New Amsterdam Recap 10/09/18: Season 1 Episode 3 “Every Last Minute”

New Amsterdam Recap 10/09/18: Season 1 Episode 3 "Every Last Minute"

Tonight on NBC New Amsterdam premiere with an all-new Tuesday, October 9, 2018, season 1 episode 3 called, “Every Last Minute,” and we have your New Amsterdam recap below. On tonight’s New Amsterdam episode as per the NBC synopsis, “Max navigates his diagnosis while Dr. Sharpe encourages him to make a plan. Meanwhile, Dr. Bloom encourages Reynolds to take a chance and Dr. Kapoor and Iggy work together to help a child.”

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New Amsterdam begins tonight with the Dean of medicine firing Dr. Max Goodwin (Ryan Eggold). He says that he thought Max would be compliant and grateful. Max feels being fired would be doing him a favor because it would save his marriage to Georgia (Lisa O’Hare). Max says he is grateful but not compliant and he is given 6 months, but Max says he only needs 3.

A man is naked and digging up a grave, saying he needs to be with her; sirens are heard a police quickly arrive.

Back at New Amsterdam Hospital, Dr. Lauren Bloom (Janet Montgomery) prepares for Riker’s inmate, telling staff to remove anything that could be transformed into a weapon. In the meantime, EMT’s bring in the patient, named Ray who was digging up the grave of Mattie, his fiance, who is “gone”. She orders a tox screen and calls for psych. Bloom’s patient arrives and she sees she is very pregnant.

Dora (Zabryna Guevara) finds Max with paperwork to sign, as he changed a rule again. He avoids a staff meeting, as he wants to go see his wife. Dr. Helen Sharpe (Freema Agyeman) wants to discuss his treatment; he quickly admits he hasn’t told Georgia as she is on bed rest and tries to avert any other discussion. Dr. Floyd Reynolds (Jocko Sims) is happy with his new attendings coming in. Helen is not happy with Max’s plan.

Georgia informs max that she is being released; he is shocked that she is going so soon and more startled that she is going to Connecticut. Dora interrupts them, he knows he is late for the staff meeting but she informs him that the Dean started without him. Max arrives just in time to hear the Dean tell the staff about Arthur Rylan’s widow is coming to the hospital and has a pledge of $10 million to give to one hospital.

She wants to visit New Amsterdam and he expects Max to be charming and show her around the hospital; but he really wants the money for University Hospital, not New Amsterdam; the staff overhears and when the Dean leaves, Max asks who wants toe ten million, everyone raised their hand.

Dr. Vijay Kapoor (Anupam Kher) stands at the coffee counter, expecting an important call. Ella is new there but says she notices things and he is frowning. Dr. Bloom tells Janelle (Raquel Dominguez) her blood pressure is too high and believes she is developing a condition called preeclampsia. Bloom tells the prison guard to take the handcuffs off as her wrestling with them is causing her pressure to rise; he refuses.

Dr. Iggy Frome (Tyler Labine) meets with Ray, asking him about the naked grave digging. He says Mattie was his fiance and best friend. His toxicology reports came back clean but Iggy says it’s clear he has been putting something in his arm. He asks Iggy, “what arm?” Iggy begins to poke his arm with his pen but says he can’t feel anything because he is invisible.

Max meets Ms. Rylan, who says she has the whole day and he is happy because he wants to introduce her to every department head. Max admits he has only been there for 5 days and she laughs that she might know more about the hospital than he does. When she is introduced to Dr. Sharpe she wonders how she can keep up that radiant smile when there is no cure for cancer yet?

Dr. Bloom is finished her shift but learns that Janelle has more than preeclampsia and she needs to be tested for helps syndrome, where the blood doesn’t clot. She isn’t allowed to stay on after a 12-hour shift but she’s staying. She takes some pills and asks for an OB.

Iggy brings the case to Dr. Kapoor, who says they need an MRI; but just as Iggy explains that Ray feels he is invisible, they find the room empty. Kapoor says the man might have a point. Iggy informs security they have a runner, but they can only use walkies because of the $10 million women touring the hospital. Max sees Ray standing stark naked at the door and guides Ms. Rylan the other way before she can see him.

Yong-Mi (Ruibo Qian) and Anna (Amy Blackman) meet with Helen, who says her patients have always come first. She says she is cutting back on the press and Yong-Mi apologizes, saying they need a doctor who will put Anna’s needs first.

Max asks Ms. Rylan how her husband ended up at New Amsterdam as a patient. She reveals he was on his way to a meeting downtown when he had chest pains. Max introduces her to Dr. Floyd Reynolds, she can’t find the words when she meets the new team. She questions about the doctor who saved her husband’s life but shortly after Max revealed that he let him go, they are interrupted by Dr. Bloom who tells him Janelle is 32 weeks pregnant and has preeclampsia and helps syndrome and will not let them deliver even though both she and the baby could die.

Max leaves the “million dollar lady” to go talk to Janelle. He tells her straight that if she doesn’t deliver the baby now they are both going to die. She doesn’t want to have the baby in prison and have the same thing happen to her. She is out in 6 weeks and is desperate to keep the baby inside until then. He promises that he will find a way to take care of them both; she takes his hand as Lauren gets the OB.

Iggy is telling everyone to be on the lookout for the naked man as Mattie arrives at the hospital, saying she is Ray DiMarco’s fiance.

Kapoor and Iggy cannot figure out what happened to Ray, saying she hasn’t seen him in 2 days. Kapoor gets on the computer and they learn he injected himself with embalming fluid; he doesn’t think his fiance is dead, he thinks he is dead. They find him in the morgue, and Iggy says, “You’re killing me Ray!”

Max comes to see Georgia, who says he can come to see her every weekend if he wants. She is surprised that he is talking to the Mayor. He begs her not to go, but she tells him that he belongs there; not her. He is trying to not break any more promises; but she is okay with this and when he comes to Connecticut they will all be together, another call comes in and he has to go.

Dr. Bloom sees Dr. Sharpe in the elevator and offers to give her the expensive purse, saying the world thinks she is a fraud as her outside commitment relieves her of all credibility. Lauren reminds her that she is amazing, an excellent physician who raised a ton for New Amsterdam. When Lauren asks if she really can have the bag, Helen tells her to “piss off.”

Mattie is mortified that Ray injecting himself with embalming fluid and that he truly thinks he is dead. Iggy tries to explain that it is illogical but they are doing an MRI and the lack of feeling could be neurological. Kapoor says its a tumor that is causing pressure and delusions, out of body feeling, numbness and although he isn’t dead; he may as well be soon.

Lauren catches the elevator with Floyd, wondering if there are any future wives on his new team. He says everyone notices something but no one says anything. He says she would know more than anyone how women are overlooked for surgical positions, especially women of color.

Max continues to talk to the Mayor about Janelle but ends his call, surprised that Ms. Rylan is still there. She shows his plans that they Dean had made up for University Hospital. She wants to know why he fired the doctor who saved her husband; he says because he only cared about money – just like her husband. Does max want to know what she wants?

Dr. Bloom and the OB deliver Janelle’s baby, a beautiful, healthy baby girl. Janelle worries that her baby is already here and Max won’t be able to help them. Janelle feels she has to give her up and can’t hold her.

Max and Ms. Rylan look at the nursery as she says that they never had any children; she wanted kids but after they got married Arthur changed his mind. Max shows her the Kangaroo care room and she sees Janelle’s, newborn baby. Max sees the look on her face, and suggests giving her money to a program called “Together”.

The Dean is shocked that she wants to give the money to Riker’s Island, to convert unused space to a nursery and kangaroo care unit to allow incarcerated mothers to stay close to their newborns while they complete their sentence; even though the unit won’t be done for weeks, they can start the program today with Janelle Mason. He spoke to the Warden and there is no law against it and all they need is money.

The Dean asks if Arthur would want this, she says, “No, but she does.” Max says their job is to make people out in the world to not become patients. They can only help people, only if they are willing to take risks because change is always possible. Rylan says Max tried to honor his wishes but this is all on her. He thanks her for her contribution but shakes his head at Max.

Dr. Bloom tells Janelle that when she is going back, her baby is going with her and hands her the tiny baby girl.

Iggy tells Mattie that Ray has started a round of steroids to relieve the pressure from the tumor and by tomorrow his delusions will be gone and with time the tumor will be treatable. She crawls into bed beside Ray, telling him that tomorrow they will bring him back to life.

Kapoor returns to the coffee counter asking what “ghosted” means and Ella explains that it means when someone disappears from your life. He reveals his son did that to him, but he thinks he ghosted him first.

Janelle sits in a wheelchair, smiling down at her little girl as Max watches her from the door. He then walks into Helen’s office, who reprimands him. He openly admits that he needs her to be his doctor and he wants to be a father and husband. He is putting his life in her hands. She won’t bargain nor negotiate. He agrees as long as she will be his doctor, asking how much time before chemo and radiation. She gives him 3 weeks; he excuses himself, saying he doesn’t have a lot of time.

He finds that Georgia was discharged and runs down the hallway looking for her and stops her, saying their daughter is almost here. He fears their daughter is going to be born and see Georgia and love her immediately but after a long look, she is going to look for him and he won’t be there. Luna knows his voice, she will wonder where he is. He has to be there and he has to be here. He begs for her to let him be there to take care of her and their daughter. If things are really not working, he will drive them to Connecticut himself; after Georgia looks into his eyes, she agrees to stay. Max shouts to anyone who will look, that he is going to be a father, pointing to Georgia that she is his wife!

The End!