The Vampire Diaries Season 3 Episode 5 ‘The Reckoning’ Recap 10/13/11

The Vampire Diaries Season 3 Episode 5 'The Reckoning' Recap 10/13/11

Tonight is the fifth episode of The Vampire Diaries and it is called ‘The Reckoning.’  Last week Last week’s episode of the show had Klaus and Stefan still in Chicago and Klaus is trying to get Gloria to find out why his hybrid plan is not working.    Katherine saves Stefan from a dangerous situation and Damon finds himself facing a new enemy.  If you missed last week’s episode read our official recap here!

Official synopsis: A SENIOR PRANK NIGHT TO DIE FOR – Despite all that has happened, Caroline is determined to see that Elena, Bonnie, Matt and Tyler all enjoy a traditional Senior Prank Night before the school year begins at Mystic Falls High School. However, when uninvited guests show up, it doesn’t take long for the evening to take a deadly turn. Damon convinces Jeremy that he can use his new connection to the other side to help find a way to defeat Klaus. Finally, Klaus deepens his hold on Stefan and uses him for increasingly violent and dangerous purposes. John Behring directed the episode written by Michael Narducci.

Tonight’s recap: The show opens tonight at the high school where Matt is working out and hears a noise, he sees something run by.  Of course he goes to investigate and he goes into a classroom and Elena, Caroline and Tyler are organizing up for Senior prank day in various classrooms.

Then Elena walks into a room and it is Klaus – yikes! –  who says: “”There’s my girl, you are suppose to be dead.”
At the same time Damon and Katherine are in the car driving around and Damon wants to know where they are going and why.  As usual, Katherine is trying to make out with Damon but he rejects her.

Stefan and Rebecca are in the back in the van and Rebecca tells him they have found out what he is hiding, the Doppelganger is still alive.  Stefan attacks Rebecca and asks here Elena is.  She stabs him.

Klaus has Elena and is pulling her out of the school.  Back to the gym and Klaus comes in and tells them prank night is over and they have to go.  Elena asks him not to hurt anyone.

Back to Damon and Katherine they have stopped the car, Damon wants to stretch his legs.   He tells Katherine she has to spill.  Katherine shows him she has Elena’s necklace and she found out something from Bonnie.  Katherine tells him that he must be totally committed to killing Klaus – Damon agrees.   She opens up the car trunk and Jeremy is there.

Over to Caroline and Tyler and Tyler is trying to get romantic and Caroline asks if he thinks Matt is going to be okay.  Caroline just wants everyone to be happy.  Rebecca walks in and tell them they are adorable.  They ask if they know her and she says you are Caroline and you are Tyler the werewolf and Rebecca’s fangs come out.

Over to Bonnie and Matt – he is telling Bonnie he knows that Jeremy sees ghosts and he would like to be able to see his dead sister.

Matt is cleaning up the bathrooms and one of the bathroom doors open by itself on the bathroom stall is written RIP Vicky and behind his back is Vicky she is talking to him but he cannot hear her.

Over to Klaus and Elena – and Bonnie walks in, Klaus is pissed because Bonnie’s interference wrecked up his plans.  Now he demands that she fix the mess up.  Rebecca comes in with Tyler.  Klaus tells them each time he tries to make a hybrid it dies horribly.  He cuts his wrist and feeds it to Tyler, kills him so he will come back a vamp –  and  he tells Bonnie she better find a way to save her friend Tyler.

Stefan is lying on the ground with a sword/metal stake in him and he takes it out.

Over to Klaus, Elena and Tyler – Klaus tells them if Bonnie is successful Tyler will live.   Rebecca drags Tyler away as Rebecca insults Elena and says the other Doppelgangers were pretty but she is not.  Bonnie is freaking – she said her Grimoires do not go back far enough to find a solution to a 1,000 year old curse.  She then realizes Jeremy may be able to do it.

Meanwhile Katherine and Damon have Jeremy and Katherine thinks Jeremy maybe able to help them kill Klaus – or at least provide vital info.

Stefan goes to Klaus and pledges his allegiance and he tells Klaus Elena means nothing to him.  He tells Stefan okay, then kill Elena’s friends and then he slaps Elena but Stefan goes after Klaus.   Klaus says he did not want to resort to this but he compels Stefan to obey everything he says.

Then he says ‘Ripper’ and Stefan kills her friends with fangs out.

Jeremy tells Katherine it is not going to work.   Jeremy is talking to ghost Anna and she does not want to help Damon – she tells Jeremy Katherine is not a friend.  Katherine tells Damon if you hurt Jeremy she will help.  He smashes Jeremy’s head and Anna tells him they have to find Michael the vampire and vampire hunter.

Rebecca is with Caroline who wants Tyler.  Rebecca tells her he is dead, sort of, and when he wakes up he will be a hybrid.  Rebecca is looking at Caroline’s iphone and she sees Elena with her necklace.  Rebecca goes into the room Elena is and she demands her necklace.   Elena says she does not know and Rebecca attacks her.   Klaus asks where the necklace is and Elena tells him that Katherine stole the necklace.

Klaus tells Elena they are putting a clock on this and he sets the clock in the gym at 20 minutes and if Bonnie does not find a solution then compelled Stefan has to feed on Elena.

Bonnie and Matt are trying to find Jeremy.   Matt sees his gym pack and looking for his car key and his clothes – they have been taken out and tossed around the school.  He sees his car keys at the bottom of the pool.  His dead sister Vicky comes up behind him and talks and he cannot hear her.  His phone goes flying and he pick it up and tells Bonnie he thinks his sister is trying to contact him.  He tells Bonnie, Jeremy can see ghosts because he was brought back from the dead.   Bonnie protests that she can’t do the heavy magic but he tells her she just needs know CPR better than he did and he puts weights around himself and jumps into the pool to drown himself.

Matt has drowned in the pool and Bonnie is running to save him.  She jumps in unhooks the weights and up he goes.

Damon tells Jeremy not to fall asleep as he may have a concussion.  Damon wants his phone from Katherine and he sees Bonnie has been texting him.  Damon tells Jeremy to stay with Katherine as he is going to help Elena.   Katherine tells him he is going to get killed the Damon she knew was not so stupid.  Damon tells her he would not do this for her.

Bonnie is trying to save Matt with CPR and while she is trying he sees Vicky who wants her to give him a message for Bonnie.  All of a sudden Matt spits up water and he is alive.

Elena is telling Stefan that he can control the mind control.  Stefan tells her he cannot stop – he is a ripper and when the clock ticks down he is going to have to feed on her and he is not going to be able to stop.  Elena does not believe it she tells him after everything they have been through he owes her this.  Stefan tells him he cannot help what he is and she will be dead.

Caroline is with Tyler and he wakes up and she tells him he is in transition to become a hybrid.  Rebecca tells him if Bonnie is successful he will live, if not he is dead.

Matt tells Bonnie that Vicky told him the reason the hybrids are not working is because Elena, the Doppelganger, is still alive and that she must die.

Back to Stefan and Elena the time is up and he is trying to fight the compulsion – he tells Elena to run out of the gym.  Stefan is following her but he is trying to fight it.  He takes a stake and tries to kill himself.  Klaus walks in and says this is interesting and pulls the stake from Stefan.  Klaus does something extra compelling to Stefan to turn him into an even worse monster and tells Elena that he fixed Stefan – and looks at Stefan and says perhaps you would like a drink from the doppelganger’s neck.   His fangs come out and he attacks Elena.

The verdict is in and the original witch said the Doppelganger should be dead for the hybrids to live. Klaus has some of Elena’s blood and is asking Tyler to drink it. Tyler drinks the blood and starts to convulse while Klaus watches.

But amazing amazing…Tyler is turning into a werewolf!
We cut to Elena who is in hospital with a bandage on her neck. The compelled nurse tells her she is in the hospital and she has lost a lot of blood but Klaus wants more. Elena realizes they are not giving her blood but they are taking it away – that she is in no normal hospital situation.

Klaus tells Rebecca he has realized killing the Doppelganger does not in fact create the hybrids – it is the Doppelganger’s blood that creates them. Rebecca asks him if the reason he wants the hybrids is because he is lonely. Klaus tells him what he wants is to get out-of-town with her and his hybrid, Tyler. Damon comes in and Klaus says ‘look who came to the party’ and attacks Damon, as usual. Damon asks if he wants to know about his friend Michael. Klaus suddenly gets serious… and wants to know what he knows about Michael – and Damon tells him it is their leverage.

Damon heads to the hospital and find Elena and carries her out of the bed home to his mansion.

Tyler is telling Caroline how great he feels (sure he is a hybrid now!) and he picks her up and swings her around and tells her it is a rush and kisses her. He tells her it is going to be an amazing year.

Bonnie goes to see Matt and tells him she know he wants to help but what he did was reckless and stupid. He tells her he knows but it worked. She tells him he is the one who is supposed to have a normal life. Bonnie leaves, he hears something behind him and it is Vicky and he can see her. They sit down together and Matt and Vicky are happy – for once.

Damon is sitting on the couch giving Elena some bourbon to soother her, he tells her it will help her forget. He tells Elena he can help her forget the memories, she does not want him to compel her. She needs to remember all of it she says. Damon gives her the necklace and tells her he stole it back.

She tells Damon that Stefan is gone, she watched it happen, he is just gone! She asks Damon where he was and he tells her he should not have left.

He solemnly promises Elena he will never leave her again. Stefan walks in!! He says ‘isn’t this cozy.’ Damon asks what he is doing there. Stefan says ‘I live here’ and that Klaus has asked him to watch and protect Elena – this is because Klaus needs Elena’s blood to pursue his hybrid creation program. So Stefan has been left as a bodyguard/caretaker while Klaus and his sis stay clear of Michael.

Katherine and Jeremy are in front of an old tomb where Anna told him to go. They go in and there is a covered coffin and someone chained inside – they remove the lid and the person/monster opens his eyes… I am sure this is Michael.

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