The Blacklist Recap 05/20/22: Season 9 Episode 21 “Marvin Gerard: Conclusion Pt 1”

The Blacklist Recap 05/20/22: Season 9 Episode 21 "Marvin Gerard: Conclusion Pt 1"

Tonight on NBC their hit drama The Blacklist starring James Spader airs with an all-new time-slow Friday, May 20, 2022, episode and we have your The Blacklist recap below. On tonight’s The Blacklist Season 9, Episode 21 called, “Marvin Gerard: Conclusion Pt 1” as per the NBC synopsis, “Red and the Task Force spring into action after learning who betrayed them.

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Tonight’s episode begins with Cooper and Red, they are talking and Cooper wants to stay in prison and have Gerard pay for his crimes. Red says that he doesn’t want Marvin to go to prison because he has a lot of his empire in his hands. Meanwhile, Marvin is making a call, speaking to Fisker, and says that Red’s bodyguard is recuperating from an injury, and the woman he loves has one foot out the door. Red is worried that Marvin will take him down, and destroy his organization, the Blacklist, and the task force. Cooper can accept losing the task force, he can’t accept Agnes losing another parent, and he can’t do that from prison. Red says they have nothing left to talk about. While Fisker tells Marvin that Red is a dead man walking.

Marvin is in a bar Tyson, thinking back to when he realized that Red was giving his whole empire to Elizabeth Keen. We see the whole Marvin breakdown of when he made up the plan to kill Liz, and Tyson really came up with the idea.

Present-day, Dembe goes in to speak to Cooper. He tells him that Marvin has betrayed Red and he would like to be there for him now since Weecha is unable to.

Dembe meets up with Red who says he missed him a lot, and Marvin has declared civil war. Unfortunately, Marvin has his playbook when he stole the DVDs that he left for Liz. Red owns a hunting lodge, he bought it for Marvin but never gave it to him because his girlfriend was a vegan, and they are going to fly there.

Marvin is able to find out that Red is going to be at the lodge he alerts Fiskar and says this war will be over soon.

At the lodge, Red is there with Debe, with some very important people in his business. He tells them that Marvin is trying to take over his business, the ultimate betrayal. The lodge is heavily guarded outside, but Fiskar’s team is in place and on the way there on foot. The final member of Red’s little circle has arrived, McDougal and Red opens the door and shoot him because he already went over on Marvin’s side. Fisker offers to have live feeds for Marvin so he sees Red being taken down, Marvin says no, he doesn’t want to see them and he wants them to do it quick.

We take a look back at the “Neville” days when Marvin caught one of his men and told him that Neville was dead. He partners with him and tells him that he needs Liz to die and if he fulfilled he would be filling his mentor’s dying wish.

We see Fiskar’s team approaching the lodge with heavy artillery. All of a sudden, inside the lodge everyone can’t get a signal on their cell phones. Then Dembe sees a small red light near Red’s head and jumps to save him as bullets start flying everywhere. All of the guards outside the lodge are dead. Inside there are also quite a few dead, but Red and Dembe are alive. There is a CB radio in the house, Red sends a distress call and Cooper gets it. Aram sends the order to get a helicopter out there with a team.

Ressler arrives in time to save them, Red asks if some of his people are still alive and he says some. Ressler finds dripping blood on the floor and follows it.

Red goes to the hospital to see Weecha, Mierce is there with her. Red tells Mierce not to go, he struck up a plan, and he will make it safe for her to stay. She tells him that nobody will be safe around him ever.

Marvin is furious, he calls FIskar and tells him that he paid for an army and Red is still alive. Fisker says these things take time. Marvin says fine, he will find another place to do it again.

We look back again, we see where Marvin came up with the plan to frame Cooper with the help of Tyson.

Ressler has the guy in custody who was dripping in blood, it is one of Fiskar’s men and he tells him that if he doesn’t take he is going to take the fall for the whole team.

Red calls Cooper and thanks him for saving his life, Dembe, and the others. Cooper says they didn’t get any info from the operative they have in custody yet. Cooper describes him to Red. His tattoos on his arms have been removed. Red tells him that he is looking for Henrick Fiskar, he insists that his men have their tattoos removed. Red tells Dembe that they need to get to Fiskar before the FBI does.

Red finds Fiskar through his pilot Gomez, who told him that he was flying to meet with Gomez. Red asks him what he wants and FIskar says he won’t sell him out. Red has one of his men put Fiskar’s head underwater in a bucket. After 18 minutes, Fiskar starts to panic and they let him out. Red asks him if he learned from his lesson. Fiskar gives him the location. Dembe calls the task force and gives them an update. Dembe won’t tell them where the meeting is, he says he promised Red. But if they find Fiskar, maybe they can get it from him.

Red is with his men, he makes a call to Dembe and knows that Marvin is listening, so they set him up. Meanwhile, the task force finds Fiskar and he won’t talk. But Cooper sees some cameras and tells Ressler they need to see the footage of when Fiskar told Red the location.

At the airport, Red is sitting in the airport and he gets a call from Marvin who says he is slipping. Red tells him he can read him like “One Fish, Two Fish.” Marvin makes him a one-time offer, to walk away. Red says he is comfortable. Marvin says he is about to walk into a meeting that is going to seal Red’s fate. Marvin goes up the escalator and at the top, is Red. Marvin tells him that he should have shot him the day he came back. Marvin says he is angry because he was going to give Liz their life’s work, and he forced his hand. Red says 30 years ago, he says something in his eyes, the void inside him and his power to fill it. From that day forward, he knew he wasn’t a leader. He is destined to serve. Red tells him to go quietly and nobody around them will get hurt. The alarm goes off, and Marvin pushes red down and calls him a smug bastard then takes off. Red calls Cooper and tells him that he has no idea what he has done, they have just lost Liz’s killer and his blackmailer. And, he lost him, his most important friend and ally.