Chicago Fire Winter Premiere Recap 01/04/23: Season 11 Episode 10 “Something for the Pain”

Chicago Fire Winter Premiere Recap 01/04/23: Season 11 Episode 10 "Something for the Pain"

Tonight on NBC Chicago Fire returns with an all-new Wednesday, January 4, 2023, season 11 episode 10 called, “Something for the Pain” and we have your Chicago Fire recap below. In tonight’s Chicago Fire season 11 episode 9 as per the NBC synopsis, “Det. Pryma’s case comes to an explosive end with Kidd and Carver’s lives in danger. Brett installs an infant Safe Surrender Box at 51. Violet is determined to take Emma down.

Tonight’s Chicago Fire season 11 episode 9 looks like it is going to be great and you won’t want to miss it.   While you’re waiting for our recap, check out all our Chicago Fire recaps, news, spoilers & more, right here!

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In tonight’s Chicago Fire recap, there was an injured cop in a house rigged to blow. Kidd knew the risks and she still went into the house despite them. She went in and Carver voted to come along too. Both of them were in that house when it later blew up. They were knocked off their feet. They had to be carried out of the building by Search and Rescue.

Meaning it was Severide who got them out. Severide didn’t even wait to hear from Bomb Squad. He went running into that building and he got everyone out. It was a good thing too because Kidd took shrapnel to her stomach. There was no exit wound and she had to be rushed to the hospital to get the shrapnel removed.

Carver got off easy. He was sent to the hospital as well. He got checked out and everything was okay with him. But he stayed at the hospital to hear about Kidd. Everyone from 51 had been there. They all wanted to be with Severide to hear the prognosis and luckily the prognosis was good. Kidd was going to make it.

She was still going to be out for a few weeks while she recovers and so all in all that wasn’t too bad. Kidd woke up to her husband by her bedside. She had scared him with what she did. Severide had been in a panic when he entered the house and he didn’t stop panicking until his wife made it out of surgery.

With everyone worried about Kidd, Boden felt it was his place to be worried about Carver. He checked in with Carver. Things were different back in the old days when brass used to tell them to drink their problems away and so Boden wanted to make sure that Carver took the time to heal from this whole thing.

Only Carver didn’t want to take time off. He went back to work as if nothing happened. He also tried to visit Kidd at the hospital and he ultimately stopped himself from doing so because she wasn’t alone. Carver skipped the chance to visit her only it wasn’t long before Kidd was back on the job.

They all welcomed her back with open arms. Carver even tried to be nice by saying her replacement was no match for her and she questioned if he was messing with her. They then got called out to a scene. They went to a restaurant where the smoke alarm was going off. Except they searched the place. There was no smoke.

They instead found someone trapped in the venting system. He fell in from the roof when he was clearing it out and he got trapped in there. It’s a good thing he triggered the alarm on his fall down because he might have died in there. The owner of the restaurant eventually showed up and he said he didn’t have someone working on the vents. Everyone was off.

The guy stuck in the vents had tried robbing the place. Once Carver heard that he wanted to pull Kidd out of there. It was Kidd who continued with the rescue. She went down the chute and she rescued the man trapped inside. She brought him out. Carver warned him against trying anything. The guy replied his foot was broken.

He wasn’t going to try and make a run for it. Carver’s behavior on this call was out of nowhere Kidd talked to him about it. She asked what happened to him while she’s been away. He’s hesitant on calls. He’s worried about her. It wasn’t normally like him and so she asked for old Carver back.

But Kidd wasn’t her normal self either. She’s been having nightmares lately. Severide has tried to be supportive and she doesn’t really want to deal with the nightmares or talk about them with her husband. She was struggling just as much as Carver. Just not in the same way. Carver lost his cockiness and gained doubt.

Kidd can’t sleep. Severide knew about both of their issues and he told his wife that she should talk to Carver. As in serious talk. Not simply work stuff. He thought if she opened up to someone even if it wasn’t him that it would be better for her and he realized that Carver needed it too.

There was plenty of stuff going on at the firehouse while this was all happening. They gained a new incubator station where people could drop off their babies safely and keep them warm in the winter cold. Someone had used the station to drop off their burrito order because they wanted to warm it up, but Brett talked Capp out of ever doing that again.

There was also an issue with Emma. Violet hated that Emma landed on her feet in Internal Affairs and so she tried to get Emma fired from her new job and it didn’t work out for her. Emma still had her job. She was also now angry. And back out for blood.

Kidd meanwhile followed her husband’s advice. She had a heart-to-heart. He confessed where he really got those burns from. It turns out his older brother pushed him into a bonfire when he was a little kid. Carver had to get himself out of it, but his brother played the hero with the rest of the family and no one believed Carver about what really happened. And so Carver wasn’t used to being saved and yet Kidd saved him that day and he’ll never forget it.