Wayward Pines Recap – Fight the Power: Season 1 Episode 9 “A Reckoning”

Wayward Pines Recap - Fight the Power: Season 1 Episode 9 "A Reckoning"

Tonight on FOX, Wayward Pines airs with an all new Thursday, July 16 season 1 episode 9 called “A Reckoning.” and we have your weekly recap below. We’ve got your recap down below! On tonight’s episode, Harold’s [Reed Diamond failed attempt to break past the fence surrounding Wayward Pines leads to questions from Ethan about other insurgents who have gone off the grid; Amy’s [Sarah Jeffery] health takes a turn for the worse; Nurse Pam [Melissa Leo] pushes Theresa [Shannyn Sossamon to investigate Plot 33; and Ben is encouraged by his teacher to speak publicly about current events.

On the last episode, after an explosion on Main Street left two key residents of Wayward Pines in critical condition, Ethan was determined to find out who was responsible for the horrific act. Meanwhile, Harold opted out of the covert operation he and Kate were planning, and Nurse Pam interviewed surveillance engineers to find out if there were any workers responsible for falsely reporting activities of any Wayward Pines residents. Did you watch the last episode? If you missed it, we have a full and detailed recap right here for you.

On tonight’s episode per the FOX synopsis, “after Harold attempts to break past the fence surrounding Wayward Pines, Ethan interrogates him about other insurgents who have gone off the grid. Meanwhile, Amy’s (guest star Sarah Jeffery) health takes a turn for the worse, Nurse Pam encourages Theresa to investigate Plot 33, Ben’s teacher, Megan Fisher (guest star Hope Davis), advises Ben to speak publicly about the current events effecting Wayward Pines and Ethan reveals the truth about the town to the residents.”

Tune in at 9PM on FOX for another exciting episode of WAYWARD PINE We’ll be blogging it right here for you so check back in with us. In the meantime, hit up the comments and tell us your thoughts on the second season of the show!

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#WaywardPines starts with telephones ringing all over town. Lights come on and everyone heads to the town square for Kate’s reckoning. They all cheer – kill her! Her co-conspirators show up with weapons. Ethan asks the townspeople if this is really what they want. They scream. At the fence, an abby crawls under the truck that’s crashed into the wall and into Wayward Pines. He squeals. Ethan runs into him with his car then he shoots out the tires to lower the truck to stop other abbies from getting through.

Franklin is in a cell and he yells for food. Kate calms them down and says Ethan won’t drag them onto Main Street like Pope. Franklin reminds her that they almost killed his kid. She says she knows Ethan but Franklin says she knew him, in the past, now now. He paces and says they’re all dead. Arlene watches the front desk at the jail when a bunch of young guys come in looking for the prisoners. They think Ethan is neglecting his duty.

They tell Arlene that the future of the town is in their hands, not hers or Ethan’s and he better reckon those traitors. Arlene threatens to have the three of them locked up. Sean and Jason take their buddy and leave the Sheriff’s station. Ethan oversees the repair of the fence when Jenkins shows up. Jenkins says they’re all lucky to be alive. He says he’ll get Harold to tell them where the others are. Jenkins says this is putting them all at risk. Ethan says they need to know what’s really out there.

Jenkins says what Ethan is doing isn’t working anymore. He says the people of the town are accustomed to punishment for rule breaking and says they will take the law into their hands if he doesn’t act decisively to stop all this. Jenkins says this group is reckless and are acting on their leader’s orders. He tells Ethan to reckon Kate. He asks Ethan if he will make the same mistake he did with the Easter bomber and says one life can save Wayward Pines.

Ethan drags Harold into interrogation. Harold says he won’t talk until he sees Kate and Ethan mocks him saying – do you want to call your lawyer. Ethan says Alan made it 50 years past the fence with Eric and shows him photos of destroyed carcasses. Harold asks if Ethan did this and Ethan says he would have shot them, not eaten them. He says the fence is there to protect them from what’s beyond. Ethan says either he’s a psychopathic cannibal or telling the truth and asks the names of the co-conspirators.

He says this will happen to everyone in town if they don’t stop this – including him and Kate. Harold sighs. Pam looks at a photo of she and her brother when they were little kids. Theresa sits at Ben’s beside but he’s sleeping. Pam finds her in the hall and asks how he is. She asks about Amy and Pam says she’s doing well and should go home. Pam tells her there was another attack and two people died, but Ethan is okay. She says someone drove fence through the wall.

Pam tells her she knows Ethan has shared what’s at stake and asks if she believes him. Theresa says she doesn’t know what to believe. Pam says it’s important to question things. She tells Theresa to go home and get some rest but to avoid Main Street. She says to take Boxwood and see what she finds. Pam secretly handed her a key card or something. Ethan comes with the list of names and tells Pilcher that Harold gave him names. The security guy starts looking at them and says they’re all together.

He says they’re all in the Biergarden. They look on the cameras and see that the place is almost empty. Their microchips must be there. They call the Biergarden and chat with the bartender. He finds a glass full of microchips. Pilcher says they’re off the grid. Theresa goes back to the empty lot she found of interest. A camera looks her way. Ben hears a neurologist called to the ER as he eats pudding. He sees doctors running for the ER and gets out of bed to go see what’s going on.

He goes down the hall and sees Amy’s parents sobbing. Pam won’t let him in and says her brain is swelling and they have to perform surgery. He says she was fine and Pam says she has an epidural hemorrhage and they’re doing all they can. He starts crying and Pam comforts him. Ethan and Pilcher worry about finding the miscreants in time. The security chick spills something and misses seeing Theresa knock the camera out of alignment.

She then goes to the shed and notices uneven floorboards. She finds a trapdoor. She opens it and sees a ladder. Megan comes to see Ben and asks for news. He says they won’t know for a few hours. Megan tells him he’s not alone and says there is strength in unity. They hear noise outside and he goes to the window. The first group from school is all outside clapping. Megan asks if he’s thought about their talk about punishment. She says they all want to hear from him and says the town is coming apart.

She tells him there was an attack on the fence but still no reckoning. She says as the first generation, he’s a leader now, not her, and not his father. The kids outside clap and he looks down at them. Sean and Jason join the group. The security guy tells Pilcher and Ethan to see what’s going on at the hospital. Ben comes out to address the group and Megan quiets the kids. Ethan asks for sound and the security guy turns it up. Ben says Amy is in surgery and they won’t know for a few hours.

Ben says he’s glad they’re all there. He says Amy is a good person and what those people did to her was wrong. He says they broke the rules that exist for a reason. He says he heard about another attack and says he’s sorry this all happened and sorry his dad failed the town. Ethan is stunned. Jason asks when his dad will reckon them and he says his dad won’t do it. Jason and Sean push through the crowd and leave. Ethan leaves the control room as Pilcher tries to talk him down.

Theresa climbs down the ladder and into darkness but then lights flip on around her. She sees a door and a security screen. She uses the badge Pam gave her and uses it to get through security. Arlene hears squealing tires outside the PD and runs to lock the doors but the they bust the glass with a baseball bat. The prisoners beg Arlene to let them out. She calls for help but Jason tells her to give him the keys. Pilcher and the security guy watch as Jason says they’re protecting Wayward Pines.

She spits in his face and tries to run. He grabs her, knocks her down then handcuffs her to a cabinet. Jason says he’s not scared of the sheriff. Kate tells Jason she knows him and says what he’s about to do is something he won’t recover one. Jason goes for the guns and loads one. Sean tells them they made their point but Jason says one crack in the ark and it all goes down. He says it’s their responsibility and cocks the rifle. He lets them out of their cells and tells them to get on their knees.

Kate says not to do this and he cracks her in the head with a rifle. Harold comes at him and Jason holds the rifle on him. He tells them to come along. He says work hard, be happy – they repeat after him numbly. He says to enjoy your life in Wayward Pines. He aims the gun at Harold’s head and then fires. His blood splatters all over Kate’s face. She screams as does Arlene. He kills the other men. He leaves Kate for last. Then Ethan comes in and shoots Jason and tells the others to drop their guns. They do.

Pilcher is not pleased about any of this. Ethan come to see Kate later in the conference room he has her locked in. He moves a chair over to sit close to her. He says he needs her to talk. He says more people will die if she doesn’t talk to him. She shakes her head no. Ethan says innocent people, including children, will die. He says Amy likely won’t make it. He says no one else has to die. He asks where the people are and says he won’t kill them but says someone else might if he doesn’t find them.

He says he can protect them in custody and she asks like he protected Harold. She says if he wants to protect them, stop protecting her but he says he can’t. She says there are more Jasons out there and they won’t stop. She says she doesn’t want anyone else to die because of her. She says he has to put an end to this and do what Pilcher wants. He says she’d be dead already if he did what Pilcher wanted. She says someone will kill her and she’d rather it was Ethan. Arlene sits nervously at her desk.

She hears a thud and tells Ethan someone is there. It’s Theresa. She says she needs to show him something and says Kate should see it too. They head back to the vacant lot and into the tunnel. He asks where the stalls lead and she says she doesn’t know. She leads them to the security door then takes them to a computer and says it’s Adam Hassler. They see him on camera and he says it’s 4020 and finally he reached the city. He shows the footage of a devastated San Francisco.

He says it’s nothing but abbys and they’re tracking them. He says they communicate with each other and he’s going to try and make it across. Someone calls his name and he’s startled and the recording shuts off. Theresa says there are groups from all across the country and there’s nothing left. Ethan asks if Kate believes him now then says Pilcher is a control freak. He says they need to tell everyone the truth and show them. They ask how they can do it without Pilcher knowing.

Ethan says for Theresa to get as many people in town down there as she can by midnight. She asks why by then and Kate says there’s going to be a reckoning. Pam reports back to her brother on Amy’s prognosis. Security gets a call from Ethan and tells Pilcher that Ethan wants to see him. He goes to see what the sheriff wants. Ethan s waiting in Pilcher’s office having a drink. Ethan tells Pilcher he wants to reckon Kate. Pilcher says it’s the right decision. Ethan says it’s the only decision.

He says when you kill a snake, you cut off it’s head and Kate is their leader and brought it on themselves. He tells Pilcher this is his mess. He says he’ll take care of Kate but then no more like this. Pilcher says he just wants an end to the violence and a new beginning. Ethan says he wants everyone there, every last person. Pilcher agrees. Phones ring all over Wayward Pines like at the beginning of the episode. The people are screaming and calling for her death.

Ethan asks if it’s really what they want. She looks scared. Ethan lets her go and says he’s not there to kill anyone but to tell the truth. He says they have been lied to about who they are and how they got there. He tells them Jenkins is Pilcher and he’s responsible for all the cameras. Ethan tells them he watches them all and tells them what job they can have, who they can marry and uses fear and violence to control them. He says Pilcher thinks they can’t handle the truth.

Ethan says the world they knew is gone and they may not like it, but have to accept it. Kate speaks up and says the only reason she was fighting was to find out what’s out there and she’s seen it and it’s awful. She says they can prove it. A woman calls out that they’re lying. Theresa says she saw it too. People all across the group start speaking up to say they’ve seen it. Kate says they are stronger than Pilcher thinks and the truth will make them stronger. Megan speaks up.

She says Pilcher is a great man and the savior of all human kind. She says he chose all of them and we owe him our lives and trust. Megan calls Kate a terrorist and says she has to be reckoned. Theresa slaps Mega in the face and says that’s enough. Megan asks why are they all just standing there. The lights go out. Pam wonders what happened to the power. They try to bring it back up. The power in the hospital goes off too as Ben sits by Amy’s bed.

The power on the wall goes out too. Pilcher shut down the so he could let some abbys into town. He can kill everyone and reset. An abby grabs onto the wall.