch. He says if he wanted her dead, she would be. She reminds him he’s tried and he says she tried to kill him twice.

She says third time’s the charm. The doors open and Sam and Dean come in. She says he can’t hand her over to them. Dean says they have bigger problems and she says the force set free has generated whispers. Dean says they all might know something about corking it up.

Rowena asks what happens to her once the danger is gone. Crowley says it’s a devil’s bargain. Some angels meet and talk about saving heaven from a takeover. He says the Darkness has a plan for all of God’s creations. He wants to take out Amara.

The other angels say that God has to make this right since he locked Amara away. The other angel says tell him when you see him then says God is not around. He says God locked her up and says she will try and tear apart everything God made.

He says they all have to stand united and move now against the Darkness. Rowena is stunned to hear that the Darkness is God’s sister. Crowley says that’s why it’s so urgent. She asks what’s in it for her. Dean says her life. Crowley offers her a deal.

He says if she helps, he’ll call off his assassins for now. She says she needs the Codex and code breaker that Charlie provided. She asks what’s in the cage and Sam tells her it’s Lucifer. She says the original dark prince. Dean says God put him in that cage personally.

Rowena says let’s do this. Wind blows out the candles in the church. The statues are broken, the parishioners lie dead and battered and bloody. Amara sucks the soul out of the pastor then throws him aside. She looks up at the stained glass and says – do you see what’s happening.

She says all your chosen are suffering – she screams, show yourself. Later, Dean calls Sam from the scene at the church. Sam oversees Rowena’s work and is all over her. Dean says the cops told him that there was a mystery woman at the church who survived.

He says the place is a massacre. Dean asks if he’s okay with all this and Sam says no, but they have no choice. Dean says he hates this and says don’t do anything until he gets her. Sam says it’s just research right now. Rowena says she’s still in chains and there’s no trust.

Sam says no way will he set her free then asks if she thinks he’s crazy. She says he has unresolved issues with his domineering older brother and abandoning father. He says get back to work. Rowena says summon Fergus and tell him to bring a handcart since they’re going to hell.

She says she just needs a few ingredients. Dean comes out of the church and looks around when he gets a funny feeling. He goes to a nearby park and sees kids playing, people walking and still feels off. A guy offers him a hot dog and he says yeah.

Dean ignores a call from Sam and turns to see Amara standing there. He lets the phone keep ringing as he walks over to her. Rowena says it’s time to do this but he says he told Dean he’d call. She says it’s now or never. Amara says Dean came because he felt her presence.

She touches him and then he’s in another place – where there’s mountains and a lake. He says, you grew up. He asks if this is her now. She says at least for today. Rowena, Crowley and Sam walk down a hall of hell. Crowley says she has no idea what Lucifer is capable of.

Rowena says if he can’t stand the heat, get out of hell. Crowley says this is limbo where he sends unruly souls for time out. He says it’s very secure.

Crowley says he’s the king of this place and it’s still not his cup of tea but Sam says it suits him – dark, empty… Crowley says he appreciates the contempt while he’s helping them again. Sam says this is helping all of them.

Rowena readies her spell and Crowley asks if she can do this without opening the cage. She says they’ll find out. She chants and some runes light up. Flames lights up and she says – let’s have a go at the cage as it appears before them in a square of fire. She chants some more.

Crowley says, it begins. Amara says Dean misunderstands her purpose on earth. He says she butchered people and she says she has to get God’s attention. She says she tried praying then calling out and he ignored her and so forced her hand. She says she has no other reason to harm his chosen.

She says her issue is with her brother, not his creations. Dean says that’s her mess and between them and she’s taking souls. She says the people aren’t gone, they’re a part of her now and says they’ll live forever now. Sam faces the cage. It looks empty.

The flames around it soar higher. Someone appears inside the cage. The man inside has glowing red eyes. He comes to the bars of the cage and says, my old friend Crowley who says he’s an acolyte carrying his torch. Lucifer insults him then asks what they want.

Sam steps in front of him. Lucifer whispers Sam’s name and calls him his old roomie then asks if he wants to hug it out. Lucifer asks why the meeting and he asks if he’s up for parole with time off for bad behavior. He says he doesn’t get visitors.

Sam says there’s a crisis topside. Rowena is lusting for Lucifer and Crowley tells her to stop drooling as she calls him alpha. Sam asks Lucifer about the Darkness and Lucifer says he knows what she was. Sam says she’s loose on Earth.

Lucifer asks how that happened. Sam doesn’t answer that but says she poses a risk to all of us even Lucifer. He then asks, where’s God in all of this. Sam says no one knows and Lucifer asks if God skipped town then says it figures.

Sam says God reached out to an interested party then admits it’s him. He says he answered his prayers and Lucifer is intrigued. He asks what Dad suggested and Sam says he was guided to seek him out. Lucifer laughs then says who’d have thunk it.

Amara tells Dean she can see mistrust in his eyes and doesn’t blame him. She says the propaganda endures. She says God was so threatened by her and that she would make a more perfect creation so exiled her then passed down lies about her.

She says God encouraged creations of religion to feed his ego. Dean says some people find the Golden Rule comforting and says it is his universe. She asks what if there was no pain, no prayer, just bliss. She says like the feeling he has when he’s with her.

She says everyone could feel that forever. Sam and Lucifer chat and Crowley and Rowena struggle to hear. Lucifer says he gets why Sam came and says you have to do what God said. Sam asks if he’s on board. Lucifer says he helped Dad seal up the darkness all those years ago.

He says he sees why pop is laying low on this one. Crowley hopes Sam doesn’t cut a deal with Lucifer. Rowena says sometimes it’s the only option. Lucifer says with sis here, God is not the only circus in town. He says Amara has the same power as God but lacks the experience.

He says God is a master strategist and that’s why he sent Sam to get him to help put the cat back in the bag. Lucifer says he has to let him out to do this. Sam asks if he wants a vessel and he says one who’s close, available and strong enough to close him. He asks if he catches his drift.

Dean asks what’s in it for Amara giving the peace she’s offering. She says she was the beginning and will be the end and all that there is. He says that would make her God. She says no. She says God was the light and she’s the dark. Dean pulls out a dagger where she can’t see.

He says then what and she says that’s all he needs to know. He goes to stab her and the blade shatters and she says he had to know that was pointless. She says he’s a warrior and his instinct is to resist but she can’t be resisted.

She touches his face and it looks like she’s going to suck out his soul but she kisses him instead. He kisses back. Sam asks Lucifer if he expects him to agree to give up his body to him. Lucifer tells Sam he knows it’s a lot to ask but these are desperate times.

Lucifer tells him to calm down and reminds him he’s been working with Crowley and passed crazy three exits ago. He says he’s ready to pitch in then asks Sam why God sent him. He says the visions were the word of God and he can’t say no to that.

Dean steps back from Amara and asks what that was. She says the future and the inevitable result of their first meeting. She says they both felt it – they’re bonded. He set her free and he says it was an accident but she calls it destiny.

She shows him the mark of Cain on her bosom and says they will be together. He says no but she says they will become one then asks why he wouldn’t want that. The angels are there and they tell her to surrender to the judgment of heaven.

She says tell God to come fetch her himself. The angels tell her the angels will unite to smite her in a single blow. Dean cautions them. One angel steps forward and Amara takes him out then another steps out and she makes him stab himself with a killing blade.

He’s down. The third she explodes in a cloud of dust. Dean asks what she’s done. Lightning and thunder start overhead and Dean says they’re coming to smite her. She says maybe now, he’ll hear her. She poofs Dean away with a sad look on her face.

Then she raises her arms to face the angels. She’s hit by a wave of golden light and it looks like there’s a explosion. Dean is back in the park and looks around in shock. Lucifer presses Sam to decide. Sam says no, he won’t do it. He says there must be another way.

The glowing runes begin to go out. The flames around the cage die out and Crowley gets nervous that the warding failed. Rowen tells Fergus to come with her. Sam is no win the cage with Lucifer who asks if he missed him.

Sam says this is how God told him it would be so he has to go with it. Lucifer says it would make sense if it was God talking to him. He says when Darkness came, the cage was weakened and he reached out. He says it wasn’t God inside his head, but him.

Lucifer says God is not with you and never has been. He says it was all him. Sam shakes his head. Lucifer says that makes him Sam’s only hope. Sam says no again. Lucifer says settle in and then calls him roomie. He asks if he wants the upper bunk, lower bunk or if he wants to share.