Chicago Fire Recap 03/27/19: Season 7 Episode 17 “Move a Wall”

Chicago Fire Recap 03/27/19: Season 7 Episode 17 "Move a Wall"

Tonight on NBC Chicago Fire returns with an all-new Wednesday, February 27, 2019, season 7 episode 17 called, “Move a Wall” and we have your Chicago Fire weekly recap below. On tonight’s Chicago Fire as per the NBC synopsis, “Tensions flare between Casey and Herrmann when the firehouse responds to an apartment complex fire. After discovering something extremely suspicious during the call, Kidd and Severide do some investigating and get CPD on the case.

Brett struggles to deal with her emotions while Herrmann’s wife, Cindy, hopes to get her interior design business on track by taking a stab at redoing the common room..”

Tonight’s Chicago Fire season 7 episode 15 looks like it is going to be great and you won’t want to miss it.   While you’re waiting for our recap make sure to check out all our Chicago Fire recaps, news, spoilers & more, right here!

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Chicago Fire begins tonight with Sylvie Brett (Kara Killmer) waking up to her alarm and then Joe Cruz (Joe Minoso) and Brian “Otis” Zvonecek (Yuri Sardarov) burst into her room with her social calendar. They order her to get up and dressed as they are going out for pancakes before the shift.

At the Firehouse, Chief Wallace Boden (Eamonn Walker) does a roll call, informing everyone needs to be up to date on their CPR certification and gives them two weeks to do so. Lt. Christopher Herrmann (David Eigenberg) informs everyone that his wife Cindy wants to start her interior decorating company. He asks them all to be open to change and help her out, but an apartment fire is announced and everyone is off. They quickly arrive on the scene where the fire hydrants are blocked. Herrmann decides to put the hoses across the street. Suddenly an SUV drives over the line and puts the unit in jeopardy; causing Matt Casey (Jesse Spencer) to scream at Herrmann.

Ritter has to get his shoulder checked while Matt and Herrmann bark orders that the others get the line going. Kelly Severide (Taylor Kinney) Stella Kidd (Miranda Rae mayo) are searching the house, where Severide finds an elderly woman, who claims she is the only one inside. Kidd enters another apartment and finds a little doll. Severide tells Stella to get out of the house, but not before she discovers a small nook where there is an open can of food.

Cruz informs Boden the woman was real arts and crafts but had left her soldering iron next to her paint cans; both Stella and Severide are not so convinced but remain silent. Herrmann announces that the fire has been knocked out, but Matt continues to blame Christopher for what happened to Ritter. Boden stops it from escalating when Stella tells the chief she needs to get back in the house. Matt shouts at her to pack up the rig and follow orders.

Cindy arrives but most of the crews are angry with each other; Herrmann tells her that today might not be a good idea for this. She takes it the wrong way, saying she understands but Herrmann says if they wait for the ideal time in a firehouse, it will never happen and she needs to do what she came there to do.

Chief Boden calls Matt into his office, where Kelly is already sitting. He explains that 51 was not positioned properly and hoses shouldn’t have been crossing the street without protection. He reminds Boden that they sometimes have to be hard on the firefighters in positions underneath them; even when those firefighters are best friends with his Chief. Matt is quickly dismissed and Severide follows him, saying Matt isn’t wrong; but Boden says the way Casey behaved at the scene was wrong too.

Stella tells Boden about the secret room in one of the apartments, with two beds and she feels it could be a child endangerment deal and wonders if she should call. Boden said he will do it. Kelly tells her to go with her gut when she says this was not some fort, it was creepy! Meanwhile, Cindy joins everyone in the common room, revealing her method of decorating is all based on how the room speaks to her. She suddenly decides she wants to get input from everyone to see how she can change things, but it’s not helping as most bicker about the furniture. Emily Foster (Annie Ilonzeh) says the firehouse was built by men, for men! Cindy is overwhelmed with all the suggestions.

Stella returns to her jacket, where she has the little doll she found. Kelly watches as Hailey Upton (Tracy Spiridakos) walks in and is told about the feeling Stella got off the door and a secret room. She gives her the doll she saw on the outside of the door and is positive there is something bad going on in the apartment; Severide tells her to trust Stella’s instincts. Matt sees them, tells them to keep their radio on in case they get a call. They arrive at the apartment, but there is no evidence of a crime nor did she witness anything. Hailey says she is stuck without a crime nor a victim but will follow up.

Stella and Kelly return to the Firehouse, where she thanks him for supporting her. He tells her he would do it any time. Casey runs into Ritter, who has a sprain and will be out a couple of shifts. Ritter defends Herrmann’s actions, as he wanted to make sure Matt had support before they rushed into the building.

Cindy reveals to Randalls “Mouch” McHolland (Christian Stolte) and Emily that their friend’s daughter works for Chicago Home Spread and it needs to be done before the end of their next shift on Saturday. Herrmann walks in, suggesting she works on their family room first. She thinks that is a great idea down the road but this has already been pitched and is following through.

Herrmann comes into Boden’s office, learning Ritter has a sprain and they will need a floater for a few shifts; but is shocked to learn that Casey has already selected Kevin Klinginpill (Aaron Munoz). Herrmann confronts Casey outside about choosing the reserve but he says that was his job and Casey didn’t actually help at all. He reveals all that he knows about Kevin Klinginpill, and how many issues CFD has had with him; Boden comes out wanting to know if there is a problem, but Christopher says no before walking away. Matt feels if this was any other firehouse, Herrmann would have been written up.

At Molly’s, Stella and Severide learn Hailey hit a dead end and realistically she has taken this case as far as she can. Stella is not pleased.

Cindy keeps talking about redecorating the firewall, even thinking about moving the wall between the common room and briefing room; which would really open up space. She knows Christopher isn’t paying attention ut before they can talk anymore, Boden knocks at the door saying he is there to check on him. Herrmann says it was a long shift and he is fine. He was mad at himself the second it happened and beating himself up for his mistake but he didn’t need to hear it from Casey too. Boden reveals that Casey is dealing with a lot more than he knows but he will get there. He needs Herrmann to learn from Casey and how he should learn to be tougher on his own guys too; he promises to apologize.

Kelly tells Stella about the elderly lady who had the smoke inhalation and she might know something about the neighbors. They say they are not there about the fire but her neighbor Mike Nunes. She says his first name in the mail is always in Mike but different last names and tells them where some of the letters are in her apartment if the fire didn’t get to them. Stella learns his sister had kids that she heard sometimes but Mike wasn’t living there very long.

Stella and Kelly search the mail, finding a letter from CPS, saying his home was accepted for additional children. Stella thinks he was stashing those kids in the tiny room and cashing in on the government checks. Kelly calls Hailey, but they leave a message and go to the address. Stella walks in, saying they believe there is a gas leak and need to quickly peek at the lines. Since he doesn’t own the building, they are allowed to be there. Mike says he has a headache and wants to get some aspirin, but Kelly stops him. Stella spots the discrepancy in the wall just as Mike grabs a knife and attacks Kelly.

Hailey arrives after Kelly has managed to beat him. Mike says this is Chicago brutality as Stella opens the hatch and finds two dirty little children, telling them they are safe. Hailey calls in for CPD, paramedics, and CPS. Hailey reads him his rights saying if he’d like to give up those rights she can smash his face into a wall.

Boden talks to the crew, saying their real badge is their hearts and that was shown by Stella Kidd this weekend and because of her brave efforts, a boy and girl are safe. Boden feels everyone should look to her as an example. The meeting ends and Herrmann attempts to talk to Matt but the floater arrives and begins giving Herrmann flack from the moment he arrives. He doesn’t bother telling Casey what he wanted to say but another call comes in and Herrmann tells the floater to stay out of the way unless he is given a direct order.

The crews arrive at a car fire, where the truck it hit is full of propane. They chain the SUV to the firetruck and are able to move it away before the propane truck explodes. Matt and Herrmann point at each other after all the excitement and work together to put the fire out.

Everyone returns to the Firehouse as the windows are blocked out and they are waiting for Cindy to have the big reveal. Christopher tries to apologize again to Casey but they are interrupted by Cindy this time. She reminds them that they wanted the place to make a statement, but when they walk in all they see is red Asian designs. The TV says “Read Instead” as Sylvie loves it. Herrmann calls Cindy to speak to her privately and says everyone appreciates that she wants to get her business going but this is a firehouse and she simply doesn’t have an eye for this; telling her to put everything back. Cindy is upset because she told him last week this is only rented furniture and everything would be back to normal, but now she needs to rethink her taste in everything!!

Herrmann chases after Casey, saying he owes him an apology and sorry it took so long. He made a boneheaded move. Casey feels he shouldn’t have gone after him with both barrels as he hasn’t been his usual self but he will get there. Herrmann doesn’t take it for granted that Casey is his superior officer since he has been lucky to watch him operate for most of his career and proud to serve under him. Matt thanks him, saying he needed to hear that. Boden nods at Casey who walks away.

At Molly’s Cruz, Otis and Sylvie talk about getting the couch Cindy had for almost nothing. They laugh when he spots it in the bar. He tells them to get it out of there before Cindy comes in and thinks he is making fun of her and keeps him in the dog house for life.

Hailey reveals the kids will be put in a home that knows how to deal with abused and at-risk kids. She hands Stella pictures the kids drew and says she is paying for the drinks for the rest of the night. Stella believes anyone would have done the same if they were in her shoes but Severide isn’t so sure as there is no one like her!


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