The Enemy Within Recap 05/13/19: Season 1 Episode 12 “Sequestered”

The Enemy Within Recap 05/13/19: Season 1 Episode 12 "Sequestered"

Tonight on NBC their new spy-hunting thriller, The Enemy Within premieres with an all-new Monday, May 13, 2019, episode and we have your Enemy Within recap below. On tonight’s The Enemy Within season 1 episode 12 called, “Sequestered,” as per the NBC synopsis, “Acting on urgent intelligence from a captured Tal contact, Keaton and his team are able to intervene and stop the assassination of a high-profile congresswoman.

Keaton has Shepherd interrogate the congresswoman, who had previously used Shepherd’s treason conviction as a launching pad for her political career, leading to a stunning truth about the origins of Tal.”

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The Enemy Within begins in Tidal Basin, Washington, DC. Eight months ago Facilities Planner – Pentagon, Paul Backus meets with Mikhail Tal (Lev Gorn). He says who he is is not important but what he knows about him is. Backus wants to know what he is going to do with the tape, as Tal wants him to commit treason, blackmailing him. Backus says the tape is not worth committing treason over but Tal sweetens the deal saying he knows what he desires more than anything in life – power, but he has yet to obtain it as he hasn’t been allowed in the room where the real decisions are made. He is talking about making him the National Security Advisor to the United States of America; Tal doesn’t reveal who he is, but Paul knows.

Randolph Hotel, Washington DC – Present Day
A huge luncheon is in process as Evelyn Bell, Congresswoman (FL-28) talks with Ray, who says they need to talk about funding for his initiative but she tells him this is the wrong place; he doesn’t appreciate being dismissed again but she suggests he call her office and they will set up a meeting. Someone clicks their glass as Evelyn says this is her cue.

Desmond Visser, Independent Security Analyst meets with Will Keaton (Morris Chestnut), saying this will determine the next 20 years of his life. Will asks with Daniel Zain (Raza Jaffrey) behind him, demanding to know about the terrorist attack Tal had planned on a tourist attraction in DC. Visser says he can ask him a thousand times but his answer will remain the same. Until last month he had zero contact with Tal and his people, so why would he share anything with Desmond now?

The government luncheon continues as Visser reveals Tal had him do up a dossier on someone, their family members and daily schedule; everyone believing it to be an assassination plot. Just as they ask who it was about, Evelyn Bell is welcomed to the stand, Keaton and the FBI are able to thwart his plan chasing him into the kitchen. Jason Bragg (Noah Mills) chases the assassin (Matthew R. Staley) with Will shooting to kill form the bottom of the stairs.

Bell holds a press conference suggesting they ask themselves what is wrong and what is causing the Deputy Director and the CIA to turn against this great country of theirs; the video is from 3 years prior, and she is talking about Erica Shepherd (Jennifer Carpenter) who has done irrefutable damage to their country; needing to lock her into a cell and throw away the key. Kate Ryan (Kelli Garner) remembers the speeches as Evelyn Bell really went after Shepherd. Erica is aware that Bell rallied for the judge to enforce the death penalty. Erica feels she is lying when she claims she doesn’t know why she was attacked and the question should be why is Tal going after a congresswoman on the eve of two massive attacks? She reminds them that Tal’s actions are never random and Daniel feels they should question Bell.

Keaton meets with Paul Backus who says it was a very close attempt on Bell’s life; he promises they are gathering intel right now and will catch Tal. Backus says there is a strong belief that Keaton has compromised his ideas as a result of his continued cooperation with Erica Shepherd, something he denies but Paul informs him they are taking over the Tal investigation. Keaton feels it is a mistake as no one has a better chance of catching Tal than him; questioning of Paul can put the safety of the country over politics. Paul reminds him a leader was almost killed today and there is an imminent attack about to happen and Keaton doesn’t even know where. Paul says this is about the safety of the country and expects the case files by the end of the day.

Kate feels they have wasted 3 years on this, with Keaton explaining that Backus is going to put together a team from various agencies. Keaton informs the team, including Jacqueline Pettigrew (Cassandra Freeman) that they will remain on the case for 2-3 days that they are not going to waste. Tal is going to hit a DC tourist site and they need to know which one and when. Daniel feels they should question Congresswoman Bell as she might have the answers they need. It won’t be a normal interrogation because of who she is but, in the meantime, Keaton wants them to investigate Paul Backus as he doesn’t like the timing of this switch. He gives everyone their assignment and warns them they can’t do this legally so if they don’t want to do it, he understands.

Erica reminds Keaton that when this case is done so is she. She can’t see her daughter and she is done there; Keaton apologizes but asks if Erica is busy for the next few hours, suggesting she joins him for the interrogation of Bell. Keaton goes to the FBI Safe House, making sure everything is clear. She doesn’t think she can ensure the safety of the American people while she is locked up there, but her speech is interrupted when Erica walks into the room. Keaton reveals Shepherd is helping them with the Tal investigation; Bell refuses to speak to her because Erica is a convicted felon but Keaton reminds Bell that he has the right to tell her what to do. His goal is to capture and stop Tal and her lack of cooperation is stopping him from doing it. Bell removes her coat and tells them, “Let’s do this!”

Erica tells Evelyn that using her to generate fear in the people was effective but unimaginative. She claims not to know why Tal is trying to kill her. Bell says Erica is the expert on Tal, who says Bell is strong and unbending on her beliefs but she firmly thinks Bell is afraid that Tal won’t stop until she is dead. Erica wants to know if this is personal or something in her past; she is able to read her a little, saying this is going to be fun when she realizes it is something from her past.

Glencarlyn Park, Arlington, Virginia
Bragg meets someone, asking for intelligence on Paul Backus; financial ties, contacts; they both realize this could destroy their careers but there is a chance Backus is tangled up in some trouble. Backus does have a reputation for being slippery and not sticking to his word. Bragg is told this is the last time he does this.

Erica asks Evelyn what it is she isn’t telling them; who taunts her about needing tips on lying from Erica. She wants Keaton to call the Deputy Director, figuring out they are working this on their own. She knows this is unsanctioned and Erica betrayed the country, participating in the death of 4 CIA agents and how many other people. She wants to know why Erica wants to stomp out Tal as she is never getting out of jail, wondering if Erica is trying to redeem herself because nothing will make up for the lives she took. Erica thanks her, confirming what she already suspected. Evelyn is former CIA, saying what isn’t in her record is what caught her eye, the 14 months after she finished graduate school. She knows it was spy training and now Tal is targeting her; Erica informs Keaton that Bell was black ops.

Outside two agents are questioned by a woman with a stroller, asking if they are buying the house. Inside Keaton demands to know if Bell is former CIA, saying lives are at stake and she is withholding vital information. Suddenly the woman outside grabs a gun from her stroller and kills both agents.

She slips into the house as Keaton hides both Erica and Evelyn. Keaton is almost attacked but Evelyn and Erica take over the one assassin and flee the house while Keaton deals with another intruder. Erica points her gun at Evelyn but is really about to shoot the woman behind her. Keaton gets them into the car out back, saying they got attacked at the safehouse and on their way in. Keaton explains that Tal is planning a large scale attack at a tourist area.

She says if Tal is planning an attack it is going to happen tomorrow, finally admitting she spent 6 years doing black ops, mostly in Eastern Europe and Russian. She explains how they were working off book and Tal was working Russian Intelligence but he left. He did meet with her and in turn for his cooperation the CIA made certain promises to Tal, the most important one would be them promising to extract him and his brothers before everything was burnt to the ground. Tal is seen trying to get his brothers to pack as he reassures them everything will be good; his brothers meaning everything to him since his parents were dead. The agency decided they had gotten everything they needed from Tal and they were now justifiable casualties. Tal was waiting for them to arrive when one of their airstrikes took out both of Tal’s brothers; Tal blaming the CIA for this and nothing will stop until he has his revenge. She knows it is happening tomorrow because it is the anniversary of his brothers’ deaths.

Paul Backus ends up face to face with Tal, even though he was expecting Chigorin (Dale Pavinski). He isn’t disappointed but hoped Tal would be in Cuba by now. Tal knows Paul was never in the military so he wouldn’t understand that when given an order it must be carried out without any excuses nor exception. He also expected Keaton to be removed from the investigation, Paul assuring him it is being done but Tal asks him if he knows what happens when an order isn’t followed? Tal reminds him that Evelyn is important to him, even though Backus feels she means nothing.

Back at the FBI, Keaton feels the only explanation for the attack is Backus leaked the location; Bragg shows them phone records showing Backus to overseas sat phones, increasing communication with Tal. Daniel also proves that Backus has several offshore accounts in the Cayman Islands and just made a series of deposits trying to avoid being flagged by the Treasury. Keaton informs them that Bell is a former CIA who worked Black Ops for several years. They all worry about the damage that has been done with Tal having Backus in his pocket.

Jacquie and Keaton explain to the team how they are going to set up Backus in order to get him into custody. Bell listens to the plan saying there is just one problem, if anyone working for Tal finds out what they are up to, Backus will know and they will lose their only plan to get him. She doesn’t want to use a decoy, reminding him it is an armored car; if they want to guarantee this works she has to do it. Keaton agrees for her to be in the vehicle. Evelyn questions why Erica is doing this, still thinking she is trying to make up for the lives she took but she knows there is something more that Erica is trying really hard for the world not to know; Erica denies anything and tells Evelyn to get ready.

Backus Residence Alexandria, Virginia
Paul receives the messages about where Evelyn Bell is being taken and he immediately opens his safe, using his sat phone and informs them they have a change of plans. At the FBI, Keaton is in the middle of going over the plans with his team when they are interrupted, being confronted about someone carrying out an illegal search on the National Security Advisor; she confronts Daniel who asks if they have evidence of this and has Daniel Zain arrested. He tells Will it is okay as he will answer any questions the Director has for him.

The rest of the team is told by Keaton they cannot interfere with this or they go down for obstruction of justice; he doesn’t like this but they have to let it play out. Erica worries that Daniel won’t go far to keep their secret; Keaton says they are going to continue the plan with Evelyn Bell as they are in this all the way, more than ever.

Jason and Keaton talk, saying if there is anything out of the ordinary they need to communicate. Bragg asks Bell how long she worked Black Ops, as she explains it was amazing at times playing different roles of a liar, criminal and traitor; having to live the life to protect their country. Keaton says if anything is going to happen it will happen at the area they are approaching, Bragg doesn’t see anything but spike strips are thrown across the road with Bragg saying they are under attack. The military takes over and arrests the men, something Keaton listens to and when Bragg confirms Bell is okay, he says he is approaching from the back.

Several vehicles arrive at Backus’ house and he retreats to the back, where Keaton drops him and arrests him. Kate can’t believe that Tal got to the National Security Advisor; Kate worries about what Daniel is going to say, but Keaton assures her that Daniel always does the right thing. He walks into the interrogation, demanding answers about Tal and saying Backus has no room to negotiate. Backus says no one will get to Tal, saying every day over 100,000 people who go through Union Station. Tal doesn’t want to destroy the place, he wants to get the people inside. Keaton wants to know who Tal is working with, what he has planned and what is Backus’ involvement?

Daniel is told to write a statement about the truth that happened, the arrest doesn’t change the fact that Agent Keaton ordered the search; Daniel denies Will had anything to do with it. He is reminded this is his career, and she is making a mistake as this is her career too. He says she is wasting precious time as she goes after the only man who can stop Tal from his terrorist attack. She is unfazed, demanding to know if Keaton ordered the search when he denies it she suspends him from the Bureau until they complete an internal investigation; she takes it, telling him she hopes this was worth it.

Bell comes to see Erica in her cell, saying her daughter is beautiful. She figures out that Hannah was 12 when Erica got arrested. She tells her a story of one of her ops, and how a man wouldn’t budge to help them but as soon as she put a protective detail on his kids; he cooperated the very next day. She doesn’t have children but she learned that any parent would do anything to protect their children. She says her goodbye to Erica and leaves. Meanwhile, Tal reveals the Congresswoman is still alive but that is okay for now because the woman they have been waiting for is finally there; Washington is waiting for his orders.

Keaton tells Erica they are locking down Union Station but Erica wonders if that will be enough. He admits that he still believes there is no redemption for someone like her, but he hopes he is wrong. Tomorrow’s attack and Cuba are Tal’s end game; its either they stop him or he stops them. Erica says she is with him completely but there is something she needs to do first.

Keaton takes Erica to see Hannah at home, but her ex, Christopher Shepherd (Noah Bean) denies it at first. Erica tells him this might be a trip she doesn’t come back from and she needs to see her, he relents and lets her in. Hannah is shocked to see her, wondering how she is there. Erica admits she cannot stay long but is able to spend time with her while Keaton stands outside. Hannah talks about her schoolwork and her music is going well. Erica says she is lucky to find something she loves and should never stop doing it.

Hannah knows something is up, forcing Erica to admit that she made a lot of choices in her life, some of them hurting the people she loves but it is really important that she knows about the best decision she ever made – Hannah. Hannah talks about exercises she had to do, including jumping out of a plane. Things changed when she learned she was going to have a little girl, she met fear, wondering what kind of mother she could be trying to protect her without any control. For 16 years Hannah has taught her mom that she will succeed to everything she puts her heart to; she may not see it but she can feel it. Hannah hugs her mother, crying.

Erica comes back outside where Will is waiting. When asked if she is okay, Erica tells him, “Let’s end this!”