Phaedra Parks’ Husband Apollo Nida Arrested on Multiple Fraud Charges: Going To Prison For Sure

Phaedra Parks’ Husband Apollo Nida Arrested on Multiple Fraud Charges: Going To Prison For Sure

Is there something in the water over at Bravo? First, we’ve closely followed the fraudulent shenanigans of Teresa and Joe Guidice, stars of RHONJ. Now, Phaedra Parks’ husband Apollo Nida has been arrested on multiple charges of fraud that began in 2009. The couple appear on Real Housewives of Atlanta.

Nida, according to reports, surrendered to US Marshals on January 24 on charges of bank and identity fraud. Nida, still on parole for auto title fraud-related crimes, was somehow released on a pre-trial bond, but will soon have to meet his potential fate as his preliminary hearing is set for February 12. Think this might ruin any Valentine’s Day plans he had set for Phaedra? Likely, and possibly for many years to come as he surely faces prison time again.

After a U.S. Secret Service Agent began investigating the criminal activities of a colleague of Nida’s in 2012, they were able to uncover at least 40 fraudulent banks accounts tied to the woman who eventually gave up Nida as the mastermind behind the scams. The complaint included information detailing approximately $3 million connected to the alleged fraudulent activities. Nida allegedly even went as far as creating two fake debt-collecting companies so that he could allegedly gain access to protected databases. It was through these alleged activities that Nida was implicated as the man who orchestrated most all of the alleged schemes.

What is Phaedra thinking to get involved with this man? He is a lifetime criminal and will never change. A perfect family-life is not in the cards, despite the fact the man has an attorney for a wife and two beautiful children with her. Wonder if he’ll be sent to the same Federal prison as the Guidices. Wow…the escapades of Bravo’s Real Housewives franchise are the makings of an entire new show. And it may just be more interesting!

  • I can’t believe he’s in trouble again with the law, you’d figure he would have learned his lesson after spending a couple of years in jail!

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  • Lake Girl 178

    Phaedra knows everything. She has been involved with him since 1997. She might even be the MASTERMIND>

  • David

    I like Phaedra I don’t think she new that her husband was still doing the same criminal activities but let’s see there are still an investigation going on!

  • chub

    One word…..DUMB!

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    I think that Kenya Moore Apollo’s lover on the side is the mastermind in Apollo’s criminal empire the one whom faugh his wife tooth to nail over the man on several occasions Kenya has always spoke of a male African black man and always kept him a mystery but the world watched how the two spoke with their eyes Kenya’s with her mouth continuous arguments with his wife pradra parks she wanted him so bad you would of though pradra had stole something from Kenya ,Kenya moore a 48yr old former ms USA of america 80s /known exscort /RHOL castmates kept her mystery man in the shadows but it was obvious that Apollo was her man showering her with gifts first the bently that she trys to keep a mystery but the world knows Apollo spoke during reunion that his lover Kenya had better hope that he did not go to jail cause he made her he did while Moore sat silently tru the truth


    Kenya while enjoying the bently that she shares with Apollo also distrot bout the fate of her Apollo has been on the run seeking other plans has yet to answer as you’ve seen her actions with the wife speaks for its self I’m sure Moore a smart woman /actrist is out trying to cover her ass…ms socialpath /actrist remember she’s smart real bright


    However ms Moore did say Mr mystery man brought the very expensive bently while still having ashie feet I’d think the vehical sounds like Apollo phadra like you said a intertaiment attorney make good money big money more then most of her castmates and it wouldn’t take long to save a good amount in her line of work

  • ValeFaye

    Apollo Nida might be handsome, but what a greedy dumbass! No doubt, he will be very popular in prison! Phaedra is better off movin’ on!!