The Fix Recap 04/15/2019: Season 1 Episode 5 “Lie To Me”

The Fix Recap 04/15/2019: Season 1 Episode 5 "Lie To Me"

Tonight on ABC their new legal drama The Fix airs with an all-new Monday, April 15, 2019, episode and we have your The Fix recap below.  On tonight’s The Fix season 1 episode 5, “Lie to Me,”  as per the FOX synopsis, “The district attorney’s office makes everyone take a lie detector test in an effort to find the mole feeding information to Ezra Wolf. Meanwhile, Maya receives an unexpected visit from Sevvy’s son Gabe at work.”

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Maya places a call, then calls CJ asking about a Calvin Taylor, who has priors for assault, burglary, and possession. His prints were found in Jessica’s car and on her computer. They don’t have any more information until they receive a hard copy from the lab. CJ is at the campsite, saying so far Gabe’s story is checking out, but it looks like someone cleaned up. She spots blood on a tree trunk, but Maya needs to find out from him if someone got hurt.

Maya returns to Gabe, asking if he knew the name Calvin Taylor but he doesn’t recognize the name. He admits immediately that he hit Sevvy with a shovel after he tried to grab the bag. Maya learns that Sevvy was conscious when Gabe left the scene. Matthew questions Loni about her whereabouts and she lies that she was with Maya looking at lab results; he brings her in for the lie detector test. Maya retrieves the folder from Leo, the deputy at the door. She unlocks the bag and reviews the file on Calvin Taylor. She urgently asks for a search warrant and a special master once she sees what is inside.

Sevvy wakes up, kicking Ezra out of his chair, learning there is no word on Gabe. He wonders when it is ever going to end worried that Gabe goes to the police and tells them about the bag. Ezra says there isn’t a bag as Star took care of it. Loni takes the test, denying any contact with Ezra Wolf, Matthew sees the results and she is cleared to pick up her phone. She rushes to the bathroom and vomits but when she comes out of the stall Matthew is standing there and says, “I know it’s you!”

Loni is brought back into Matthew’s office who reveals that her right eyebrow goes up every time she lies. He demands to know what she told Wolf and she admits that she told Ezra about the tape of Julianne and Jessica at the diner. She also told them about the search warrant because she was angry, feeling betrayed when Matthew made Maya lead on the case. She hates what she did and regretted it ever since and it’s over between her and Ezra. Matthew orders her to sit down when she attempts to leave. He tells her he wants to fire her but he can’t because if it gets out that one of the prosecutors on the case was Ezra’s mole it would destroy everything. This is between the two of them but if Maya finds out, she is gone and she needs to turn over her passwords for all her devices as he will be watching her like a hawk.

CJ finds Buck in the park, asking if he prefers to be called “Calvin Taylor.” CJ says she saw him in action 8 years earlier and she is there as a professional courtesy, revealing they found his prints in Jessica’s car and on her computer. He won’t reveal the name of his clients, even though CJ believes Ezra and Sevvy hired him to kill Jessica. He says if he did kill Jessica, they wouldn’t have found his prints anywhere. He stops her, knowing that she is raiding his office right now and tells her that it was “well played.”

Maya arrives at Buck’s office while Ezra attempts to stop her, using client/attorney privilege. She reminds him that back then, Buck was working for Sevvy and Sevvy isn’t a lawyer. The Special Master returns from the office and gives Maya the zip drive. She tells Wolf that she remembers how things work, complimenting him on his shiner and wishing she had given it to him.

In the car, Maya sees all the photos of Jessica as Ezra returns to Sevvy, saying the surveillance footage is going to screw them, but Sevyy disagrees as Jessica was a quiet girl who wasn’t cheating. Ezra reminds him those papers will make him look like an insanely jealous boyfriend and it makes it worse that Sevvy tried to get rid of them. Ezra tells him that as long as Gabe stays gone and there is no bag, so no worries. Star walks in the room, saying no one has seen nor heard from Gabe. A knock at the door returns Sevvy’s phone, but he is shocked to learn that Gabe is at the DA’s office and talking to Maya.

Maya returns to the office shocked to see everyone leaving. Matthew says they found the mole who was a janitor and they would never make a case against a contract worker. Maya still wants to talk to him but Matthew says he already did. He tells her that he confessed since he would fail the polygraph. Maya knows the truth about the search warrant and that Johnson was trying to get rid of evidence; she reveals they have a visitor and it’s time for Matthew to meet him.

Ezra sits outside with Star, Sevvy walking behind him as Wolf tells her he wants to help her. She doesn’t need his help as Ezra explains that Gabe is talking to Maya right now, including the fact that she burned a critical piece of evidence. She can’t control what Gabe does, but Ezra pushes saying she could go to jail for being an accessory after the fact. Sevvy stops her from walking away, promising that Wolf will protect her but they need her to help them first. She shrugs her dad’s hands off, knowing that the point is this plan is to protect him and he believes his own BS. She tells Sevvy to reveal which part of her soul she is about to sell.

Maya and CJ tell Matthew that Gabe is telling the truth and there is evidence that Johnson had a clear consciousness of guilt. They cannot make the arrest but Gabe’s testimony would really resonate with jurors. He agrees to testify but Maya and Matthew warn him that this will get a whole lot worse. He doesn’t care as long as Sevvy ends up where he belongs. Maya says they are going to take him somewhere safe, where Sevvy can’t find him; but before they are able to escort him out of the building Gabe is arrested for assault with a deadly weapon, thanks to Star. CJ says this is Ezra Wolf’s game, even though Maya says this is her witness. Gabe begs for them not to take him as Maya says they are playing right into Wolf’s hand.

Maya, Loni, and CJ sit in the office as Maya feels this is on her because Gabe came to her and she let him down. Maya reveals that Gabe is broken after she told him how his mother died and doesn’t think he can come back from. CJ says they will make Sevvy pay and that is how they will help Gabe heal. The photos only show how jealous Sevvy was; Maya throws a ball at Loni for her to wake up. Matthew walks in revealing someone placed a tracker on Gabe’s car and that is how Wolf found him there, but that is also how Sevvy found where Gabe buried the bag. Matthew calls Loni out of the room, saying she forgot to sign some evidence; Maya finds it suspicious.

Matthew shows Loni a bug they found in her wallet, wondering if Ezra has been listening to every word they say. Loni acts defensive, swearing she had nothing to do with it. He is furious she betrayed everyone in this office and demands to know if she didn’t do this; who did?

Riv wakes up on the couch, finding dozens of boxes with dates on them sitting on the coffee table. He calls Maya, wondering if she is coming home soon. He says he is okay but wants to stay with her until this over; she says that would make her very happy. There is a bug planted in Maya’s place. CJ mocks Maya about having a gorgeous cowboy who comes to the city, cooks for her and doesn’t care if she stays out all night.

Maya stops her on one of the photos, asking about the yoga mat. If it was new, what was Sevvy’s DNA doing on it. Maya looks through the evidence, showing CJ everything they found in the trash can; both shocked to learn that Jessica took out the yoga mat the morning she was murdered and Sevvy was there! Matthew is about to leave as Maya hugs him saying, “We’ve got him!”

Gabe is brought into lockup as Ezra drives Star home, saying she did the right thing. She tells him she spent years defending her father and what people thought of him; that no matter what anyone thought she knew the truth. She is angry as Ezra tries to tell her the truth is complicated. She says it is not complicated and he is a murderer and Ezra is worse. She storms inside where she calls out for her father but finds her house empty. Sevvy arrives at the airport where he greets the airline attendant; saying he is on a little getaway. She follows him into the plane.


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