Chicago PD Recap 2/8/17: Season 4 Episode 13 “I Remember Her Now”

Chicago PD Recap 2/8/17: Season 4 Episode 13 "I Remember Her Now"

Tonight on NBC their drama Chicago PD returns with and all new Thursday, February 8, 2017, season 4 episode 13 called, “I Remember Her Now,” and we have your Chicago PD recap below. On tonight’s Chicago PD episode as per the NBC synopsis, “Halstead (Jesse Lee Soffer) goes undercover as a guard at a treatment center for troubled girls after one of its patients is found dead in an abandoned building; and Platt (Amy Morton) feels guilty because the victim was previously brought into the District, but she doesn’t recall her.”

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Chicago PD begins tonight with Sgt Hank Voight (Jason Beghe) arriving at a crime scene where he believes their DOA, can’t be more than 15-years-old and Dt. Alvin Olinsky (Elias Koteas) doesn’t believe she is homeless because of the way she is dressed and her hair is washed.

Officer Kim Burgess (Marina Squerciati) found an ID in the dumpster, which matches the girl’s description. It is for Brady, a home for troubled girls and wards of the State; they all find it curious that she hasn’t been reported missing even though the place is supposed to have their doors locked 24-7.

Voight informs Emma Crowley (Barbara Eve Harris) and Sgt Trudy Platt (Amy Morton) that their victim, Sam Wells has been a resident of Brady for 6-months. They found cash, toothbrush and change of clothes in her bag. There was a receipt from a convenience store 24-hours earlier; it looks like she ran away but no one reported her gone.

Trudy shares that her officers reported to Brady 185 times in 2015 for habitual runaways, overdoses, suicide attempts, and violence; oddly enough her officers have only been called to Brady 4 times in the 80-days.

Voight interrupts saying they are only 2 police reports away from being shut down, losing all their funding, so it appears they came up with a solution – stop calling the police! Crowley asks if he wants her permission to break down the door, he says he wants to do the opposite.

Dt. Jay Halstead (Jesse Lee Soffer) arrives at Brady in an undercover role as a guard. Halstead is show around the premises, learning there are 72 residents, the youngest is 12 oldest is 17. Most of the girls stay about a year, once their medications are level, they are sent to a local placement.

The Medical Examiner reveals their victim had been subjected to repeated abuse, and the most recent break was not from the fall. Burgess picks up the tox. screen and sees the girl was so high she couldn’t even fight back. They also learn the skull was fractured from the front but the arm was snapped from behind meaning she was yanked around.

Dt. Erin Lindsay (Sophia Bush) asks Sgt Platt if she remembers Sam Wells from when she dealt with her last year for a vandalism, and she waited behind the desk for 4 hours before her case worker showed up. Trudy says she doesn’t remember her at all, but Dt. Kevin Atwater (LaRoyce Hawkins) comes down to the desk telling Lindsay a 9-11 call came in for Brady reporting someone missing, and he said they will take the call.

Michael (Charles Andrew Gardner), the man running Brady, informs Atwater and Lindsay that he noticed Sam was missing when he did the 2 pm rounds; but he says she couldn’t have gone far since she was reported as being in her bed at 7am; a fight breaks out in the cafeteria and Michael leaves. Both Atwater and Lindsay question who is lying since Sam was dead 24-hours before she was seen in her bed.

Halstead is able to get Ellie (Danika Yarosh) to calm down and in turn she guesses he doesn’t know how things really work around there. She slinks up to him and tells him the girls here can make him feel good, as long as he helps them. He asks how and she tells him to find her and she will show him.

At the Chicago PD precinct, Halstead tells the Intelligence Unit about how Ellie approached him and it is clear they are trading sexual favors for drugs and access outside the facility. Lindsay shares that someone was obviously covering for Sam. Atwater reveals the location Sam has been picked up at the last three times.

Trudy asks Voight to keep her in the loop on this case; she wants anything he can find on family or foster placement because she wants to look into their records. She feels bad that she will be buried anonymously if they can’t find her family. Voight tells her to not beat herself up over this.

Halstead calls Ellie for meds and brings her into an empty classroom. She says she will do whatever he wants as long as he gets her what she needs. She wants a train ticket out of Chicago to Los Angeles. He agrees but tells her not there; she pulls back saying he is a waste of time; she tells him his boss, Vince (Ben Hopkins) would be fine with whatever happens in the room.

Atwater and Burgess question some kids about Sam; he gives them $20 and the girl tells them Sam was working as a prostitute on Tuesday night. She is there 2 to 3 times a week, picked up and dropped off at the same spot every time.

Halstead comes to Brady’s lunchroom and tells Vince he has a problem, that another resident Tonya saw him leave one of the rooms with a girl and threatened him. Vince tells him to never mention it again and Tonya won’t say anything. Vince tells him he had his fun, and its not like he is destroying them since their lives are already ruined.

Bed checks are being performed when Halstead asks Ellie if he can talk to her. She attempts to unbuckle his pants and he stops her noticing a bruise on her face; he wants to know what happened, and she tells him to get out of her room. He offers to just stay so she can talk to him, she says people who report, get killed. He leaves when she threatens to call Michael.

Halstead tells Voight Ellie shut down before they could get into it, but he is sure it is Vince who is keeping her quiet and believes Vince is the one forcing the girls to turn tricks. Voight wants Halstead to go further with Ellie, since it is only her word. Olinsky tells him it is his call.

As Trudy meets with the social worker, she wonders why she can’t remember Sam Wells. The worker suggests she let it go or it will eat at her. Halstead brings in a train ticket for Ellie, telling her he just wanted to talk to her, but either way, she has the ticket.

Ellie demands to know what he wants for the ticket, he says he wants to talk about Sam, but he needs her to help him stop what is going on. Ellie says Sam wanted help; but no one helped. Halstead reveals he is a cop and wants to help; she wants to see his badge but of course he doesn’t have it. He begs her to trust him. She tells him there is a room…

Halstead goes into the room with Tonya’s name on it and finds a hidden room behind the bookcase; he takes pictures of the blood, observing the sex toys and lingerie. He makes a call, saying they had it wrong, Sam died at Brady.

Voight stands with Atwater and Rixton telling Michael to open the door or he will as more and more Chicago PD arrive. They have police on every exit; Voight orders them to have every staff member and resident separated and to secure the crime scene and no one is to leave. Michael opens the door and Olinsky takes his key card.

Ellie is removed from the premises by Voight as Vince demands to know what is happening. Halstead asks Ellie to tell Voight what she told him. She reveals she knew Sam was working that night and when she heard a noise she thought she came home early.

She went to the back room and there was so much blood and the staff van was just pulling into the drive. She admits she didn’t see who was driving, but it’s a woman. She knew Sam wanted out and killed her. Voight asks her who killed her and she says TONYA.

Back at Brady, Rixton gets a call and they arrest Tonya. In the interrogation room, Tonya says she knew Halstead was a cop. Voight tells her they know what is going on at Brady; she gets cocky and says they are wasting time and their cop was screwing Ellie.

Halstead says she has much bigger things to worry about than dirtying his name. She tells him if she is there because of what Ellie said, then he is the dumbest boy scout she has ever seen. She turns it around and blames it on Ellie, that Ellie recruited her and Sam and if Sam is dead, Ellie did it. Voight asks for her alibi and orders Halstead out of the room when he gets emotional.

Voight comes out of the room and tells Halstead Tonya says this is about a beef between Ellie and Tonya. Lindsay reveals Sam’s blood is in Ellie’s belongings and she was the one who is seen on footage going into Tonya’s room at 7pm and not coming out until midnight; confirming she was in there at the time of death.

Halstead comes to the room Ellie is in, asking her to walk him through the night Sam was killed. She says she was sleeping, then admits she had gone on a date earlier and passed out afterwards. She says she was high and not sure when she got back, and Tonya was the one who set it up. She asks what Tonya is saying.

In the squad room, Halstead says he is out, he believed Ellie but wants them all to know nothing happened between him and that girl. Olinsky says no one is accusing him but he feels no one is defending him either. Voight tells them to stop because they need to figure out which 17-year-old did this.

Rixton says there is no evidence of Ellie in a 4-block radius, giving her no alibi. Voight says this is a ring, so where is the cash and the phone? They scoured the building and nothing; Halstead motions for Lindsay to come with him. They return to Brady, where Halstead brings her to a room where Tonya came out of twice and the room was empty. They tear the whole room apart and find a brick loose in the wall, finding money and the phone.

Lindsay enters Tonya’s interrogation room and produces the phone, she tries to deny it but Lindsay says the phone is linked to fake names that are clearly her social media; her data, finger prints. They were able to recover deleted texts including the one where Vince told her about Sam and she tells him she will take care of it. She tells Tonya she is being charged with first degree murder and even if she gets the minimum sentence, her parole officer hasn’t even been born yet! Tonya smirks, saying they only care now when 6-months ago those girls were trash to them; that she cared and the only thing worse than Brady was aging out with nothing. She tells Lindsay to do what she has to do.

Halstead tells the officer who is guarding Vince to take a walk and angrily shoves Vince into the wall. Ellie learns Tonya is being charged and Brady is being shut down and they found her a great family for her to live with. Halstead says he is sorry and Ellie thanks him.

As Voight leaves, he asks Trudy if she found someone to claim Sam. She tells him she didn’t, so she did. Trudy hands him a file that are instructions Sam wrote if she were to die; she didn’t believe she would live past 16. Voight asks if she is going to do this, she lifts her ashes up and says it is already done. Voight says he is going with her, she smiles.

Sam asks to be brought to somewhere quiet and by the water for them to leave her there and she can stay. Voight and Trudy release her ashes into the bay together.