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Pete Doherty & Kate Moss Party in Glastonbury

Problem couple Kate Moss and drug addict boyfriend Pete Doherty were out doing what they do best – partying – following his declaration he would marry the model if he were ‘smack and needle-free’. What is she thinking…. love is blind, but come on give me a break, what does she see in this guy..

Moss and Doherty were at
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Another Reason Paris Won’t Be Taking Things For Granted Anymore: Her Car was Repossessed!

Poor Paris problems again, apparently her car has been repossessed after she failed to make the last two payments! She should be surprised to learn that her Mercedes – allegedly worth a staggering $500,000 – has been towed away. I guess this is another letter Paris forgot to open she must have been so distracted with everything else, she forgot Keep Reading

Christina Ricci in June’s UK Esquire

Just in case you did not recognize her, Christina Ricci in June’s UK Esquire magazine. I just don’t understand why they think they have to fix and perfect how celebrities look. Another magazine cover where they used photoshop a little too much. Proving once again, anyone can be on the cover of a magazine with the magic of photoshop! Keep Reading

Is Britney Spears Going to File a Restraining Order Against Her Mom?

Apparently, Britney’s Spears visited her attourney yesterday to explore the possibilites of filing a restraining order against her mom. Things have been rocky since Britney was “forced’ into rehab by her mom and mangagement.

Britney and Lynne’s relationship has been sour since she left rehab. Britney has said she was forced into rehab by her family and management. Her mom Keep Reading