Talking Dead Premiere Recap 10/23/16: Season 7 Episode 1

Talking Dead Premiere Recap 10/23/16: Season 7 Episode 1

Tonight on AMC their highly anticipated series Talking Dead featuring Chris Hardwick premieres for an all-new Sunday, October 23, 2016, episode and we have your Talking Dead recap below.  On tonight’s Talking Dead premiere, Executive Producer Robert Kirkman and The Walking Dead cast dicuss the season 7 premiere of TWD episode called, “The Day Will Come When You Won’t Be.”

Tonight’s Talking Dead episode will be a special 90-minute episode because once it is revealed who Negan kills there will be a lot to dicuss.  TWD Facebook page has been teasing fans and encouraging them to ask questions on their FB page and if they do the questions just might be answered live by the cast of The Walking Dead on tonight’s episode.

On tonight’s Talking Dead “The Day Will Come When You Won’t Be” premiere as per the AMC synopsis, “Executive Producer Robert Kirkman, Showrunner/Executive Producer Scott M. Gimple, Superfan Yvette Nicole Brown and The Walking Dead cast discuss the Season 7 premiere episode, “The Day Will Come When You Won’t Be.” Hosted by Chris Hardwick.”

So make sure to bookmark this spot and come back between 10PM – 11PM ET for our Talking Dead recap!  While you wait for the recap make sure to head over and check out all our The Walking Dead recaps, spoilers, news & so much more, right here!

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#TalkingDead tonight has the whole cast of #TheWalkingDead on tonight. Yvette Nicole Brown is there as a superfan and she says it’s horrible. She says it’s a rough one. Greg Raieweski, an invited superfan, is there too and says he feels empty.

Greg says he didn’t expect two deaths and says it wasn’t satisfying to see the violence. YNB says the way they lost them tonight and she kept hearing that this was a reset with Negan. She says it was painful but it will reverberate in coming seasons.

Chris Hardwick says the entire cast is there. First out is Danai Gurira, Lauren Cohan, Norman Reedus and Andrew Lincoln. It starts raining on them on the outdoor set. Chris says it’s tears from heaven. HE asks Andy about Rick’s journey.

The rain falls like tears

Andy says this new guy gets to me and says it was nine days of breaking a man. Chris says they’re used to working under bad conditions. Chris goes to get them umbrellas. Andy says he had to go home and sleep for a week after this.

He asks about the departure of Michael Cudlitz and Steven Yeun. Andy says they bring humor to the show and set and Mikey is awesome with his facial hair and says Steven is his brother. He says it was a devastating loss to him.

Chris says it’s not just a job since they’re isolated in rural Georgia and spend a lot of time together. Lauren says it changed the dynamic on the show and the gravity has galvanized them and had a crazy effect on all of them. Lauren says she’s crying not to cry.

Feeling the loss

Lauren says it’s a whole new frontier for them. She says Michael and Steven were pillars on the show and they have to uphold lessons learned from them. Chris says they’ve known for about a year and Chris just found out last night.

Chris says the audience screeched when Glenn tried to talk as he was dying. Lauren says Maggie and Glenn were star-crossed lovers. Danai says it was like a sacred process creating these episodes and it was them on their knees on the gravel going through something.

Danai says it was a hell of a cliffhanger and people have been all over them. Chris says it’s not the last moment to come. Norman gets big cheers from the crowd – the others did not. Chris says when Norman speaks, 20% of women get pregnant.

Daryl toasts the fans

Daryl raises a glass to the audience and says they are a close family and you can feel it in the air and says the fans are their family too. Scott Gimple and Robert Kirkman are there and Chris asks them about Negan breaking Rick.

Scott says they had to ask what would break Rick and says it was all in issue 100. He says they have to accept Rick being under the thumb of Negan and there had to be an experience to get him to that point. Chris says he thought they were going to cut off Carl’s arm.

Scott says they’re not ruling it out for the future. Robert Kirkman says this sets the stage for a lot more story to tell and says a lot comes out of this that has to be resolved. He says they’re just getting started. A fan asks about Michonne telling Rick to cut off Carl’s arm.

Salute to Chandler

Danai says she did the math and knew fighting would cause more damage and wanted to reason with Negan but she was devastated. Chandler Riggs isn’t on hand tonight but they give him a round of applause. Chris says Carl understood why the arm needed to go.

Andy says Chandler is an astonishing talent and he goes to school then comes in and crushes scenes. Andy says Carl being ready to make the sacrifice, that was the key that unlocked it for Rick. Chris asks if Daryl feels guilt about Glenn dying.

Norman says Daryl totally feels guilt and the weight of that is so heavy on him. He says he’ll never let that guilt go. Chris polled the audience and 76% said they didn’t blame Daryl and jokes that Norman can’t do any wrong. Andy says Norman was worried fans would hate him.

Norman’s son hassles him

Norman’s son sent him a text and he reads it – “Not cool man. Not cool. Craziest television I’ve ever seen. Tell Jeffery he’s an a**hole.” Norman says Jeffrey pulled his hair really hard in the scene and says he broke fingernails when he was being dragged off.

Norman says everyone was into it and it was so heavy and they all went for it. Chris says he liked Maggie lost Glenn and the first thing she said was they’re going to fight them. She was the only one in the group ready to fight. Lauren says Maggie looks for hope.

Lauren says Maggie had a strong burning in her belly. A fan says she hopes Maggie is eight months pregnant and takes out Negan. There are more fan tweets about Maggie being the new leader. Chris says it’s hard since Maggie lost everyone in her life.

Steven Yeun talks Glenn death

Steven Yeun comes out next and gets a standing o from the rest of the cast and showrunners. He gets hugs all around. Chris asks what he feels about how it played out. Steven says the comic death was so messed up but was incredible to take something away.

Steven says it’s an iconic moment and he didn’t want the death to go to anyone else. He says it was wild living it out but says it was very affecting and super brave. Chris reads social media reactions of fans saying they’re crying, will miss work, and one who says he grew up with Glenn.

Chris asks if he’s grieved the loss of Glenn. Steven says it was exciting to know a secret then it was a burden and he wanted to hide. He says it was fun to lie to people for a while and then he stopped talking. They show a special In Memoriam of just Glenn from his first moments on the show til the end.

More Steven sadness

We see the audience reaction to Negan killing Glenn as the audience screams. Lauren says they had a good time from the beginning and her best first set memory was when they improv’d before a scene at the pharmacy. She says he was her buddy from the start.

He asks if Andy has a fond memory of him and he jokingly says no. Then he talks about the first scenes with Steven and the guts and says it was such fun. Andy talks about Steven being really funny. Danai says he’s hilarious. Norman jokes about a bug loving him.

Steven admits he had a tick on his penis on set. He says he was glad it happened to him because he was the only one who would share it with everyone and says he had a dick tick. Robert Kirkman brought in a photo from the pilot of Andy and Steve’s first meeting. He calls them babies.

Chris asks about Glenn’s legacy

Robert says it makes him feel bad for all the things they did to them. Steven says he so many wonderful experiences with all of them. He says he just watched this episode a week ago and the way Scott constructed it and Greg directed it, they all just crushed it. He says it was gnarly to see it.

Steve says Glenn died in a Glenn way – still not thinking about himself. He says he put those last words out for them to look out for each other. Chris says it’s still raining because the show made Jesus cry. Michael Cudlitz takes the stage and he still has the Abraham mustache.

He pulls out his flask and the crowd cheers. Chris asks how he feels. Michael says Abraham was on borrowed time since Denise took his death graciously two episodes prior. Michael says Robert said he wasn’t happy with how Abraham died in the graphic novels.

Abraham didn’t go quietly

He says Abraham was happy to sacrifice himself to save the group. Michael says Abraham was very “f-k you “ to Negan. Fan reactions said Abraham had cajones, he was badass to the end, and lots of fan devastation in general.

He says his last words being “suck my nuts” was satisfying. We see Abraham’s In Memoriam next and Chris says that Abe gave them some of the best quotes on the show. They start with his death and then go back to his first moments on the show with Eugene back in the day.

There’s a montage of some of his best lines including motherd*ck, who’s Deanna, and him getting a hug from Eugene before they headed to their doom. We also see him talking to Sasha about settling down and starting a family. Chris has the crowd chant suck my nuts in tribute.

More cast take the stage

Ross Marquand, Sonequa Martin-Green, Christian Serratos and Josh McDermitt take the stage. Josh says it’s tough not to have Michael and says he lost a couple of brothers. He says he and Mike still talk several times each week. He says Mike has been acting 85 years and is still so excited.

Josh says Steve and Mike’s fingerprints are all over the set. Christian says she has a lot of good memories with Michael off and on the show. She says she was lucky to come in with him and Josh into an established show.

Sonequa says it was important for Sasha to take Abraham’s body because he was a soldier and it was part of the cause and she took it up. She says it was great that Sasha and Rosita had that moment and communion together.

Gore and more

Ross says the prosthetics of the dead bodies was no fun for anyone since those are their fans. He says their absence has been felt. Ross says you contemplate your own mortality and says it was grotesque and sad. Chris asks for a hand for Greg Nicotero for directing it and the effects.

We see a video of the makeup trailer of Steve with the popped eyeball and cracked head prosthetic. Ick. A caller asks Andy about the scene hanging from the bridge walker. Andy says it was the one highlight in a dark episode but he didn’t get to do the stunt even though he wanted to.

There’s a look at Greg Nicotero talking about how this was about breaking Rick and that’s what Negan wanted and it was so heartbreaking them being left behind and they had to process what happened as the shock wears off.

Negan arrives!

Jeffrey Dean Morgan takes the stage to huge fan applause. Andy, Norman, Michael and some others toss their umbrellas to the crowd getting soaked in the rain. Michael lights a cigar and stands for Negan. Steven takes a drag off the cigar.

Chris says Jeffrey was worried about being booed when he came out. Negan says he’s a fan of the show and Steven and Michael and he didn’t want to see them go. Then he says that being said, here we are. Chris asks about Negan thinking the Alexandrians are the villains.

Jeffrey says Negan thinks they’re the bad guys who killed off a bunch of people and if it wasn’t for Daryl, Glenn would be alive. Norman Reedus goes to bear hug him. Now it’s the other In Memoriam. There’s windshield walker, Rick piñata walkers, Stretch Armstrong walker, more RV walkers, ax death walkers, etc.

Next time on The Walking Dead

Morgan pushes Carol in a wheelchair at a new community. Morgan talks about them being ready to leave in a week or so. This community looks like it’s thriving. She asks about the place and Morgan says they call it The Kingdom.

Scott says next week, Greg directed just as well and it’s in the Kingdom and says it’s funny. He says there’s a tiger, King Ezekiel and lots of different worlds and characters while the others try to put together the pieces and go on.

Chris says Glenn was the heart and hope and Abraham was the strength and the valor and they will both always be part of the family. Chris says if the fans love it or hate it, their feelings are valid.