The Enemy Within Recap 05/06/19: Season 1 Episode 11 “The Embassy”

The Enemy Within Recap 05/06/19: Season 1 Episode 11 "The Embassy"

Tonight on NBC their new spy-hunting thriller, The Enemy Within premieres with an all-new Monday, May 6, 2019, episode and we have your Enemy Within recap below. On tonight’s The Enemy Within season 1 episode 11 called, “The Embassy,” as per the NBC synopsis, “When a highly sophisticated Tal operative evades FBI custody and flees to the Swiss embassy, the Cointel team must go undercover. What begins as a smooth counterintelligence operation quickly devolves into a tense hostage situation.”

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The Enemy Within begins tonight in Hoboken, New Jersey where Desmond Visser (Michael James Shaw), Independent Security Analyst where he is on the phone offering his services to prevent an attack; they agree to the terms when another call comes through his phone, informing him that he has been compromised and the FBI knows his name and what he did, so he needs to get out of the country immediately. He instantly worries about all the people around him in the park.

Will Keaton (Morris Chestnut) explains to the team who Desmond Visser is. A former Special Forces Commando turned independent security analyst. His area of expertise is vulnerability reports. Jacqueline Pettigrew (Cassandra Freeman) shares that for example if a federal courthouse was worried about an attack, this is the guy they would hire to find where their weak spots are. Meanwhile, Visser changes his appearance and clothing as Kate Ryan (Kelli Garner) pulls everything Homeland has on Visser for the past decade; their findings suggest that Visser could be tied to Alcon case where 6 executives were attacked and killed for Tal. Also from the laptop, it shows he was hired for a security detail for a security detention center in Cuba.

Visser calls the Embassy to make sure they have his papers and travel arrangements. Jason Bragg (Noah Mills) wants to go pick him up but Pettigrew says they can’t since he isn’t on US soil. He is in DC, but walked into a Swiss Embassy where he met with Remo Omlin, Swiss Diplomatic Attache, offering him $50K for an open-ended Swiss Visa; but what he didn’t know was Remo was busted 2 months earlier for selling those Visas. Remo reported Visser to the Embassy who reported it to the FBI. Visser is still inside the Embassy; but Keaton says they are not going to arrest Visser, they are going to use him for counterintelligence operation to find out everything he knows about Tal and what they are planning in Cuba.

There is a gala that night and all Keaton wasn’t is for Pettigrew and Bragg to get within 3 feet of Visser; they will not have their weapons but this is their last chance to get intel before he flees the country. They are all told they are moving out in 1 hour.

Grace Molinero, FBI Deputy Director meets with Agent Pettigrew, learning they haven’t worked together in 6 years. She wants to talk to Pettigrew about the Tal investigation, but cannot speak to Keaton as he is the one she really wants to discuss. She pushes on what Pettigrew feels about Keaton always taking Erica Shepherd (Jennifer Carpenter) out of her cell to help with investigations. She scoffs that they think they have Shepherd under control as she is skilled and one of the most evasive operatives in history.

Pettigrew does admit that she doesn’t trust Shepherd, but what scares her is whether Keaton trusts Shepherd. Molinero reveals she worked with Shepherd earlier and had the information she withheld from the FBI and the CIA. The Russians found out and ordered a kill order on her. Shepherd is on a ferry, sneaking through passengers cars, only able to escape when the Russians after her thought she escaped in a red SUV, which was surrounded on land, but when opened all they found was her jacket. She returned to the ferry and made a call for immediate extraction. Molinero says Erica’s deception but the entire operation at risk; she was an untrustworthy liar before she was a traitor. Right now she wants Pettigrew to spy on her own team because it is guaranteed Shepherd is going to get someone killed and she sure hopes it won’t be Jackie.

Meanwhile, Erica Shepherd is escorted upstairs as Will Keaton explaining what is going on at the Embassy; he wants to know if her head is in the game taking her to a private office where he questions her about the visit she had with her husband. She admits he knows about Hannah, and she is not allowed to see her anymore. Erica knows he is worried that since she can’t see her daughter any more she wouldn’t be so invested, but Will says that is not why he is asking.

Daniel Zain (Raza Jaffrey) and Jason Bragg talk about the operation, Bragg a little worried about going in with no weapons, but Jackie tells him she will protect him; Bragg comments on how nice she looks. The security teams have been briefed, cameras everywhere; but when Erica asks if every exit is covered. Keaton says she is in handcuffs for his protection.

Suddenly Visser is spotted at the bar but they can’t get close to him as he is on the move again. He stops Remo, demanding to know what is taking so long; saying if he can’t help him he will find someone else who can. Remo asks for 15 minutes, leaving him again. Visser returns to the bar alone as Jackie heads towards him with her cellphone hanging in her hand. Kate was unable to get the connection and in order to get through the encryption, Jackie needs to stay around him the entire time; something she thinks she can do. She returns to the bar, saying Bragg is her boyfriend who has been stalking her all night, hoping Visser will help but he doesn’t bite and walks away saying he doesn’t have time for this right now.

Visser finds Remo in another room, saying he is waiting on the Ambassador’s arrival and they can only do so much. Visser knows there is something he isn’t telling him; everyone sees this as Keaton tells them to hold off but the Swiss security refuses to put their guests in danger and order the guards to take him down. Remo takes off and Visser sees what is happening. He orders everyone to calm down, assaulting one of the guards and obtaining his gun he begins shooting.

Visser takes the handcuffs and weapons, sealing off the doors. Jackie tells Visser she is a nurse and he orders her to stay and tend to the shot guard. Keaton who is watching all of this calls for EMS for the Embassy while Daniel gathers the rest of the team. Everyone is ordered to hand over all their bags and place all their cellphones into the bag. He tells Jackie to give him her phone as she asks him not to do this. She places it on the ground and he stomps on it before kicking it away. FBI in the meantime sets up in a room with a clear view of the ballroom. Unfortunately, two hostages, including Bragg is told to close the drapes., forcing Daniel to say he lost the line of sight and need to shut it down.

Bragg believes they can take Visser down, but Keaton says there are too many civilians and they might be able to negotiate; Jackie disagrees as Erica says everyone can be negotiated with. Some of the hostages get restless and feel they have to try to get out of this, he asks about his mother-in-law’s heart medication as Visser points his gun at him. He tells him to go get the meds, while others remove the bars from one of the doors; Bragg is one of the ones shot, but he is wearing a vest. Visser demands to know who he is as he tries to find that he is security, but Visser knows he is lying. Bragg admits he is Jason Bragg from the FBI. Visser takes his radio, demanding a chopper and clear airspace in 30 minutes, or he will start shooting his hostages beginning with his agent.

Erica fights with Keaton, who says their life is more important but she feels it is a horrible mistake. Keaton orders her to stay put but once he is gone, Erica tricks the Embassy guard, unlocking her cuffs and leaving. Daniel and Keaton are unable to contact Shepherd and are forced to return to the ops room. Erica manages to walk into the room, where Visser instantly recognizes her. She tells him to put the gun down and she will explain what she is doing there.

Erica says she is not working for the FBI, nor is she there to stop him. She is there to help him escape because she is going with him. Visser walks right up to Erica, saying she doesn’t care about helping him, she just wants to escape. She spent the last 3 years of her life like a caged animal and she isn’t going to do it anymore. She tells him the chopper is a bad idea and she has seen the blueprints and knows how to get them out of there; he says if she is wrong, she will die. Keaton still has faith in Erica but Daniel worries that she has changed because of what happened with Hannah.

Hannah tells Visser if he is with her, they need to go; she asks if he is coming, holding a smoke grenade. Daniel tells Will this is enough and to not let this happen; causing the FBI to breach the building. Erica released the bomb while all the others are able to escape to where the FBI is. She pretends she can’t breathe and takes down a couple of the soldiers, Jackie reveals where Erica was last before she disappeared.

Keaton and Daniel find the two agents down so Daniel calls for EMS before they continue down the path after Erica and Visser. She brings him through various tunnels, saying they are there and which way they need to go. She tells him about the maintenance hatch to get out as Keaton yells out for Shepherd. She glances back at Will before she seals the hatch and Daniel says, “She’s gone!”

Visser and Erica carjack a vehicle and Visser don’t want to leave any witnesses but Erica takes the gun and control of the situation. She hands him back his gun as he says they need to get off the road where he has a contract that will help him. Back at HQ, everyone is debating on Erica really doing this. Daniel says they need to call the US Marshalls and local law enforcement on this but Will disagrees because he doesn’t think she is running at all. Daniel says she is a traitor but Keaton says the look Erica gave him was one for them to “hold off.” He thinks she is playing Visser to get information about Tal.

Visser and Erica go into a building, where his contact will be in about 10 minutes. She asks what Tal is planning in Cuba, saying she cares about what he is doing because he has to pay for what he did to her. She again asks what he is planning in Cuba. He admits that he knows nothing about Cuba but there is going to be another strike, bigger than anything he has ever done before – right here in DC!

Visser admits he doesn’t work for Tal, they only had a one-time transaction. The only thing Tal divulged was that 100s possibly 1000s would die and that it is going to happen very soon. Erica quickly takes off her vest helping Kate find exactly where she is. When they step outside to meet Visser’s contact, he realizes Erica set him up and the FBI is there to take him down. He points his gun at Erica saying, “Once a traitor, always a traitor!” and attempts to shoot her, only to realize she removed all the bullets.

Will asks if she is okay and they have a lot to talk about it, which she is okay with. Back in DC, Jackie turns down the offer to go against Keaton and her team like that. She knows Shepherd escaped custody today and helped someone try to escape. Jackie reveals the whole story, admitting both of them were wrong about Erica. They didn’t apprehend her, she used her GPS tracker for them to find her and Visser. Apparently, Agent Pettigrew is not the person she thought she was, which is fine by Jackie.

Daniel interrogates Visser, but Erica says Visser wasn’t one of Tal’s people so he wouldn’t have told him about the plan. When asked, she firmly believes this second attack on US soil is real. She doesn’t feel it was such a huge risk because she has worked with Keaton and knows how he would help her. She tells him at any cost, they are willing to catch Tal and as long as they can trust that, they will get him. Erica frowns as she is placed back in handcuffs. They both wish each other a good night.