General Hospital Spoilers: Wednesday, March 29 – Epiphany’s Tragic Accident – Marshall Blames Himself – Sonny’s Reminder

General Hospital Spoilers: Wednesday, March 29 – Epiphany’s Tragic Accident – Marshall Blames Himself – Sonny’s Reminder

General Hospital (GH) spoilers for Wednesday, March 29, tease that fans will have a chance to say goodbye to Epiphany Johnson as well as her portrayer, Sonya Eddy. Since Eddy passed away unexpectedly in December 2022, the show wanted to do something in memory of this beloved cast member.

Although some viewers hoped that Epiphany might get a happy ending despite the real-life tragedy, that wouldn’t really allow for the proper opportunity to grieve.

Instead, Epiphany has indeed died – and based on the phone call Elizabeth Baldwin (Rebecca Herbst) just had with a state trooper, it sounds like Epiphany was killed in a car accident.

Of course, it’s possible there was some underlying health issue that caused Epiphany to lose control at the wheel.

Then again, maybe Epiphany tried to stop and help someone having trouble on the side of the road – only to end up facing a tragic accident herself.

Whatever the case, Epiphany Johnson was special to so many people, so they’ll all show up for a memorial service at GH and reflect on this difficult loss.

Marshall Ashford (Robert Gossett) will feel like this is all his fault since he urged Epiphany to follow her dreams of becoming a doctor.

Perhaps Marshall will argue that Epiphany never would’ve taken that trip to check out the Johns Hopkins campus if it hadn’t been for him.

However, it’s certainly not Marshall’s fault that an accident happened.

Portia Robinson (Brook Kerr) may insist that Marshall inspired Epiphany to follow a lifelong dream and made her incredibly happy toward the end of her life.

As for Elizabeth Baldwin (Rebecca Herbst), she’ll just wish she could’ve made things right with Epiphany before her death.

Liz will open up to Hamilton Finn (Michael Easton) and continue to worry that Epiphany thought less of her for helping with Nikolas Cassadine’s (Adam Huss) scheme.

Finn will no doubt assure Liz that Epiphany loved her and would’ve forgiven her for just about anything.

Perhaps Epiphany really did write a letter of support for the ethics committee that’ll ultimately turn up and give Liz some closure.

Over with Robert Scorpio (Tristan Rogers), he’ll step outside to get some air since this day will obviously be pretty overwhelming.

Laura Collins (Genie Francis) will join Robert, who’ll reflect on the hospital losing one of their best employees.

Of course, Epiphany was much more than an employee since she made so many personal connections in Port Charles.

Sonny Corinthos (Maurice Benard) will get a bittersweet reminder of how precious life can be as he mourns this loss and appreciates Nina Reeves (Cynthia Watros) even more.

Although Bobbie Spencer (Jacklyn Zeman) will seem concerned when Carly Spencer (Laura Wright) wheels Willow Tait (Katelyn MacMullen) in, Willow will insist this is exactly where she needs to be right now.

Despite Willow’s illness, she won’t want to miss this chance to bid Epiphany farewell.

Milo Giambetti (Drew Cheetwood) is Epiphany’s ex and will also show up to grieve for someone he loved dearly.

Yvette Nicole Brown was a real-life friend of Sonya Eddy’s, so she’ll have a special role as a mysterious visitor.

It looks like Brown’s character will have a story to tell about how Epiphany touched her life in a very specific way.

Other General Hospital spoilers say Diane Miller (Carolyn Hennesy) will deliver some time-sensitive forms to Liesl Obrecht (Kathleen Gati) and insist that they must be completed today.

No matter what those forms are about, Liesl may be like Sonny when it comes to getting a reminder of the brevity of life and holding onto the people who mean the most.

This could lead to Obrecht deciding to patch things up with Scott Baldwin (Kin Shriner) and moving past what she considers his betrayal.

Epiphany’s memorial service will bring some powerful moments once the news of her death spreads, so stay tuned for updates on the tough scenes ahead.

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