Blue Bloods Recap LIVE 3/9/18: Season 8 Episode 16 “Tale of Two Cities”

Blue Bloods Recap 3/9/18: Season 8 Episode 16 "Tale of Two Cities"

Tonight on CBS their hit drama starring Tom Selleck Blue Bloods airs an all-new Friday, March 9, 2018, episode and we have your Blue Bloods recap below. On tonight’s Blue Blood Season 8 episode 16, as per the CBS synopsis, “Danny and Baez investigate the murder of a man who was living a double life with two separate families, and Anthony tries to resist when Erin asks him to help investigate his old partner, whom she suspects of stealing drug money. Also, Frank deliberates between two candidates for the chief of transit position.

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A case of police corruption on tonight’s all new episode of “Blue Bloods” had somehow landed on Erin’s desk.

Erin had been prosecuting a drug dealer and was haggling over a possible plea agreement with his lawyer when Lawrence Skolnick said his client was willing to do time on one condition. The condition, unfortunately, just so happened to involve money. The dealer had wanted the three-hundred-dollars that he had in his apartment, at the time of his arrest, returned to him and Erin thought that was a mistake. She had been given a report that said the dealer only had ten thousand dollars in the house and so Skolnick told her that the police hadn’t necessarily seized the money – he implied that they stole it and hadn’t entered it into the database because they had wanted to keep the cash for themselves.

Now, that had gotten Erin’s back up. She said the police and the arresting officer would never do such a thing, but Skolnick had come prepared for her skepticisms because he had his client take a polygraph. The polygraph showed that Hector was telling the truth. He really did have a lot more money in his home than the police was saying he did and the polygraph wasn’t done by an unreliable company because they used the company that the District Attorney’s office used. And so Skolnick had did his due diligence. They had brought a problem to Erin that she was forced to confront and so she opened an investigation into Fusco. Fusco was a decorated detective and he happened to be her own investigator’s old partner.

Anthony knew Fusco and so he decided to step away from this particular fight. He hadn’t wanted to look into his old partner or help take down a cop yet Erin was going to continue her investigation with or without him because she believed she caught a whale. And while she was doing that, her brother Danny and his partner were looking into a dead man in the park. The victim had been stabbed several times and so the detectives had gone to the man’s family to break the news only they didn’t believe them. They said their husband and father – Jack Thompson – was on a business trip in London and so they didn’t believe Jack was dead until the detectives started showing them what had been found on the body.

They showed the family the wallet and they had tried to them the phone though neither had recognized the phone and so Danny decided to answer it when it rang. He answered the phone call from Lindsey and he asked her if she knew Jack Thompson. She said that she did and so Danny wanted to make things clear by showing her a photo of Jack with his family. And, again, she had said that was her Jack. Jack was apparently her fiancée and so she had been in the middle of asking Danny about who those other people in the photo were when Jack’s widow answered her. She told the other woman that she was Jack’s wife Janet and so that unraveled the careful story that Jack had crafted over the years.

The man had been living a double life. Jack would tell his wife of twenty years that he was going on a business trip when really he was going across the park to his other family. There, he had a fiancée who he had been with for three years and they shared a daughter. A daughter, mind you, that had freaked out Janet. Janet had wanted nothing to do with Jack’s sordid other life and Lindsey wanted nothing to do with her, but their secret threesome had been a motive for murder. The detectives had spoken to both women about what they knew or suspected because either of them could have killed Jack for two-timing them. And so the deceives look into them both, so later found out about Lindsey’s secret.

Lindsey had found out about Janet before Jack’s death because her computer searches showed that she had been looking into Janet. However, Lindsey had told the police that she hadn’t known about Janet and so they went back to her place to demand why she lied. The whole lying about Janet when she knew the truth could have been a motive for why she killed Jack and so Lyndsey tried to claim she was innocent despite how it looked. She said she had received a link to Janet’s Facebook page one and that’s how she had learned the truth. And she also told them that she was going to confront jack when he came “home. Lindsey said that she would have come right out to ask him about Janet and that things were going to be over with them no matter what.

The police just couldn’t believe her after she lied to them and so they had her do a polygraph. The polygraph had showed that she was telling the truth and so the police tried to check who had told Lindsey about Janet. They found out the message had come from a burner phone and Danny thought it best to call it in case someone answered. And they did. They answered the phone and had quickly hung up when they noticed Danny wasn’t a telemarketer yet Danny had recognized the voice in the little time he spoke to that person and so they went back to Thompson’s apartment he shared with Janet. Janet hadn’t even run or tried to flee when the police came knocking at her door because it seems she was ready to turn herself in.

Janet told them that she killed her husband, but Danny watched the security footage and he hadn’t seen Janet because the person that had actually killed Jack was their son Trevor. Trevor was the one that warned Lindsey and he had had problems with his dad because one day he was running late for school when he came out one day to see his father kissing a younger woman. That’s when Trevor put the pieces together and because he was still a kid he hadn’t thought about disposing the phone. He had just stuffed in his drawer and so his mother answered it when she heard it ringing. And once she knew what was going, she confessed to the murder to keep her son out of prison and had hoped Danny would end his investigation. He hadn’t! He kept looking until he found Trevor buying the burner and so he arrested the teenager when he hadn’t wanted to.

Danny later said he regretted finding the truth because he thought the kid deserved better.

Elsewhere, though, Erin had made strides in her case because she had talked to Anthony. Anthony had almost quit his job because he had wanted to investigate Fusco and so he had reached a compromise with Erin if she wanted him to stay. He told her that he would talk to Fusco without wearing a wire and that he would just ask his old partner about the money. He said he would know if Fusco was telling the truth and sadly he ended up telling Erin that she was right all along because he found out Fusco was dirty. Fusco had tried to lie to him and what he hadn’t known was that he had a tell. A tell that Anthony had recognized and so Anthony had ultimately agreed to help Erin take down his old partner because he wouldn’t allow a dirty cop to take down anyone else with him.

That had been a tough decision on Anthony’s part because he had wanted to take a man at face value and couldn’t, but Frank as police commissioner was given these dubious options more than he would like and this last time he chose to elect a cop to a higher office even though he had lied about his military record.

It was a decision that could blow back on him and yet Frank believed he had picked the perfect man for the job.


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