The Village Recap 04/16/19: Season 1 Episode 5 “Laid Bare”

The Village Recap 04/16/19: Season 1 Episode 5 "Laid Bare"

Tonight on NBC their new series The Village premiere with an all-new Tuesday, April 16, 2019,  season 1 episode 5 called “Laid Bare,” and we have your weekly The Village recap below. On tonight’s The Village episode as per the NBC synopsis, “Katie sees Sarah in a new light during her tumultuous first day of work at the nursing home. Nick makes a discovery in therapy and helps Enzo pursue a chance at love. Ron and Patricia host an open mic with a surprise performance from their past.”

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The Village begins tonight with Nick Porter (Warren Christie) up on the roof punching the boxing bag as Sarah Campbell (Michaela McManus) watches from behind. Nick realizes she is there, who admits he has to embrace his leg at some time; she suggests he could tell Katie (Grace Van Dien) that as she is still hiding the pregnancy. She found her standing outside a prenatal yoga class because she was afraid of all the normal moms, but now she is embarrassed of her job too as she always felt the nursing home was Sarah’s great compromise and now it is hers.

Nick offers to help with support but Sarah feels this is about responsibility but worries that Katie hasn’t accepted an actual baby coming. She praises him for going to Veterans meeting as she confesses it is time to tell Katie the truth about him. Sarah feels Amy Bowman (Nadine Nicole) is wrong, as she does see glimpses of the boy who left to Afghanistan.

Meanwhile, Patricia Davis (Lorraine Toussaint) is making breakfast as Ron (Frankie Faison) questioning her about going to a karaoke night and making him wonder what the club has that he doesn’t. He says it has a vision and now he has one, saying the rebirth of “Smalls”. She asks him about a marketing plan, but he says he has a talkboard, tonight is open night and cutting the costs of food. She feels that is brilliant but the quiche is not for him but for Dawn’s family after she didn’t make it through cancer. She doesn’t want Ron to go with her, encouraging him to make open mike night great.

Gabe Napolitano (Daren Kagasoff) arrives looking for Sofia Lopez (Aimee Carrero) who tells him not to knock but turn and pull. She mocks him about taking the bus like a big boy. He jokes that his bodyguard took the day off. He figured it would take a day to go through his case, but she shows him a pile of files, saying each of them is a person with a story that is tragic; hoping someone will listen. She is very judgy towards him, saying they need to just get through this.

Sarah finds Katie, packing her scrubs, knowing she doesn’t want people to know she is changing bedpans. She admits she is not wearing them since she can’t hide her stomach. Sarah offers her cardigan, saying they are allowed to wear sweaters. Sarah tells her that babies can start hearing around now as Katie says she doesn’t even want to look at her stomach, let alone talk to it and if the fetus wants to chat it will have to speak up. Sarah is holding Katie’s phone, saying Liam (Ben Ahlers) texted, saying for her to look on the bright side and she won’t have to work at the home forever.

Nick returns to see Amy, saying one of the rules is to never date someone who can hit harder than you. She says as long as they are breaking rules, he should remember the one that he shouldn’t tell his teammates he is dating his dead friend’s wife. Nick says the rule is to not date her in the first place, but she is okay with it. He learns she wants him to move in with her.

Amy reminds him they are from the same world, alone and they are a good fit. Nick isn’t saying no but it is a little complicated as she is Cooper’s wife. He feels she is worth uncomplicating it and would rather wake up next to her than the dog. Nick finally says “yes” to her is worth it, the sexy stuff and to him living with her. There is a knock at the door that interrupts them; she wants him to come over after he talks to Katie to hear all about it.

Nick opens the door and it is Enzo Napolitano (Dominic Chianese) in full uniform. Enzo salutes him as Nick says the uniform isn’t required, but Enzo tells him their chariot awaits. He gets on the bus where Enzo says the book he is reading is from a woman he fell in love with and that is all he has of her. Nick says he needs to get her phone number, but Enzo says the woman is refusing to give up her name at the library. One of the veterans puts her hand on Nick’s leg as Enzo warns him about her.

Ron is at the bar talking to Ben Jones (Jerod Haynes), reminding him, of course, the kid’s mom would give him the cold shoulder as she was just arrested, staring down the barrel of deportation. Ben worries she is having second thoughts. Ron’s Twitter account is set up, asking how he is supposed to get the bar full of people if he doesn’t have any followers. Ben sends out a tweet about there being free Whiskey, telling Ron he needs to spend money to make money and rushes out the door; while Ron grows worried about being retweeted a lot.

Katie is plunging a toilet when Liam sends her a message; one of the residents needs to use it immediately, leaving her holding the oxygen tank and him using the clogged toilet. Sarah helps her patient get off the bed, as he reminds her it is their 47th anniversary and she is as beautiful as the first. Sarah asks Katie to give him the jacket, as he celebrates, saying they will go dancing soon. Sarah helps him into the wheelchair, saying Katie will take him to see a magician. He says he is going to make sweet love to Sarah later as Katie leans in, telling Sarah she pictured that and her mind is ruined. Sarah reminds her to be kind as he has dementia.

Patricia goes to see Dawn’s family and then goes to church where she hears the choir practice. Patricia calls out Gordon’s name, who tells her the Pastor is in the office but she prefers to skip the middle man of God as she needs him to forgive his father. She assures him that his father is fine calling Gordon a hypocrite for not allowing his father to reach out; reminding him that he serves a Shepherd who has forgiven people for far worse. Gordon says the Shepherd was a son of God but he is the son of Ron, so no!

She continues to tell him that Ron bought a bar, hoping to invigorate his musical history. Gordon doesn’t even want to break bread with his father, calling Patricia ambitious for trying to partner them up. He feels he has the church and isn’t missing anything. She accepts that he can’t find it in his heart but Ron has the right to know Olivia (Hailey Kigore) is his granddaughter; which Gordon says Olivia is his and bids her goodbye. She tells him the name of the bar and doing live Gospel on Sundays in hopes that Gordon will show up.

Nick listens as people talk in the group. Enzo encourages Nick to talk, who admits things have been spooky since he came back to States’ side. He is asked by Joe (Kurt Yager) to recall his last mission and start where each of his men was. Nick says he didn’t have a great vantage and says what he knows. Deacon and Joe want Nick to stay with the memory, as he said he didn’t want to leave Rashad; who was under the humvee, begging for help with his daughter, but he has no idea what happened to him. Nick wipes away his tears and goes quiet. Joe feels they should talk about this while it is fresh, but he says he is busy with Enzo, who backs him up. They walk out as Nick says he needs the distraction, calling each other “Brothers in Arms.”

Ben goes to the park where Sami (Ethan Maher) is with his mother, Shirin (Anna George). Sami hugs him as Ben asks him to hang out with his mother for a second. Ben approaches Hamid (Pej Vahdat), who is asking him if he is looking for a fight. Ben extends his hand but Hamid won’t shake it as he says he is not trying to be Sami’s father as he knows what it is like to lose a son and wouldn’t wish it on anyone. They finally shake hands.

Katie plays checkers with the elderly man, who kicks her butt. Liam comes to see Katie at the home, where she doesn’t think she can have visitors; but she is told this is a job, not prison. She says she is wearing the blanket because she is cold as he reveals she has sold another photograph. Sarah runs into them, with Katie revealing he is from England and seeing someone. He sneaks into a room, feeling Sarah knows they are lying. He knows she is lying about the paint fumes as she wants him to stay but he has to go. He tells her he believes she can do anything she wants. And the two begin to kiss on the bed with the patient returning, telling him to take it easy as she is already “knocked up.” Katie is mortified as Liam says she has told 3 lies in 3 minutes, but she can’t chase him as she is told to change the sheets.

Patricia comes to the bar, which is full of patrons, shocking her. She finds Ron, who tells her to get back there as he needs help. She thinks the register would be overflowing but he says there is nothing to put in it as he tweeted Whiskey was free. He tells her they need to spend money to make money as Patricia puts out a tip jar.

Nick stands with Enzo who insists the librarian is a brick wall. Nick talks about rules and chain of command when he was an Army Ranger, but he’d be lying if they bent the rules occasionally; she still says no. Nick suggests they compromise, asking for her first name only. Enzo says he can dream about her with the first name. On the way home he is all smiling as he keeps repeating the name “Gwendolena”. Nick wants to know what makes Enzo so sure about her. He says love is not a shoot, it is a tidal wave and when she looked at him he was swept off his feet, just like with Rosemary. Nick says they will find her last name.

Sofia gets off the phone as Gabe paces the floor. She reveals there were 9 other people who were helped by this forger all arrested before Ava Behzadi (Moran Atias); so what happens to her will depend on these cases which will set a precedent. Olivia asks if there is any chance she will remarry her ex but Gabe reveals Ava has a boyfriend, but getting married after the arrest will not stop her from getting deported. Sofia believes it could help get her back, this is not a silver bullet as Gabe learns it could take months possibly years. Gabe feels this is something, saying they had a team-like moment. She tells him to eat his sandwich.

Patricia finds there is nothing but good stuff left. Patricia tells him they need to tweet out that they are all out of Whiskey, but they are distracted by the beautiful voice coming from the stage. When they emerge, Patricia tells Ron that is Olivia, his granddaughter.

Katie helps another woman to bed who says Sarah holds her hand a little and sometimes sings a song about a red balloon. Katie remembers her mom used to sing that one too and begins to sing; she stops singing and grabs her belly. She leaves, saying she will come back, a moment Sarah notices and runs after Katie who reveals the baby is kicking. Katie is crying so Sarah sits beside her, asking if she can feel. Katie cries that it is a strong baby but Sarah reassures her that the baby is just like its mama, and places her hand on her belly. Sarah suggests she says “hello” to her baby and she does, laughing with her mom.

Olivia finishes her song met with a round of applause. Patricia suggests Ron just follows her lead as she introduces herself. He says he is her grandfather and she immediately hugs him. They sit at the bar, where Olivia says she simply wants to sing as they both feel she has the gift. She admits her mom attempts to talk to her dad about them and they say they got photos through the years. They keep saying none of this is on her, but she wants to know more about them.

Ava sits with Ben, admitting she revealed to Sami that he will be spending some nights there. Sami wants Ben to sleep in his room, but she told him they will see. She kisses Ben. Meanwhile, Sarah turns on “Unchained Melody” and dances with her patient for their anniversary. Nick is playing cards with the veterans but tells them to put their beer away as he is going to get them some water. He walks into the other room, watching Sarah dance with her patient. Katie finds Nick staring, as he tells her he is playing poker with Enzo and his buddies.

Nick is happy to see Katie isn’t wearing a tent. He tells her if anyone looks at her with anything but respect, she should come to find him. Sarah joins them as Nick tells them both he’s been having some PTSD but needs them to know so he won’t spook them. Sarah says they will knock first before they come in as Katie apologizes. He promises he will be fine. Katie walks away with Nick telling Sarah he needs more time to get his head straight.

Enzo returns home, singing which makes Gabe question what he is on. Enzo says he is high on life revealing the name of the librarian but has a little to work out still. He feels love is coming next for Gabe, there is a knock at the door. Gabe opens it to see Olivia, who gives him his lunch receipt, accusing him of not revealing his last name. She tells him that half the files on her desk have been bullied onto the street by his father’s firm. Gabe says that is allegedly and he revealed he used to work there; she accuses him of hiding that he is the soul-sucking spawn of the boss. Gabe says he is paying his own way through school; she feels he is making fun of her job. She promises to work Ava’s case with him but if he wants to reach her; he just needs to email.

Sarah comes to see Nick, asking if he wants to talk about it; but he doesn’t know if it is going to get worse. She wants to know what happened and he tells her the memory of the ambush he remembers someone who wasn’t even there and someone in the group thinks he could be putting two memories into one, but he has no idea what the other memory is. He remembers talking to the guy, telling him he will be okay when he knew he wasn’t. Sarah tells him he isn’t crazy as his brain wants him to mourn something that his heart doesn’t remember. She hears that his leg was blown off, had a dog on top of him and he was still worried about other people. She tells him she forgives him, for her and for all of the people that got hurt.

Nick wants to be strong for Katie like a dad should be but Sarah reminds him dads don’t need to be strong, they simply need to love. She reminds him of the boy she met 17 summers ago who was the loveliest. Nick says he is gone but she insists he is right there as he carried him over his shoulders and brought him out alive. He is right there but he just needs to heal a little. Sarah and Nick begin to kiss each other, touching their faces tenderly.

Sarah unbuttons his shirt but he tells her to stop; she begins again as they stare into each other’s eyes as they make love as Amy attempts to call him. Ben and Ava share kisses on the couch; Ben reveals he spoke to Gabe who said if they married before she got deported, she might be able to get back in. He would do it for her but he can’t as he is still married. Ava pulls away. Katie sits at home, rubbing her belly as Enzo continues his song. Patricia and Ron talk for hours with Olivia.


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