Survivor: Game Changers Recap 5/3/17: Season 34 Episode 11 “Reinventing How This Game is Played”

Survivor: Game Changers Recap 5/3/17: Season 34 Episode 11 "Reinventing How This Game is Played"

Tonight on CBS Survivor: Game Changers airs with an all new Wednesday, May 3, 2017, Season 34 Episode 11 and we have your Survivor recap below. On tonight’s Survivor season, 34 episode 11 called “Reinventing How This Game is Played,” as per the CBS synopsis, “One castaway’s alliance reacts after one of their own admits to flipping; a player must decide if they should reveal their secret advantage in the game to a trusted ally.”

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Back at camp Sarah admits she is the one who flipped. Sierra and Culpepper were completely blindsided. Cirie congratulates Zeke on their win. Day 27 starts with the reward challenge. The remaining survivors will be divided into two teams of five and must race thru a series of obstacles to reach a chair lift. Four members must lift the fifth up to retrieve 10 tiles at a time until they have all 30. The tiles will be brought back to a table to be used to form a sentence. The winning team will be taken by helicopter to a resort where they will enjoy a beautiful meal and spend the night at the resort in a real bed.

On the Blue Team is Andrea, Aubry, Zeke, Sarah and Culpepper. On team Orange is Tau, Mikayla, Sierra, Troy, and Cirie. Mikayla starts strong for the Orange Team with Culpepper right behind her. Both teams make it thru the obstacle course easily and then struggle pulling up Troy for the Orange Team and Andrea for the Blue Team. Team Blue pulls ahead and gets all 30 tile. They move to the table to begin working on the word puzzle. The Orange Team final get all their letters and start working on the puzzle. 50 minutes in and the teams struggle to figure out the phrase. Team Blue wins after forming the phrase, “Reinventing how this game is played”.

The helicopter arrives and takes the winners to the resort. They are met by a waiter with mixed drinks on a tray and are lead to an incredible spread of food. Culpepper is the odd man out at the resort and he and Zeke seem to bond which makes Andrea uncomfortable. Back at camp the other players complain of being hunger and also of losing the vote at the last tribal council. They all realize that they are at the bottom. Tau still has two idols but has not shared this information with anyone.

Team Blue returns and everyone starts working it to figure out who is the next to go. Andrea and Cirie think Zeke needs to go next but they know they need to approach Sarah and Aubry carefully. Sarah wants to keep Zeke. She shares with Cirie that she has an advantage where she can steal a vote. Sarah plans to continue to play both sides until she is forced to pick a side.

Day 29 starts with Zeke feeling anxious. He and Sarah outline their plan and realize they need to bring Culpepper and Troy into their alliance to make their plans a reality. Culpepper made a lot of headway with Zeke during the reward challenge and is very happy with his position. The immunity challenge involves each contestant stacking a series of blocks on a beam while making their way thru an obstacle course that is attached to the beam. If the obstacle is bumped it will cause the blocks to fall and they will have to start over. The goal is stack all of the blocks in such a way that when pushed they will fall like dominos with the final block hitting a gong. The first person to make that happen will win immunity.

All are very close but then Culpepper knock his blocks off and has to start over. Andrea is in the lead with Mikayla in second. Andrea has to respace her blocks and Mikayla moves to get her last block in place. Andrea moves quickly and wins the challenge. She will be safe at tribal council. Sierra is very worried that she will be voted off the island. She knows she will really have to try to get into an alliance if she wants to stay.

Now that Andrea is safe tonight she is determined to get Zeke sent home. Cirie says they will have to really work on Sarah if they want Zeke to go home. Sierra goes to Cirie and Andrea and says she will vote for whoever they tell her to if she is safe. They all head to tribe counsel and it seems it is between Zeke and Sierra on which one will go home. The discussion starts with the shock several people felt last week when Debbie was sent home. Jeff says it seems it is 6 to 4 right now but that people keep flipping and it is almost impossible to know how people are going to vote.

Jeff tallies the votes and asks if anyone wants to play idol but there is no response. He begins to read the votes. 1 vote for Tai, 1 vote for Sierra, another vote for Tai then Sierra. Tai gets a 3rd vote. The next 2 votes are for Zeke. Zeke gets a 3rd vote. It is now Zeke – 3 votes, Tai – 3 votes and Sierra 2 – votes. Zeke gets another vote. It is now Zeke – 4 votes, Tai – 3 votes and Sierra 2 – votes. The final vote goes to Zeke and he is sent home. Mikayla begins to cry.