General Hospital Spoilers: DOOL’s Stephen Nichols Returns to Port Charles as Stefan Cassadine – The Timing Adds Up

General Hospital Spoilers: DOOL’s Stephen Nichols Returns to Port Charles as Stefan Cassadine - The Timing Adds Up

General Hospital Spoilers tease that viewers may soon see a familiar face resurface in Port Charles. That face may be none other than Stefan Cassadine (Stephen Nichols). Stefan was last seen 15 years ago, when Luke (Anthony Geary) stabbed him and he fell to his death.

But soap deaths can be quickly and easily reversed, and that may be what’s about to happen on General Hospital. As CDL previously (and exclusively) reported, Stephen Nichols could be set to reprise his role as Stefan Cassadine on General Hospital, since he’s done taping at Days of Our Lives.

Nichols’ last air date as Steve “Patch” Johnson on Days of Our Lives is set for August 31, when Steve will be seen comforting his best friend John (Drake Hogestyn) in the wake of Marlena’s (Deidre Hall) shooting. Steve will then be arrested for espionage off-screen, and viewers will see no more of the character.

Of course, the big question here is whether Days of Our Lives’ loss could be General Hospital’s gain. Could Stephen Nichols be joining General Hospital? Or maybe he already has.

The timing would certainly add up. Nichols’ last air date at Days of Our Lives is August 31. And on Friday, August 24, General Hospital teased on-screen that a familiar Cassadine may be back, when Cassandra (Jessica Tuck) was mysteriously removed from a medical facility in Canada and showed up in the back of a car with a mystery man.

This man’s face was not shown, but his hand was, and he was wearing a Cassadine family ring. Some fans have noticed that the mystery man’s hand looks awfully similar to Stephen Nichols’ hand. Yes, the two hands do appear to be similar, but so do many men’s hands. While this may be a clue, the timing of the Cassadine ring reveal seems more substantial in terms of evidence that Nichols is back at General Hospital.

If Nichols is set to return to General Hospital, now would probably be the time when the return was teased. His actual airdate (i.e., when his face is shown) would probably be shortly after he makes his last appearance as Steve on Days of Our Lives, as his contracts would likely prohibit him from appearing on both shows at the same time.

Of course, the mystery man could be Valentin (James Patrick Stewart) or another resurrected Cassadine man, such as Nikolas (most recently portrayed by Nick Stabile). But again, the timing of Stephen Nichols’ departure from Days of Our Lives compared to to the mystery man reveal strongly suggests that we’re looking at a Stefan Cassadine return.

Do you think that the evidence adds up? Is Stefan Cassadine returning to Port Charles? Interesting that Stephan Nichols posted the video below on Instagram the same day that the hand with the Cassadine ring appeared on GH, August 24 – was that a big hint from the actor? Stay tuned to the ABC soap and don’t forget to check CDL often for the latest General Hospital spoilers, updates, and news.

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