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Justin Timberlake Was a Weirdo

Justin Timberlake has revealed that he was regarded as a “weirdo” during his school days. He admitted that his fellow students bullied him because of his love for singing and dancing.

“I didn’t enjoy school that much. I was a good student but I was one of the weirdos, because I could sing and dance,” Timberlake told. “I would say

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Jessica Biel is No Lindsay Lohan…

Jessica Biel keeps her distance from the Hollywood celebrity party scene, mainly because she rarely has time to enjoy late nights out. The actress has no interest in being photographed rolling out of nightclubs drunk.

Biel says, “I’m not really about that. I’ll sometimes go out for a dance and a drink, but I don’t get mixed up in the Keep Reading

Fergie Tries GangstaTrash Fug

Fergie attempted to look less fugly with a hip-hop gangsta look at the MTV Australia Video Music Awards, but ending up looking even trasher than usual… Her face looks like it has been to hell and back.
What’s up with the I love Snoop shirt too? Does she think it makes her look hip? Snoop could give a shit about
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