The X-Files Finale Recap: Season 10 Episode “My Struggle II”

The X-Files Finale Recap: Season 10 Episode "My Struggle II"

Tonight on FOX The X-Files returns with an all new Monday February 22 season 10 finale called, “My Struggle II,” and we have your weekly recap below. ƒOn tonight’s episode the season concludes with people all across the country falling gravely ill. A widespread panic develops and Scully (Gillian Anderson) looks within to find a cure.

On the last episode, Mulder and Scully were sent to investigate the murder of a city official, which it seemed no human could have committed. Meanwhile, Scully dealt with deep feelings about the child she gave up for adoption.

On tonight’s episode as per the FOX synopsis, “The season concludes with people all across the country falling gravely ill. A widespread panic develops and Scully looks within to find a cure. Meanwhile, Mulder confronts the man he believes to be behind it all, but another figure from Mulder and Scully’s past may prove to be the key to their salvation.”

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#XFilesFinale begins with Scully talking about testing that was performed on her in the past that she thinks is a conspiracy of men doing experimental tests and keeping secrets using alien technology. She talks about how she was hired to debunk the #XFiles.

She says a recent test result showed that she has alien DNA and so do others. Scully comes to the office and sees Mulder isn’t there but she sees that Tad O’Malley’s show is back on the air and he’s talking about alien DNA being in Americans.

Tad calls Mulder’s phone and gets Scully. He tells her to come here. He’s at Mulder’s place which has been tossed and Mulder is gone. Scully says that he’s falsely reporting alien DNA in all Americans. He says his own DNA was tested. He says she found it in Sveta like they suspected.

Scully calls the police to report the break in to the cops. Later, she talks to Skinner and Einstein. She tells them about Tad and the flawed DNA. Einstein says that’s crazy. Scully says it’s not entirely without scientific proof.

Scully and Einstein go to the hospital and they find a young man there who is disoriented. He has a wound on his left arm and says he doesn’t know how it happened. Scully sends him off with a nurse. We see a beaten Mulder driving his car. He ignores a call from Skinner.

He’s in obvious pain as he speeds down the road. Einstein draws her own blood to test it. Scully says about six weeks ago, she tested her own blood and sequenced her genome and found an aberration that she could not explain. She says that makes it alien by default.

Einstein says she doubts it. She asks Scully why she was testing herself and she says her background made her wonder. She says the science they were taught may not be accurate. She says she was given a smallpox vaccine back in the day and Einstein asks if she thinks something else was in it.

Einstein says that would be a major violation of the public trust and Scully agrees and says it may not be true and she doesn’t know why it would have been done. Agent Miller shows up and says people are freaking out over Tad’s show.

They turn on his show and he’s talking with a medical expert about a disease crisis that’s worse than HIV and will kill off them. Scully comes to see the nurse about the young man and she says she thinks it’s anthrax and he’s in the military.

She says if his immune system is compromised as Tad’s medical expert said, the guy could have anthrax. Scully tells Einstein that anthrax is just the first in a line of communicable disease and says this may be the start of a global contagion.

Einstein says wait to see my test results but Scully says it’s not needed. Mulder is at the side of the road as cop cards speed by. He gets a call from Scully and doesn’t take it. He looks like he may be critically ill as well as banged up.

He’s in South Carolina – Mulder cranks his car and drives on. Miller watches Tad’s broadcast then clicks on a phone finder app to look for Mulder and spots that he’s in Spartanburg, SC. Einstein and Scully check in on the young soldier and then a couple of others show up.

Einstein and Scully debate how else the guy could have been exposed to anthrax. Scully says she wants to be wrong about this but it looks like they are in trouble. Einstein rattles off some facts and then ask why and why now? Scully says it makes no sense.

Einstein says they would need to take something away from the genome, not added to it, to shut down the immune system. Scully gets a call and a woman says she can explain what’s happening. She says she’s someone who was there for Scully when she needed help.

Scully goes to meet Agent Reyes and says she wishes things were different. She says Scully needs to know something. Scully asks why she’s been gone from the agency for a decade. We see a flashback to Reyes a decade ago at a hospital.

She’s taken to talk to a patient that she was told would recover from some horrifying burns. She goes into the room and sees the man whose face looks like it’s melted. The man spoke to her and asked her to come in. Reyes tells the man she thought he was dead.

He says they tried, but it didn’t work out. He says he’s not an evil man but she says he is and is a liar. She says the man made her a deal that she had to take. He told Reyes he’d spare her life and says he’s the most powerful man in the world.

Now, Reyes asks if Scully knows what’s happening. She says all but the chosen can be culled and says the virus came from an alien race. We see Reyes with the man after he healed and she says he’s holding the world hostage. He says the world will go on as he chooses and in his image.

The man says he won’t know what hit them. Reyes brings up her abduction and says she’s one of the chosen. She says she was too. She says everyone else will die and this started back in 2012. Scully says they have to stop it.

Scully asks about Mulder and Reyes says the man sent someone to Mulder to make him a deal because they guy loves Mulder. We see Mulder fighting with the man in his apartment. They grapple and that’s how his place was wrecked. Mulder gets him down and demands to know who sent him.

Now, Mulder is with the man and holds him at gun point. He says you wanted me, I’m here. He tells Mulder he’s controlled him since before he knew existed. The man says the world is crumbling around them and says it’s too late for anyone’s heroics.

He tells Mulder he doesn’t want to save his life. He says he wants him to see Scully again. Mulder threatens him for mentioning Scully. The man says he didn’t set out to destroy the world – humans did and he talks about climate change, animal extinction and more.

He says aliens predicted all of this and says neither of them could save mankind from self-extermination and says he just changed the timeline. He tells Mulder that he’ll be dead in a week if he doesn’t take what he’s offering – a seat at the big table.

The man says they can start the world anew – and Scully could be part of it. He tells Mulder that he looks sick and wonders if it’s avian flu, rhinovirus, plague… He tells Mulder it’s not too late. Tad breaks news that hospitals are overrun and says it’s a collapse and the main stream media isn’t covering it.

Tad rants and points out graffiti and says chem trails are triggering a breakdown of immune systems in most of humanity. Scully finds her hospital packed with ill people. The nurse says they don’t know what to do. Sandeep asks if they’ll all get sick.

Einstein tells Scully that the CDC confirmed the spread of mass contagion. Scully says come help me. She says she was wrong about the cause of all this. Einstein says it’s immune failure. Scully says she was mistaken about it. She says alien DNA is what she has and what can save them.

Scully says it’s in the germ line already and is loaded in the smallpox virus called the Spartan virus. She says a trusted friend told her how to help. Scully says they need to amplify her DNA to develop a vaccine. They get to work using Scully’s DNA.

The man tells Mulder to not be proud. He lies on the floor sick and tells the man he doesn’t want his help. The man mentions the Spartan virus as Mulder crawls to his feet. The man tells Mulder he’ll miss him since he made his life worth living.

Mulder crawls into the guy’s chair and says he’s on the king’s throne. The man pulls off part of the face covering and Mulder sees that a huge area of his face is missing from the burns. Einstein and Scully scramble in the lab to find the marker in Scully’s DNA.

Einstein says no alien DNA but Scully tells her which chromosome she found it on. Sandeep comes in and she’s sick and says the doctors are all getting sick now too. She asks if there’s anything Scully can do.

Tad looks sick as he gives his report about soldier’s deaths and immune systems crashing. He calls it a biological attack on American but says it may be global and says stay indoors. He says they will stay on the air as long as there is hope this might turn around.

At the hospital, beds are crammed together and piles of people are horribly ill. There’s no room for all of them. The lights flicker out but then the generators come back on. Einstein and Scully try to figure it out. They talk about how the Spartan virus works.

Einstein isn’t sick yet but Scully says she needs alien DNA. They wonder how the virus pulls it out. They talk about how the alien DNA deactivates the weapon. Scully says it’s not showing up so people can’t find the cure.

Einstein says their sample was too small and pulls Scully back in the lab. Miller is there with Mulder ready to save him but the man says there is nowhere to go and no one to help them. Einstein decides to run a larger sample but she’s already getting sick herself.

Miller is sick too but helps Mulder to the car. He tells Miller to ask the man for the cure because he has it. Miller asks the man who he is and he tells him to tell Mulder goodbye before he dies. Miller loads Mulder in the car and they drive away.

Scully and Einstein find the DNA marker and she says they’ll have a cure in a few hours but Einstein is sick and has to lie down. Miller calls Scully and he says they’re both sick. Scully says help is on the way and Miller says they may run out of road or gas.

She tells him to keep his phone charged and she’ll come to him. Scully brings an IV to Einstein and starts it. She says once she treats her, she needs to help the other doctors. She says it’s the only help. Tad’s broadcast is sketchy and he says systems are failing because no one is there to operate them.

He says there will be a frightful deafening silence soon. Traffic gridlock jams the city streets. Scully is on the street and sees all the chaos. Scully tells the rioters to get to the hospital and says help is on the way. Tad gets a text saying there’s a vaccine that could be a miracle.

Scully runs down the street and finds an abandoned car. She rushes on the sidewalks driving and honking so people get out of her way. Now she’s on a crowded freeway looking for Miller and Mulder. She calls Miller who says he’ll stand up to try and find her. She can’t drive anymore.

Scully gets out of the car and runs with the cure towards Miller. She says she’s coming his way. Miller says keep coming as he spots her. Mulder looks bad. Scully makes it to them and opens the door. He tells her the Smoking Man saved her life.

She says she’s going to save his. He says Miller is in trouble and she says he’s first. Scully says he needs stems cells right now. She says their child is the only one who can save Mulder but she doesn’t know where he is. A light above them illuminates them.

They stare up. Mulder sees it too. It’s a large ship. The light comes down and the ship lowers. Scully stares up and the light fills her eyes. That’s it. A major cliffhanger with Mulder near death and them needing their kid.