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Lindsay Lohan Confused about Diet

Lindsay Lohan recently said she has a passion of fatty foods – seconds before admitting she doesn’t eat carbs or sugar.

“I eat all types of things. I love peanut butter and jelly sandwiches,” Lindsay Lohan, 20, told Britain’s OK! magazine. Which is actually great because fats help cope with worst hangovers.

“I like McDonald’s and my favourite food is … Keep Reading

Evangeline Lilly Loses Her House

Evangeline Lilly lost her home to a fire yesterday morning. The actress’ rented Hawaii residence, which she shares with two female members of the ‘Lost’ crew, was destroyed by a blaze which broke out at 6.30am.

Lilly’s publicist Cara Tripicchio said: “Unfortunately, it is true that the home she rented in Hawaii did burn down this morning.

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Madonna to Direct

According to the British tabloids, Madonna is to copy her husband Guy Richie and direct a film, rather than appearing in another one.

Her firm, Maverick Entertainment, is involved in the project, named ‘Blade To The Heat’, which is taken from the tale of two boxing competitors Emile Griffith and Benny ?Kid? Paret. Paret passed away after competing in 1962. Keep Reading