Casting and Elimination Spoilers for MTV’s Upcoming Season of ‘The Challenge’

Casting and Elimination Spoilers for MTV's Upcoming Season of 'The Challenge'

According to sources, a new season of The Challenge (previously known as The Real World/Road Rules Challenge) is currently filming it’s 23rd season in an undisclosed location in Eastern Europe. Sources say thanks to a flight delay, the entire cast for the upcoming season was spotted at JFK Airport on May 30th.

According to very reliable sources, the upcoming season of The Challenge consists of the following 16 men and 16 women:

MEN:  Alton Williams, Real World: Las Vegas, Brandon Nelson, Fresh Meat II, Chet Cannon, Real World: Brooklyn, CJ Koegel, Real World: Cancun, Danny Jamieson, Real World: Austin, Derek Chavez, Real World: Cancun, Dunbar Merrill, Real World: Sydney, Dustin Zito, Real World: Las Vegas (2011), Eric Banks, Fresh Meat, Frank Sweeney, Real World: San Diego (2012), Isaac Stout, Real World: Sydney, JD Ordonez, Real World: Brooklyn, Preston Roberson-Charles, Real World: New Orleans (2011), Robb Schreiber, Real World: St Thomas, Ryan Knight, Real World: New Orleans (2011), Trey Weatherholtz, Real World: St Thomas, Wes Bergmann, Real World: Austin and Zach Nichols, Real World: San Diego (2012).

WOMEN: Ashli Robson, Real World: Sydney, Ashley Kelsey, Real World: San Diego (2012), Camila Nakagawa, Spring Break Orgy Challenge, Cara Maria Sorbello, Fresh Meat II, Devyn Simone, Real World: Brooklyn, Jasmine Reynaud, Real World: Cancun, Jemmye Carroll, Real World: New Orleans (2011), Jonna Mannion, Real World: Cancun, KellyAnne Judd, Real World: Sydney, Lacey Buehler, Real World: Austin, Laura Waller, Real World: St Thomas, Marie Roda, Real World: St Thomas, McKenzie Coburn, Real World: New Orleans (2011), Melinda Stolp, Real World: Austin,  Nany Gonzalez, Real World: Las Vegas (2011), Sam McGinn, Real World: San Diego (2012), Sarah Rice, Real World: Brooklyn and Trishelle Cannatella, Real World: Las Vegas.

It is unknown how the challenge format is set up yet, but it is noted that there are four cast members from each season, two of which are female, two of which are male.

From The Real World: Austin the two males  are Wes and Danny, the two are females Melinda and Lacey.

From Fresh Meat/Fresh Meat 2/Spring Break the two males are Eric and Brandon, the two females are Cara-Maria and Camila.

From The Real World: Sydney the two males are Dunbar and Isaac, the two females are Kelly-Anne and Ashli.

From The Real World: Brooklyn the two males are JD and Chet, the two females are Sarah and Devyn.

From The Real World: Cancun the two males are CJ and Derek, the two females are Jonna and Jasmine.

From The Real World: New Orleans (2011) the two males are Ryan and Preston, the two females are Jemmye and McKenzie.

From The Real World: Las Vegas the two males are Alton and Dustin, the two females are Nany and Trischelle.

From The Real World: San Diego (2011) the two males  are Zach and Frank, the two females  are Ashley and Sam.

From The Real World: St. Thomas the two males are Robb and Trey, the two females are Marie and Laura.

There are fifteen rookie cast members on the upcoming challenge, which includes the entire St. Thomas season (Laura, Marie, Robb and Trey), the entire San Diego season (Ashley, Frank, Sam, Zach), the entire New Orleans (2011) season (McKenzie, Preston, Ryan, Jemmye), Devyn, Nany and Lacey.

Missing from the usual lineup are Challenge stars Evan StarkmanKenny Santucci and Johnny Devenanzio. This is the first Challenge in six years that none of the above three have been a cast member.

Finally, there are ELIMINATION SPOILERS, but if you don’t want to know, don’t read any further…

According to sources, all cast members from The Real World: Sydney were eliminated the first challenge, which are Ashli Robson, Dunbar Merrill, Isaac Stout and KellyAnne Judd. For unknown reasons, all four of them apparently went home all at once, which does not follow the format for the rest of the eliminations.

The second group to be eliminated was Wes Bergmann with either Lacey Buehler OR Melinda Stolp.

The third group to be eliminated was Danny Jamieson with either Lacey Buehler OR Melinda Stolp, which eliminates all cast members from The Real World: Austin.  The fourth group to be eliminated was Brandon Nelson with Cara Maria Sorbello.

The fifth group to be eliminated was Camila Nakagawa with Eric Banks, which eliminates all of the Fresh Meat/Spring Break cast.  The sixth group to be eliminated was Jemmye Carroll with Preston Roberson-Charles.

The seventh group to be eliminated was McKenzie Coburn with Ryan Knight, which eliminates all of cast members from The Real World: New Orleans (2011).  The eighth group to be eliminated was Trey Weatherholtz with Laura Waller.

The ninth group to be eliminated was Nany Gonzalez with Alton Williams.  The tenth group to be eliminated was Marie Roda with Robb Schreiber, which eliminates all cast members from The Real World: St. Thomas.

Jasmine Reynaud and an unknown male cast member from The Real World: Cancun (either Derek Chavez or CJ Koegel).

That being said, as of right now, as far as we know, there are twelve remaining cast members.

The six remaining men are Chet Cannon, Dustin Zito, Frank Sweeney, JD Ordonez, Zach Nichols and CJ Koegel OR Derek Chavez (but not both).

The six remaining women are Devyn Simone, Jonna Mannion, Sam McGinn, Sarah Rice and Trishelle Cannatella.

Stay tuned for more spoilers.