You, Me & My Ex Recap 05/15/23: Season 2 Episode 5 “You’re Gonna Need To Ex-plain”

You, Me & My Ex Recap 05/15/23: Season 2 Episode 5 "You're Gonna Need To Ex-plain"

Tonight on TLC their reality show, You, Me & My Ex airwith an all-new Monday, May 15, 2023, episode and we have your You, Me & My Ex recap below for your enjoyment. On tonight’s You, Me & My Ex season 2 episode 5 called, “At De’Andre’s party, Elodie confronts his ex Rowan about their trip to Sanibel.

Matt and Chelsea fall into old habits when they ignore Kenzie’s planned day to go drink. Alex confides in Steve about the struggles that he and Caroline have been facing.

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In tonight’s You, Me & My Ex episode, De Andre and Elodie are eat a function for him to promote a jewelry line. Elodie talks to her friend about meeting his mom and his ex-Rowan.

It was very uncomfortable. Just then, Rowan arrives with De Andre’s mom. Rowan cannot believe he is wearing a suit. De Andre introduces his mom and Rowan repeatedly as his ex. Elodie is angry. There is no way De Andre is going on a trip with Rowan alone. Elodie is telling her tonight.

Matt is having trouble with his now girl Kenzie because his ex-Chelsea needs a ride to the repair shop. He was supposed to being chores with Kenzie today. Kenzie gets annoyed that anytime Chelsea needs something Matt helps her right away.

Caroline and Alex welcome his ex-Steve over to pick up Alex for his bachelor party. Caroline tells him she doesn’t want him to be around strippers. As they sit and discuss it on a coach with Steve at the end, the conversations turn to what Alex will tells their kid about Steve.
Caroline gets up and leaves to the bathroom. Alex follows as she cries inside.

Matt gets Chelsea to stop for a drink at their old stomping grounds. They try to explain their new relationship to the bartender. It gets weird. After, Matt mentions he might propose to Kenzie. Chelsea is shocked. He is obviously doing this because her is bored. That is how he operates.

Jennifer and her wife are going to move in with Jen’s ex and his new wife. They have already announced to their families. They arrive at their new shared home and the drama starts. Jen’s wife wants to set boundaries and have space as this is already somewhat unclear for her.

Caroline returns back to the coach and cries. Alex and Steve sit their uncomfortable. It makes her sick to her stomach when Alex mentions his past relationships. Back to Steve and Alex in the car on their way to a night out. Alex jokes about drinking a shot a then throwing up. What if this happens to him.

Elodie sits down with Rowan. She talks to Rowan about De Andre and her going on vacation. Elodie just wants to be sure they are just friends and that she doesn’t feel uncomfortable. This is a huge problem for her as they still act like a couple sometimes with their constant hanging out.

Kenzie Facetimes Matt and discovers he made a stop with Chelsea to drink. She is very annoyed since she stayed home and worked on the bills and the house. When Matt gets home they argue with Chelsea sitting in the kitchen with wide eyes. After Chelsea says something to correct Kenzie she gets up and leaves to her bedroom. She is done. Matt goes in there to check in her. He apologizes as she cries.