Wayward Pines Finale Recap and Spoilers – Martyrdom Isn’t for Everyone: Season 1 Episode 10 “Cycle”

Wayward Pines Finale Recap and Spoilers - Martyrdom Isn't for Everyone: Season 1 Episode 10 "Cycle"

Tonight on FOX, Wayward Pines airs with an all new Thursday, July 23 season 1 episode 10 called “Cycle” and we have your weekly recap and spoilers below. On tonight’s episode, season 1 ends with the electricity in Wayward Pines being turned off with deadly repercussions.

On the last episode, after Harold attempted to break past the fence surrounding Wayward Pines, Ethan interrogated him about other insurgents who have gone off the grid. Meanwhile, Amy’s (guest star Sarah Jeffery) health took a turn for the worse, Nurse Pam encourages Theresa to investigate Plot 33, Ben’s teacher, Megan Fisher (guest star Hope Davis), advised Ben to speak publicly about the current events effecting Wayward Pines and Ethan revealed the truth about the town to the residents. Did you watch the last episode? If you missed it, we have a full and detailed recap right here for you.

On tonight’s episode per the FOX synopsis, “after Pilcher decides to turn off the electricity in Wayward Pines – with deadly repercussions – Ethan and Kate take the initiative to make sure everyone is out of harm’s way. Meanwhile, Nurse Pam confronts Pilcher on his decision and tries to convince him to reconsider, Ethan and Kate plan for an attack and the first generation tries to protect the future of Wayward Pines by taking matters into their own hands.”

Tune in at 9PM on FOX for another exciting episode of WAYWARD PINE We’ll be blogging it right here for you so check back in with us. In the meantime, hit up the comments and tell us your thoughts on the second season of the show!

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#WaywardPines begins with a look beyond the gate to a legion of abbys swarming outside the walls and not too far away. Pilcher watches on video. In town, the power is off and things are in chaos. Pam calls and tells Ethan there are six abbys in town and says her brother shut down power to the perimeter. Ethan tells Theresa to get Ben and meet at the bunker. He tells everyone else to meet at the bunker and tells them the location. Kate asks what happened, Ethan tells her and Kate tells Tim to get everyone and meet them at the sheriff department.

Pam asks the security guy to show her outside the perimeter and she says abbys moving in – a horde of them – she tells everyone to get the power restored as fast as possible. Ben goes to Amy’s room and tells her she was in surgery. He says he didn’t want to lose her. He says she’s okay. His mom comes in and says they have to go. He says Amy can’t move and he won’t leave her. Theresa says they won’t leave her and asks for Dr Caroll.

Sean and Jason are locked up at the sheriff’s station and asks Ethan what’s going on when he comes in. Kate and the others all arm up from the sheriff’s supply. Kate’s people give Ethan some IEDs that may help. Pam asks David what he’s doing. He hugs her and says they need to awaken group C. She says he has to end this and turn the power back on. He says it’s too late and he can’t. He says the town is too sick. He says they’re already dying and he failed them. He says it’s just like group A.

He says they’ll begin again in winter once the abby migrate away. Pam says there is still time to fix it. David says they can learn from this and start again. He says the two of them need to have more responsibility like the early days. She says these are living people and says this is too far. She says the great experiment is working and says he needs to let it go. She says to turn the power on and send the guards to protect them.

David calls the guards and tells them to put his sister back in cryo. Guards then come into the command center and stop the people Pam had who were trying to get the power back on. Theresa tells Dr Carroll they have to move Amy now but he says no. Then the generator fails and the lights go out. Ethan tells Kate and the others they’ll meet at the bunker. Jacob tells them that Pilcher told them there would be a day of reckoning and only the first generation would be saved.

He tells them that all of them are going to die like Harold did. They beg the adults to let them out but they don’t. Do Carroll goes to turn on the backup generator and is attacked by an abby in the hospital basement. David puts on a record while the carnage begins. Abbys make their way to Main Street. People run screaming all over. They are taken down one after another.

Theresa looks around the hospital. She spots one and hides and tells the kids they have to go now. They prop Amy between them. Kate and the others shoot at the abbys gunning them down. The realtor is eaten. Arlene barely escapes with her life. Pam tells Christina to stop this and says things have gone wrong. Robert tells her to shut up. Pam appeals to all of them and says this is working.

She says there were more pregnancies than ever and the First Generation is the future. She says their duty is to mankind, not to David. She says he’s not a god, just a man and has made a mistake. She says there is still time to fix it. Robert comes for her and tases her into submission. Some of the guards are rethinking but he tells them to shut up. He tells the group to put on their sleeper suits now.

They have to do what they’re told. The kids in the jail cower as they hear screams outside. Some other teens come in and unlock them. They debate staying put versus trying to leave. Jason says they have to make it to the ark because that’s what Pilcher told them to do. Kate’s gun jams and Tim tells her to run. An abby follows her into her shop and she barely gets away. She’s in the back workshop now.

She hears more automatic weapons fire outside and then silence. She hears a noise above and looks up to the skylights. An abby leaps down. She clubs it to death with a tool. Theresa and the kids make it to the lobby and look around. They see blood and creep into an office and stop for a moment. Theresa looks into the hall and tries to shut the door but an abby grabs her hand.

She stabs it in the eye with a syringe and then Ethan is there and shoots it. Kate sees an abby eating Tim but Tim is alive enough to point a finger at his bag. She grabs it and runs off. Everyone is waiting at the bunker people are already down there then Ethan, Theresa and the kids show up. Kate is there and tells them that the abbys are coming. They close down the bunker with all of them inside.

Ethan asks Megan about where the tunnels lead and she denies knowledge. Ethan says not to play dumb then asks again. Megan says they need to stay calm and says David will rescue them. Ethan says he wants them dead. Ben speaks out and says if Pilcher didn’t do this, why weren’t they warned. Ben says Pilcher is drowning them like an ark. Kate asks Megan where the tunnels go.

She says a Western tunnel leads to an elevator. She says she has the code and it will take them to the ark. Theresa, Ethan and Kate go looking around and she says they have two pipe bombs plus some ammo. Ethan says it’s either deal with Pilcher or the abbys. Kate treats a wound to Theresa’s arm while they wait. Theresa says she’s sorry about Harold. Kate says Pam set them up.

Kate says sometimes things work out and people surprise you. Ethan shows Ben how to use a pistol and gives it to him. Ben tells his dad he’s sorry for what he said at the hospital. Ethan says he loves him and they’ll get through this. They head towards the tunnel. Megan hangs back and says she saw the other kids back on Main Street. Her husband says they’re already dead.

Megan says someone has to stay behind and let them in if they come. She says she promised to keep the First Generation safe and tells him to get the other kids into the mountain and says she’ll meet him there. The other teens are at the school in the initiation room when Jason and Sean show up. They open the secret door that lets them into a safe room with lots of supplies.

Jason says Pilcher planned for this and left them what they needed. It’s a huge room of food and other supplies so they can lock down and stay put for a long time. Kate puts in the elevator code as they reach the end of the hall. Ethan says he and Kate will check it out and leaves Theresa a phone. He says they’ll be fine. Kate says they have to do this in groups and will send the elevator back once it’s safe.

Pam is in the cryo chamber and sees her brother outside. Robert tells her to sleep tight. Others wait in their suits. Pam has tears in her eyes as she stares at her brother and the material is poured in that will keep her in stasis until David brings her back out.

Ethan and Kate come out shooting in the lab. Other guards are alerted. David sees them on the security feed. The disgruntled guard tells the stasis handler to wake Pam up now. Ethan and Kate take down or capture a lot of guards. Ethan radios and tells Theresa to bring the first load up. Megan hears a noise at the door of the bunker. It turns into a pounding. She waits.

The door is kicked down and abbys come screaming. Ben hears them at the door as they break through. The elevator loads up to capacity and heads up. They run out and the elevator goes back. Amy tells Ethan that abbys are inside. Ethan gets back into the elevator and goes down to help. Ben shoots at the abbys then Ethan shows up with an automatic rife to help. They hold them off and the doors close just as the abbys reach them.

The elevator comes to an abrupt stop. Abbys are climbing up inside the elevator shaft. Ben hears them and tells Ethan they’re in the shaft and they have to get out. They go out the top of the elevator. Ben looks and spots a ladder and a door. They hear the abbys getting closer. Everyone is hustled out the top of the elevator. They start up the ladder. The abbys are getting closer.

Ethan goes back into the elevator and tells Ben to go on and says he’ll be right behind him. He says he has to stop the others and tells Ben to get the others to safety and promises he’ll be close behind. They beat on the elevator door. When the others hear voices they open it and help them up. Ethan sets up the pipe bombs on the floor of the elevator.

Pilcher watches and tells Ethan they’re going to get up the shaft and kill everyone. He says he told him that he would be the death of Wayward Pines. Kate comes in with a gun and tells David to cut the power to the fence back on. He says she’s there because he chose her and the others. The speaker is on and David says this town is not about others but about something greater.

He says it’s about the preservation of mankind. Ben and Theresa make it up. Ethan wires the bombs together. David says his ideas will live on long after he’s gone. She says it ends here and David says she can’t kill his ideas. Then he goes down from a bullet – it’s Pam and she took him out. They go to work getting the power back on and the fences up. Pilcher is dead.

Ben hugs Amy tight. Ethan sits waiting for the abbys. Their arms come up through the floor of the elevator like it’s paper. He triggers the bombs and the explosion sets off. He and the abbys are all hurtled down the shaft in a fiery ball of death. Ben looks down and screams – a piece of the exploding elevator comes flying up and he’s struck in the head.

Pam asks how Ben is and Kate says he’s still unconscious. Kate says people are tired and need to sleep. Pam tells them where to find beds and says she’ll get them food and water. Kate tells Pam she wants to help and says she operates better with more information. Pam takes her downstairs to the stasis chambers. She says it’s the rest of the people who haven’t woken yet. Kate is stunned.

Kate says she and Pam have never said one true thing to each other and Pam says it can start now. She says they will survive and will make it better – no more lies, surveillance or reckonings. She says they can work together and they can succeed. She says they have to because this is all that’s left – the last of humanity. Pilcher’s body is taken away. Ben wakes to see Amy at his bedside.

He asks where everyone is and sees her in a lab coat. She says she’s a nurse now and graduated two months ago. She calls him Mr Burke and he asks how long he was unconscious. She says the doctor will answer his questions but he asks again. She says it’s been three years, four months then tells him to be quiet because they’re listening.

She says the adults and Ben were all put back in suspension and says they blame Ethan for the savior’s death. She says she told them that Ben isn’t like Ethan and she can fix him. He sits up and asks for his clothes. She says to calm down or he’ll be put back into suspension. She hands him a packet of clothes. He walks away from her. Out on the street, he looks around Wayward Pines.

The town is all young people and smirking Jason is the police chief now. There’s a statue dedicated to David Pilcher by the town carousel. Ben rubs his head and looks around. Several of the young couples have kids. He sees the body of someone lynched on a nearby pole. That’s it for this season of Wayward Pines.