The Following Recap – Strauss Composes a Sinister Symphony: Season 3 Episodes 4 & 5 “Home/A Hostile Witness”

The Following Recap - Strauss Composes a Sinister Symphony: Season 3 Episodes 4 & 5 "Home/A Hostile Witness"

Tonight on FOX their hit psychological thriller, The Following returns with an all new Monday, March 23 season 3 episode 4 & 5 called “Home; A Hostile Witness,” and we have your weekly recap below. On tonight’s episode, a tip received by the FBI may scuttle Mark, [Sam Underwood] Kyle [Hunter Parrish] and Daisy’s [Ruth Kearney] plan to go after Ryan, [Kevin Bacon] but a snag during an important trial causes the agency to muster its forces to track a missing person. With the team broken up, Ryan turns to a former enemy to help battle a greater foe.

On the last episode after a devastating loss, Ryan, Weston and Max aimed to hunt down who was responsible and made them pay, leading Ryan to take a risk with deadly consequences. Meanwhile, Mark questioned the loyalty of Kyle (guest star Hunter Parrish) and Daisy (guest star Ruth Kearney), causing tensions to rise amongst the group. Did you watch last week’s episode? If you missed it, we have a full and detailed recap right here for you.

On tonight’s episode per the FOX synopsis, “as Mark, Kyle (guest star Hunter Parrish) and Daisy (guest star Ruth Kearney) plan to make a personal attack on Ryan, the FBI receives a tip leading them to a secret location, which gives them a leg up in the case. Then, on the day of an important trial, things go awry, causing the FBI to split up to hunt down a missing person. With his team breaking apart, Ryan enlists the help of a former enemy to defeat a greater one.”

Tune in at 9PM on FOX for another exciting episode of THE FOLLOWING! We’ll be blogging it right here for you so check back in with us. In the meantime, hit up the comments and tell us your thoughts on the third season of the show!

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#TheFollowing starts with Kyle and Daisy catching up with Reggie and telling him they heard about him from Marisol. Reggie chats with them as they tell him they were high school sweethearts too. He asks how they know Marisol and they tell him they don’t and they’re sorry but it has to look like accident. They throw him in front of an oncoming car then walk off smiling. Max is moving Gwen’s stuff in and says he wants her to be happy there. She says she wants to redo the bedroom.

She apologizes when she sees there are liquor in some boxes and he says it’s okay it won’t make him fall off the wagon. Max wakes to see Tom getting dressed. He says he’s got to go home and change before work but says he made coffee. She kisses him and sends him off. She locks her door back and then notices a Polaroid on her counter. It’s from the wedding of all of them looking happy. Daisy watches her on the video camera and Kyle says by tonight, Max will be devastated.

They watch her undress and Daisy asks if he thinks Max’s body is better but he says no way. Mark lurks outside their door listening and when Kyle comes out he says he was just checking in on the big night tonight. Kyle says he needn’t tag along but Mark says it’s a three man job since it’s a lot of killing. He says he’s going to make cookies and Daisy says she’ll come down and help. They wonder if Mark heard but Daisy says it won’t matter after tomorrow.

At the Federal Building, Mike comes to chat with his boss. She says she was looking at his overseas evaluations and says they said he was reckless. He promises he won’t cross any lines despite his personal stake in this. Ryan says they may have a break and says someone called in about a couple named Kyle and Daisy. Gina tells Ryan to take Max and leave Mike there. They head to Ohio to follow up the lead on the evil couple.

They head inside the house and see a standard looking home. Max says it’s too perfect like a show hours. Ryan says if they are Mark’s followers they may be leading a double life. They hear a noise and see dirty boots. They head outside and see a pile of dug up dirt. They follow a trail out into the woods and then Ryan steps on a hollow sounding thing and finds a trap door. He pulls it open and they head down inside. They see two chairs and mannequins with bloody spots on them.

Ryan say they’re souvenirs. They hear leaves rustling and rush out. There’s a young girl named Emily Hays there. She says she was dog sitting for Daisy and Kyle and asks if everything is okay. Emily calls Daisy and says their dog got hit by a car. The FBI traces the signal. She says she took her to the vet and says she thinks the dog is in surgery now. Daisy says something isn’t right and Kyle takes the phone. He asks if she’s alone. She says yes. He tells her not to lie and asks if the FBI is there.

Ryan takes the phone and says he loves their house – too bad they won’t see it again. Kyle says home is where the heart is and he has his heart with him. Ryan says jail isn’t coed and says they’re headed for a cemetery. Ryan says to protect his wife by turning themselves in. Kyle says they’re gearing up to hit he and his hot niece where they live and tells him to have a nice life. He ends the Kyle and tells a panicked Daisy, they’ll finish this and then start their new life. She calms down.

Ryan and Max run out of their house and head back to NYC. Daisy sounds the buzzer at a firehouse and is let in. She brought cookies and she tells the one guy she came to see him more so than the other guys. With him distracted, Mark and Kyle head inside. They kill the firemen one by one with a knife, then an ax and then Daisy attacks last but the guy gets the better of her. Mark comes in and finishes him off. Daisy thanks him.

They pull information from a book and Mark tells them to go on without him. He says he’ll meet them back at the house and they have no choice but to go. Mark puts his hand in a puddle of blood and then puts it on a photo that’s hanging on the wall with Max’s dad and her in it. An alarm rings and a dispatcher calls for the firemen to respond to a call. Mark walks out. Later, Ryan and Max show up to the slaughter at the fire house. Gina and Mike are already there.

The blood on the wall says – heroes die while you lie. Gina says four are dead. Ryan hangs his head. Max looks at the photos on the wall and the bloody handprint. Max tells Mike she spent her childhood there. Her dad worked at that firehouse and says he let her come by every day after school. Ryan tells Max he’s taking her home. They walk out. Mike says firefighters are the heart of New York and says this will hit the city hard. Gina says they’ll want to know why.

Daisy and Mark meet Julianna and complain that their lives just blew up. She says she gets that they’re upset but says they will be taken care of as long as they fulfill their end. Kyle says they need money and passports. She says that’s all promised as long as “it” looks like a suicide. They leave the car and head out. They leave and she looks sort of sad and thoughtful. Ryan comes home nad looks at the bottles of hooch in his cabinet. Gwen comes in and asks if he’s okay.

She says Gina called her about the threats. He says he’s worried about Max but she’s worried about him. Gwen says she thinks Gina is worried he’s not telling the truth about what happened. She says he can tell her anything and she can handle it. Ryan says he knows but there’s nothing to tell. He kisses her. Max sits drinking when there’s a knock at her door. She checks and sees it’s Mike and lets him in then thanks him for coming. She offers him a drink. He accepts.

He says he was surprised she called. She says Tom wouldn’t understand what this feels like. She says she’s so angry that it scares her. Daisy watches them on the camera. Kyle watches when she says it’s getting good. Mike says the feelings will still be there when she wakes up and Max says she was too quick to judge him. She says what he did was wrong but she should have been there to help him through it all. He says he misses her. Max steps close and kisses him. Max steps back and then Mike kisses her and walks her to the bedroom undressing. Kyle and Daisy start making out while they watch.

Mark watches the news about the firefighters and blaming Mark Gray for the killings. Mark grins and laughs. Kyle and Daisy come in and Mark says it’s working and the news is now questioning Ryan Hardy finally. They tell him they’re going out for air but Mark says it’s a bad idea. They tell him it will be fine and offer to get him something. Mark doesn’t like the way Kyle pats his arm and he stares after them suspiciously. His brother Luke says he can’t trust them.

Luke advises him to find out what they’re up to before it’s too late. Mark goes to toss their room. Gina comes and tells Ryan that the press made the connection between him and his brother’s fire house. The tech shows a traffic camera that caught someone who looks like Daisy and Mark leaving a brownstone and they send out units. Mark finds their laptop and turns it on. He sees Max sleeping beside Mike. Mike tells her good morning and she acts all awkward. She says she doesn’t do this.

Mike says she called him for a reason but she says it was the wrong reason. Mark listens in as Max says no breakfast. She wants him to leave and throws his clothes at him. He gets dressed. Mark is transfixed. Max says Tom deserves better and Mike says maybe Tom deserves the truth. Mike says this wasn’t a mistake and says they’re real and she knows it. Max’s phone rings spoiling the moment. She says it’s Tom. She asks if she can call him back and he says they found Mark’s safe house and are rolling it.

Mark sees Mike and Max talking about the address and that gives him a few moments heads up. He screams no and panics. The FBI kicks in the door and moves in. They clear the rooms one by one. Tom sees the laptop and then runs the feed back and sees Max and Mike making love. He takes the laptop with him and calls clear on the room. Ryan sees a mirror on a mannequin at the table. Mark made it out and is walking away down the street.

There’s a vigil at the street side for Reggie – the kid they killed. They sit nearby. There are crying young people and she says emotions are heightened when you’re that young. Kyle reminds her they were married at that age and Daisy says they had a baby on the way. She asks where he would have ended up if they hadn’t met. He says living in a trailer park with four kids then laughs. He asks if she ever wishes they had a normal life but she says that’s boring.

Kyle tells her they’ll be okay and she says she knows. Her cell phone vibrates. She says it’s Mark again and says that’s the third time. Mark is calling them again and again in a panic and cursing when he doesn’t get them. Luke speaks up and says those two have their own agenda. Mark says they’re helping but Luke asks if they told him about the cameras in Max’s apartment. Luke says they probably tipped off the FBI. Mark tells Luke to shut up. Luke says Mark needs to take care of himself.

Ryan sits and looks in the mirror. Gina comes in and says it’s disturbing. He says Mark is dissembling. Tom says there are two bodies in the basement – local news people. Max and Mike comes in and Tom says he tried to call her last night. She says she took a sleeping pill and he says she deserved a night of rest. She says she has to get to work. Marisol badges herself into her dorm. Daisy and Kyle follow – using a badge he stole from the firehouse.

Mike says they have a map and plans for the firehouse murders. Max sees something from a fire house go bag. They also find a class schedule and realize their next murder subject is on the college campus. Kyle and Daisy come into Marisol’s dorm room and tell her they’re friends of Reggie’s and were with him when he died. Ryan and Max speed toward the college. She says they found the student – Marisol Masters whose boyfriend died in a car accident.

Daisy is writing a suicide note. They have Marisol tied up. Daisy says life without her man wouldn’t be worth living. Marisol cries. Mike says Marisol isn’t answering her phone. Ryan asks why they’re targeting this girl. Daisy has the note ready to go on her tablet. Marisol tries to scream through her gag but they silence her. They have an origami fortune teller and tell her to pick a color but she won’t so Daisy chooses pink. Kyle opens it and says it’s jump off the roof. They drag her out.

The cops pull up to the dorm in force. Max joins HRT and Ryan and Mike head through the front. They see her room is empty and see the stairwell is propped open. They call for backup and each head up one side of the stairs. On the roof, they each have their guns out. They look around. Daisy whacks Mike with a metal pole and he nearly falls off the roof. He screams for help. He’s hanging by a hand. Ryan spots Kyle and tells him to stop it.

Tom gets to the roof and hears Mike screaming for help. He goes over and just looks down at him but when Max comes to the roof he has no choice but to reach down to save him. Kyle stabs the girl and jumps into a construction trash chute. Ryan calls for EMTs and tells them where Kyle ran off to. Daisy has Kyle in the car – Ryan hit him with a shot and she’s panicking because of all the blood. He tries to calm her. He’s fading and bleeding out. She tries to call Juliana but gets voice mail.

Then she calls Mark. He takes the call from a men’s room. She says she tried to call and he says she sold him out. She says the FBI will not make a deal with them and he should know that. She says Kyle has been shot and she needs to get him somewhere safe. She begs him for help but Luke says not to do it. Luke says no. Mark says yes. He says he’ll text her an address. Mike tells Ryan that there’s no sign of Daisy and Kyle and the campus is on lockdown. They still don’t know why they were targeting Marisol. Max says Marisol posted a Facebook suicide note half an hour ago.

Mike says none of this fits their MO. They scroll through her Facebook page and Ryan says Judge Wallace is her mother and she’s the presiding judge in the Strauss murder case. We see Juliana going in to see Strauss. Max, Mike and Ryan brainstorm and conclude this is about Stauss’ trial and calling in the FBI credibility will help him. Juliana tells Strauss they’ve had a setback. He’s not pleased.

Strauss is led out of the prison to the transport bus to go to the courthouse. He is loaded on the bus and is surprised to see that Ryan is there. Strauss asks if his lawyer knows about this and Ryan says he’s not officially there and tells him that his plan with his students failed. Strauss plays dumb and Ryan says his fate is already sealed and he’ll never go back to mentoring killers from his comfortable mansion. He says the world will see him for the pathetic little psychopath he is.

Strauss says the truth is a weapon that’s just as likely to blow up in Ryan’s face. Strauss says he’ll see him in court. Mark watches the TV news while Daisy tends to Kyle. She says she thinks his wound is infected and Mark says getting shot is no joke. She asks for help and says they need medical supplies. He tells her to go get them but she says she doesn’t want to leave him. She says she can’t live with herself if something happened to Kyle while she was gone.

She tells Mark she knows he understands. He puts on his hat to go out and she thanks him. When Mark is gone, Kyle sits up and she says he could still get an infection but he says he’s not letting her do this alone. They look to make sure that Mark really left and he pops a couple of aspirin and some booze. Kyle says they just need to keep it together for one more day then they’ll have a new life. He says they have to go meet Juliana. Mark lurks on the street watching and Luke says he told him so.

Mark says he’s stupid and thought they were friends. Luke says he’s not stupid, just has a big heart. He tells him to toughen up and find out what they’re up to. He follows them at a distance. Tom sits down in a locked room to look through the lap top he stole. He’s called into the conference room and hastily shuts the laptop. He reopens it and calls Max then watches her on the screen. Juliana meets Daisy and Kyle and she says this is outside their comfort zone.

Juliana says there is no room for mistakes but Kyle says they want what they were promised. She says if they succeed, they will get everything they want and more. They drive off the van with whatever she gave them in it. Mark lurks and checks out Juliana. Ryan tells the group they need to be on high alert today. He tells them they circulated photos of the three around the courthouse. Gina says Ryan will testify first then the reporter Carrie Cook. Ryan thinks about being with her before.

Gina says she’s staying at a hotel nearby with a private security team and the Marshals are moving her. Mike says they still can’t find a link between Daisy, Kyle and Strauss. Gina says to pull Strauss’ visitor logs and check them all. Ryan says Strauss is the father of serial killers and theere will be hell to pay if he gets loose in the world. Mark follows Juliana all the way to the court house where there is a huge assembly of cops and press. He hides his face and creeps closer.

He sees her walk up the side and into the court room then sees Ryan gets out and head inside with the press harassing him. Mark lurks behind a news van and hears them talking about Strauss’ trial. Max finds out it’s mostly Strauss’ legal team that visited him but she says to dig deeper. Mike tells Max they need to talk. She says nothing has changed because he chose hunting Mark over her. Sheila tells Ryan he’s going to get a work out on the stand. She says the blood writing on the wall will be a problem.

Ryan says he’s ready and she says he better bet. Daisy is faking part of the Marshal security detail and tases a guard. She and Kyle are careful and check the monitors. They look at the feeds on Carrie Cook’s room while Kyle takes out the guard. He says now is the hard part. Ryan takes the stand and is sworn in. He talks about being attacked with Carrie Cook and says Strauss held them captive and confessed to harboring Joe Carroll. He says Strauss told a follower to attack Carrie.

He says he was parked outside when he heard Carrie screaming. The defense lawyer says that scream is the only justification for entering without a warrant. Over at the hotel, Kyle tells the guy that he caught the girl the feds want. When the guy is distracted, they shoot him. They kiss and then use his key card to open the door. The lawyer says Ryan came in without a warrant and then Strauss was disappeared rendition style. He says his client’s due process rights were abridged.

He asks if Ryan was sleeping with Carrie Cook when the alleged attack happened. Then he brings up the fire house massacre and then brings up Jeffrey’s video tape. The prosecutor says the confession was clearly coerced. The defense lawyer then says they have an email between Clarke and Director Franklin after Strauss’ arrest. He says it just came into possession and says the state withheld it. He says it was from Clarke’s personal laptop.

The lawyer says he has Clarke’s wife Anna who will vouch for it as well. He asks Ryan to read the email out loud. He doesn’t. The lawyer reads that Clarke is worried that Ryan is out of control and has a personal vendetta against him and says he thinks he illegally bugged his home. Ryan says Carrie was screaming. Ryan says Clarke didn’t write this and the lawyer says they only have his “good” word on this. The prosecutor asks for a break. She asks if they planted a bug.

She says all she can do is put Carrie up there and hopes him sleeping with her doesn’t prejudice the jury. The AUSA says they’re having trouble locating Carrie. The defense lawyer says that’s convenient. He says they’re stalling. Ryan leaves the room. The defense lawyer moves for an immediate dismissal. The judge gives them an hour to turn her up. Strauss looks pleased. Juliana sits cool in the courtroom. Ryan heads over to the hotel where Carrie was staying. There’s no guards and no blood obvious.

He calls out to her. She’s not there. He thinks back to the first time they were together – it was after he saved her. Mike shows up with Max. Max says the security company lost contact. Ryan sniffs and says he smells bleach. He asks for a black light. They draw the shades and find some blood on the rug. Ryan says they cleaned up the blood. Mike asks where the bodies are. Ryan says if there are bodies, the judge won’t dismiss the case. Max says the whole security system was disabled.

She says a guy in the kitchen saw a laundry van. They call into the FBI and get an update on the van’s location. They roll out in a hurry. The tech says it pulled into a Navy yard five minutes ago. They find the van burning and Ryan runs for the ban. He opens the door and flames pour out. Mike pushes him away from it. Ryan says Daisy and Kyle could still be close. They split up to look for them. We see a body in the van burning. Ryan finds a blood trickle on the asphalt.

Kyle asks Daisy if everything was in the van. Daisy says they did it just like Juliana said and now they’re free. She touches Kyle and says he’s bleeding. Ryan sneaks up on them. Daisy sees him and they go running. They run into an old building but then hit a fence. Kyle boosts her and then tries to climb but his wound is making it impossible. He tells her to run and she says she won’t and can’t do it alone. He says she’s strong and can do it. She runs off and he pulls a knife and faces Ryan.

He says it’s Carrie’s blood and says innocent people’s blood comes out darker. Ryan says to get on his knees. Kyle runs at him to make him shoot him. Daisy hears and cries. Kyle says her name in his dying breath. She runs. Ryan calls the courthouse and says Carrie Cook was murdered with her security team. She says it’s too late and says Wallace dismissed the case and Strauss walked 20 minutes ago.

Back at the FBI, they watch the news and see how smug Strauss is. He says it’s justice that he walked out free. Ryan breaks a window. Gina tells them to get into her office now. She shows them that Clarke’s email was there. Mike says someone must have hacked. Gina says the DOJ has opened an investigation. Gina says Director Franklin told her to suspend them as soon as she saw them and says she doesn’t plan to see them until tomorrow.

She says to go connect Daisy to Strauss but they have no support. Juliana is followed. She notices and gets creeped out. She starts to hurry. She goes to her apartment and enters the security code then runs inside and to the elevator. Mark is at the door. She panics. He pulls at the door and rattles it. He gets it open just as she gets on the elevator. The doors close and he just misses it. The elevator stops on her floor and she gets out carefully. She runs to her apartment with her keys out. He’s there and is on her.

Max says Strauss is nowhere and his lawyers aren’t talking. Gwen comes in and finds the three working. Ryan says it’s their secret club house. She says in court today she felt like he wasn’t honest with her but says it’s not the right time to talk now. He says once it’s done she can ask him anything. Mike says he thinks the payoff is Juliana, a paralegal on Strauss’ team who just paid off 100k in debt. They head to her place.

Mark has the iron plugged in at her place and is making it hiss steam. He says he likes ironing and asks if she does. He asks about Daisy, Kyle and Strauss. She says there were his students that he trained. He asks if Andrew was too. She nods. He asks why even pretend to help him if it was all about Strauss getting off. Juliana says Andrew said he was the perfect patsy. She says with him involved with Ryan Hardy, the FBI could look bad.

She says she had no idea what she was into until it was too late. Mark grabs the iron and holds it toward her face. She cries and begs him not to. She gets a call from Maggie and says the FBI is at her office. Mark says he’s not the only one who knows about her and Strauss and says he needs to hurry this up. He stops then says he can kill two birds with one stone. He demands to know where Strauss is but she says if she tells he’ll kill her.

Mark says it’s a matter of how bad it will hurt. He hisses the iron at her and she cries some more weakly. Ryan, Max and Mike get to Juliana’s place and find her dead with iron marks on her face. Mike thinks Strauss is covering his tracks. Strauss it packing a briefcase of cash and passports when Daisy show sup. She says Kyle is dead and it’s his fault. She pulls a knife but he gets it away. He says Kyle was a good man but not the brightest. He says she helped so he should keep his word.

He says the idea of going on without him must be difficult. Strauss says she has a choice. He can end her pain now and she and Kyle can be reunited in the afterlife if she believes in that. He says or she can leave the country with him to a non-extradition country. Daisy chooses Strauss and he says that’s the spirit. He hugs her and smiles. Max says she’s in her history and looked up directions to a pier. Ryan thinks she did it before she died but they’re curious.

Strauss asks if she’s ever traveled by ship and says they’re going on a Ukranian cargo ship. The trioe pulls up at the pier to check it out just in case. They see two people leave the trailer. They try to run but they have them cornered. Ryan says he likes the look on Strauss’ face. Strauss says he has students everywhere that make Joe Carroll’s followers look like amateurs. He says if he goes back to jail, they all die. Mark is lurking with a sniper rifle and starts taking pot shots at all of them.

Ryan says it’s Mark and Mike wants to go after him but Ryan says for them to go get Strauss. He goes after Mark. Max spots Strauss running and tells him to put his hands up. He does. They have him. Mike spots Mark and tells her to take Strauss to the car. But Daisy is there and beats on Max with a pipe until Strauss says enough. He tells her to uncuff him and she does. They get away.

Mike is hot on Mark’s trail as he runs onto a ship. Mike shoots him in the leg but he gets on the ship and starts shooting at Mike with the rifle. He drops it and heads up into the ship. Mike comes after him and follows the blood. Mark is hobbling and Mike is hot on his trial. He tells him there’s no place to run. Mark is at the end of the ship. Mike tells him to get on his knees. Mark says they knew it would end like this for one of them.

Ryan is there and tells him to stop. He tells Mike it won’t bring his dad back and won’t end his pain. Mike says he doesn’t care but Ryan says he cares and so does Max. Mike says he has to do it. Ryan says to do the hard thing and not do it. Ryan says Mark deserves to suffer in an 8 foot cell alone for 23 hours a day with no hope of stepping outside. Ryan says if he shoots him, Mark’s pain will stop. He says to let him live so the pain never ends. Mike lowers his gun.

When they’re distracted, mark jumps overboard. They take shots at him. Mike rants and asks what he did. Ryan gets a call from Max. They meet her at the hospital. She’s got head trauma. Ryan rants that Mike left her when he was supposed to have her back. Mike says nothing about this is right. Mike says Ryan would have done the same damned thing if they had been chasing Joe. Gwen shows up and gives him a hug. He says he can’t get any answers from the doctor.

Ryan says he was thinking how much he needs a drink and says he’s responsible for everything that happened today. Gwen says to find a way to fix it. She says she had an ER patient yesterday. She says he had a heart attack and she brought him back three times then he died the fourth time. She says she’ll do the same and fight just as hard tomorrow to save another patient. The doctor comes and says Max suffered a concussion and internal trauma but will make a full recovery.

Ryan says he knows what he has to do. He gets on a chopper and flies to a secure prison facility. He goes to see Joe Carroll. He smiles when he sees Ryan and asks what took him so long