Ashton Kutcher Wants To Get Mila Kunis Pregnant

Ashton Kutcher Wants To Get Mila Kunis Pregnant

Mila Kunis and Ashton Kutcher have been a hot prospect lately. We all are able to recall the day the world found out that Ashton was a lying, cheating snake. Demi Moore sat in her boudoir with tear lines on her face and asked out loud, ‘Have I been Punk’d?

No, Demi. You have not been Punk’d, now swallow this Xanax and listen to some Simon and Garfunkel. There, there, let the sounds of silence soothe you into the morning…

Ashton is not only seen out and about with Mila, but according to Star Magazine Print Edition, August 13, he is also planning to make her his baby mama. A source close to the couple says, “Ashton feels his biological clock ticking -he’s wanted kids for years but he and Demi Moore didn’t have luck conceiving, most likely because of her age (she is 49).”

Yes, Ashton, having had a baby with Demi would have resulted in a full grown man walking out of her womb with a Blackberry and texting the babies in the ward, “Please, you pink footed little bitches! This is how you should be born! Full grown, with a stepladder leading from the womb! LMFAO. Man-Child out.” It would give a whole new meaning to “being born into a career”.

The friend adds, “And he’s on a campaign to get Mila to agree to be a mom, he’s reminded her that he’s had plenty of father practice with Demi’s three daughters.” Ashton has also had monogamy practice with Demi, but he failed more miserably than an Olympian in a doping scandal, so we shouldn’t pay attention to Ashton’s practice runs.

Perhaps, Ashton should focus more on the repercussions of his actions than planning parenthood with Mila. Hey, who knows Ashton, one day when you’re dead and standing in front of the Grim Reaper, he might just say, “Dude, you just got Punk’d!

Let us know in the comments below if you think Ashton would be a good dad to his kids.

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6 responses to “Ashton Kutcher Wants To Get Mila Kunis Pregnant”

  1. Guest says:

    He would be a great dad. I think he matches with Mila very well. I just really feel it was timing. Demi really needs to work on herself and quit obsessing over him. She has had her issues in their 6 year marriage and it had nothing to do with him, but her own demons. He put up with a lot of drama with her, you cannot rely on someone else for your happiness, you need to find that within yourself. I just think he took all he could with her drama and then had to get out. She needs to let go and work on her issues because she obviously has a lot of them. I am not judging her, I just hope she gets herself help before something really bad happens. Ashton is not responsible for her overall happiness, she is. She is accountable for how she reacts. I am not saying he hasn’t done wrong, but there are always 2 sides to a marriage. Even her children are fed up with her behavior and that says a lot because they have always been close to their mother. Get help. As for Ashton and Mila, they just jive. If they have found love in all of this, much love to them and most definitely wish them the best. Just don’t fall into the Hollywood relationship trap and be true to yourselves and each other. I do think they have a great foundation for a lasting relationship, true friendship for 15 years. She would be a great mom and I do believe he would truly be a great dad, he was to Demi’s girls.

    • sashaukky says:

      Guest. Thanks and I agree with you. I felt sorry for both Ashton and Mila….They’ve become the bad guys in this thing. From what I’ve heard about Demi I would have left her a long time ago. He was dumb to have staying with such a dysfunctional woman.

  2. JR says:

    He can be a good friend but NOT a good father!  A good father needs to be able to instill ‘discipline’ and ‘morals’ in addition to be a cool guy and he lacks those qualities big time!

    After one of Demi’s kid was caught naked and she tried to discipline them, they went to their good friend Ashton.  Of course!  A friend of mine (same age as when Kutcher married Demi) married a woman with two kids.  He made sure his step kids were straight A students and reward them with what they wanted.  After she divorced him and took her kids away, her sun dropped out of high school and started fooling around with a bunch of low lifes.  That’s the effect of a good father on a family, it’s hard for women to discipline young kids especially sons that’s why a lot of failures come from broken families.

    If you look at his life, he was never able to control himself and do the right thing, all his actions were instinctive; thrown out of dorms for being a party animal, failed and dropped out of college, married an older wife never thinking that she is going to grow old eventually, cheated and lied on her on multiple occasions.  None of this shows a man of discipline or morals.

    Demi’s problems seem to have started after he did what he did to her.  She is weak minded as much as he is, she tried to alleviate the pain with drugs!  If he gets cheated by Mila (probably won’t) or go through a traumatic experience, he will be on Demi’s position too or even worse!  When he was a kid he tried to commit suicide after seeing his brother sick!  He is weak minded and gives in easily. 

  3. Joker says:

    typical – he wants to ruin her so she’s stuck with him…if she’s smart, she’ll get tested and treated for any and all STD’s he’s already given her and move on 

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  5. sashaukky says:

    I think Ashton would probably be a good father. Who knows mila and ashton maybe working on that right now. A lot of people of commenting about ashton but I believe in redemption and if he loves mila enough it just might work. Ashton is still a young, rich and powerful man and can have anyone or anything he wants…and maybe he’s wanted mila ever since she grew up. He made a lot of young foolish mistakes that doesn’t make him a bad person. I like Ashton. A boy from Iowa can’t be all bad.